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How to wash your hair properly

Lot of you may think “really! You are going to tell us how we should wash our hair?”. The truth is that most people do not know how to wash their hair properly. They just get in the shower and wash it in a random way then spend the whole day complaining about all that frizz and flying hair. We all know that hair and scalp are sensitive parts in our body. Treating them in a wrong way may cause lot of problems.

Your hair is in its weakest when it is wet, so you should be treating it in a special way to avoid hair fall, breakage and the unwanted frizz. Who doesn’t like to have a silky, smooth and frizz free hair just right out after the shower. Well, there is some simple tips I have been doing myself that can be life changing for you so you can enjoy healthier hair every time you get out of the shower and makes styling it lot more easy.
So here is a list of “Do” and “Don’t” you should keep in mind before you get in the shower next time:

young-fit-woman-in-showerBefore you get in the shower:

  • Before you get in under the shower, use a wide toothed-comb to comb your hair to make sure that your hair is detangled when you get in the shower. This will make it easier to work with in the shower.
  • Loosen dirt and dead skin by massaging your scalp using tips of your fingers, and moving it in a circular motion. This tip also increases blood flow in your head.
  • If you have damaged hair you may concider using oils, like cocount oil or argan oil as a treatment for your hair. Leave the oil for about 1 hour before you wash it out.


  • You should change your shampoo in a regular basis, because hair build immunity to products used continuously in long period of time. Therefore, whenever you have an empty shampoo bottle try to choose another brand. But when you shampoo-and-body-lotionchange your shampoo make sure that the new one is also suitable for your hair type.
  • When your hair is completely wet, just put the shampoo on your palm (the right amount of shampoo depends on your hair length) and smooth it in. So, once you smooth it in, you can start using your fingers and spread it all over your hair. you must be gentle, don’t be rough!.
  • Don’t pull your hair out or scrub it, because hair becomes so weak when it is wet. Therefore any harsh treatment can cause lot of damage to your hair and it may start to fall out . give yourself a good and gentle massage for about 3 to 4 minuts. First massage top of your head, then behind your ears.


Most people skip this, but conditioners are very important for your hair. Because shampoo strips natural oils from your hair , therefore skipping this may lead your hair to dryness, breakage and many other problems. Conditioners adds the good stuffs! Which shampoo removes And make your hair look healthier and smoother.
Ps: Use deep conditioning every few weeks if you have damaged hair
Squeez hair or towel dry before applying conditioner. Put a about the size of a dollar of your favourit conditioner in your hand then rub your hand together. Apply the conditoner to your hair, but focus mostly on the tips because there where your hair is more damaged. If needed you can use a wilde toothed brush to spread the product evenly.
Rinse your hair with cold water, because cold water lightens the hair shaft and it makes it look even more shiny. Try to rinse off with head down to avoid residues on the back and preventing back acne.
After rinsing off, squeeze excess water out, but never towl dry your hair because this actually causes even more frizz.

When you get out of the shower

When you get out of the shower apply immediately a live in cream or any other good products you use for your hair. Let your hair air dry. however, if you are in hurry you can blow dry your hair, but don’t forget to spray some heat protection to minimiaze the damage caused by hot tools.
I guess now you know exactly what you should do next time you get in the shower. By following this tips you can really change your concept of showering.However, don’t be so excited about taking showers, for the more days you go without showering the better for your hair.
People tend to hate those oils in their hair and scalp, and they call it a bad hair day!. The tuth it these natural oils your scalp preduce are wonderful for your hair. These natural oils makes your hair healthier than most of the products.
Unfortunatuly, most people think that washing hair on a daily basis is the best way to get rid of those oil build up. But what shampoo does is stripping these natural oils from your scalp. The fact is that this greasy look is caused most of the time due to all this stlyling products and washes. So the hair will want to produce extra oil every time you wash your hair.
We know that everyone’s hair is different so this list may not be beneficial for every one out there, it might change from a person to another, depending on hair type. At least that what works for me. Its all about experimenting what works best for you, and let it be your habit.

You would’nt lose anything if you try those tips. Actually, they will help you to make your hair health better. Just make sure you follow the tips above and you shall fell the difference whithin few weeks. There is no harmful mean here, but healthy lifestyle changes in your shower and your hair washing. Keep it always healthy and moisturized.

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