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Ice Cream Fitness 5X5

 Best Method Toward Fitness; Ice Cream Fitness 5X5

Whether you are a teenager, a young man, an adult, or an elder. Certainly you want to look fit and cool to impress others and to follow your model, your idol, your star or your dream. To get the one you like or you love to get attracted by your looks and your fitness. That is why I want to introduce to you the most popular method that people has been following during the last year. Which it ice cream fitness 5×5.

ice cream fitness 5x5

ice cream fitness 5×5


Who Started It?

It has been know that Jason Blaha is the one who started this way to get the perfect fitness, and so he called it Ice Cream Fitness 5×5. After people tried it for long, and it worked, the workout method became famous and got a good reputation, to be used by both women and men, to get their perfect fitness. But there are specific rules to follow and specific ways to do it.

How does it Work?

The program of ice cream fitness 5×5 is simple, and takes only three days per week, and only about one hour and half of workout. Just follow the specific rules below:

  • First Week:
  • Day One: Workout A
  • Day Two: Rest
  • Day Three: Workout B
  • Day Four: Rest
  • Day Five: Workout A
  • Day Sex & Seven: Rest
  • Second Week:
  • Day One: Workout B
  • Day Two: Rest
  • Day Three: Workout A
  • Day Four: Rest
  • Day Five: Workout B
  • Day Sex & Seven: Rest

And so on, this is how it works. And for what workouts contains of type of exercises I will be explaining them next:

For Workout A:

  • Squats: 5sets + 5reps
  • Bench Press: 5sets + 5reps
  • Bent Over Row: 5sets+ 5reps
  • Barbell Shrugs: 3sets + 8reps
  • Tricep Extensions: 3sets + 8reps
  • Straight Bar or Incline Curls: 3sets + 8reps
  • Hyperextensions with plate: 2sets + 10reps
  • Cable Crunches: 3sets + 10reps

For Workout B:

  • Squats 5sets + 5reps
  • Deadlifts: 1set + 5reps
  • Standing Press: 5sets + 5reps
  • Bent Over Row ( 10% lighter than Workout A): 5sets + 5reps
  • Close Grip Bench Press: 3sets + 8reps
  • Straight Bar or Incline curls: 3sets + 8reps
  • Cable Crunches: 3sets + 10reps

For the method and the way to do the exercises, I will be linking the names above with the video that explains it the most, as soon as possible.

This program is said to be rough and high volume, but really comes with extra results of the workout.

Is It Possible to Change Something in the Program of Ice Cream fitness 5×5?

The program is highly recommended to be followed the same way it is posted and created. For the best results and the expected results to gain later. But if you are medically obliged to do the changes for your inability to do it the original way, you may change what harms you or causes you troubles in your medical treatment. And for your security and best healthy results, do not alter the program if you cannot do it. Try to get something that fits you the best and properly fits your case.

Is It Possible To Add Other Different Exercises Of Workout?

In the way of seeking for the best results and high gains of the program of ice cream fitness. It is better not to change anything, nor to add anything. Firstly, it might be unnecessary and you do not need it. And secondly, you may exaggerate exhausting your body which may lead you to unexpected results.

How To Follow Any Other Kind Of Workout Related To This One?

As a novice or new in workout and bodybuilding, you need to follow the steps, step by step, so if your finish the previous program and you are seeking for similar programs, I may suggest to follow the same founder of this kind of fitness gain. So, in order to stay in touch with the new posted workouts of Jason Bhala and to follow similar successful programs in your fitness sake. Here is the link to his YouTube Channel where he posts his new videos explaining how it works. Here.

Is it Necessary to Follow a Specific Diet during the Program?

For the best results and best bodybuilding, you may need to follow a good healthy diet

. But yet, it is not specifically necessary to follow a diet. Just try not to have foods that contain a high level of calories, and the unhealthy fats. Except the food that are high in the level of proteins, vitamins and some sugar level, for the body building you will need to eat well too, to have the perfect lean muscles, through having proteins taken in to your body. And the sugar level and some fats, to keep your body well-energized. As it is already mentioned before, this program is known really hard and tough, so you need to work hard and prevent your laziness from stopping you to get into the program.

What if there is no time to follow the program?

A day is twenty-four hours long, and certainly you waste most of it whether sleeping, chatting, or hanging around. So, if you think that your time is not free enough to do the workout, then you are not worthy enough to know about the program from the beginning, because it does not last for more than one hour and half. This is taking nothing of your time. Stop the laziness from letting you down, and move on to the best, and to get the look you deserve.

A Good Summary of the program of ice cream fitness 5×5:

  • The Main Goal: To Build Muscles
  • The Type of Workout: Full Body
  • The Level of Training: beginner and Novice
  • The Time Per Week: 3 days
  • The Time per day: one hour and half
  • The required Equipment or tools: Barbell, Cables & EZ Bar
  • The Gender Recommended: Both Male and Female
  • The Founder and Author: Jason Bhala
ice cream fitness 5x5

ice cream fitness 5×5

To conclude, I would like highly to recommend you to follow the training program. It is a personal experience, I just heard about the program few weeks ago, and started to follow it. As soon as I saw results coming on, I found it really necessary to share it with the world, and our beloved readers. The ones who are seeking for a better fitness and greater bodybuilding. Even my pales noticed the different and after I explained the secret of ice cream fitness 5×5, they started to follow my path.

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