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How to Stop Food Addiction

How to stop food addiction

how to stop food addiction

how to stop food addiction

One of the main aspects of our website is the weight loss. We try to give you the most possible effective ways to lose weight. Those ways are related to the foods, nutrition, metabolism, fitness, exercises, bodybuilding, or anything similar. People who are interested in losing their weight might find the article quite interesting there. But, what about the people who are addicted to foods? Well, here I came to help them to learn how to stop food addiction.

Some people who came through this article just by accident, or the ones who know nothing about the food addiction might find it silly and unbelievable. They will not believe that there are people who are addicted to food. Nevertheless, you need to know that people who develop this eating disorder might be in a very serious situation and they cannot stop it easily. That is why we are here to help them how to stop food addiction.

The people who develop the food addiction cannot easily follow the tips to lose weight. They find themselves increasing their weight and yet they can do nothing about it. Although they tempt hard to lose weight, they cannot. The reason usually related to some ingredients in the foods or the physiological desire of the person. However, there is a way to know how to stop food addiction without any side effects or consequences.

The food addiction is not so different from any other kind of addiction; drugs, alcohol, or even Facebook. Whatever they do and however hard they try, they cannot get rid of the condition. They cannot hold themselves and prevent themselves from eating some of them. At a point they just collapse in front of the foods they are addicted to and they fill their stomach. Those people do not stop even if they are not hungry. They are full, but when they see those foods they are addicted to, they just collapse and keep eating. This act of eating over-need causes them to gain weight so badly.

Anyways, we are here to talk about how to stop food addiction. There are some tips that you should do in order to treat yourself from the eating disorder.

How to stop food addiction:

how to stop food addiction

how to stop food addiction

Make sure how severe you are addicted to food:

There are some tests, available on net, which you can do in order to test yourself. The food addiction quizzes will help you to identify your addiction severity. This is a very important step toward the treatment. Experts believe that most kinds of fat or obese people are addicted to food, but in different levels. That is what makes the people develop the over-weight. The condition of food addiction can affect anyone (kids, teens, adults, seniors and women, men).

Know the roots of the problem:

Since the old dawn of time, we have been in deep touch with different kinds of foods. We eat foods with high level of carbs to provide our body the enough short-term energy amounts. We eat foods with high level of fats to provide our body the enough long-term energy amounts. That is how our brain and mind have developed the idea about foods. Our brain associated the foods with the good tastes and the importance. Then, it becomes that the mind or the brain focus on the tastes more than the effectiveness. When a person finds that taste he loves too much, he cannot stop on having it. That is how his brain works on giving the feeling of need to that taste. And so, the brain develops the same feeling of addiction toward those kinds of foods. Therefore, he finds it hard to know how to stop food addiction.

Mostly, people who are addicted to specific foods are not related only to the taste of the foods, but also to the characters of the food. For example, a person who is addicted to pizza, finds it delicious, cheap, easy to have it, quick, and never hate it. This is what builds the food addiction.

Identify your enemy, prepare yourself, and go ahead for it (the most important method):

Put yourself in a center of view and notice everything around you. Make a list of the foods that make you feel addicted to them. Choose the right and perfect place and people where you can start preventing yourself from those foods. Make a list for everything related to what cause you that feeling. Keep reminding yourself that this is your chance. Now it is your time to change. Tonight or today, you are going to change your life. This is the last time you look for how to stop food addiction because your will is stronger than the addiction. The first step might be small, but certainly very powerful one.

  • The enemy foods:

Get a paper, Get a pen, Sit down, and write down. Write down a list including the foods that you feel you are ‘in love’ with. The foods that make you feel you are addicted to them. Make in mind that those foods are your ‘enemy’, and from now and on you will never dare get close to them. You will completely and definitely get rid of them and avoid them.

  • Identify your help places:

The ‘help places’ here mean the places that will help you during this change and this system. Keep on your list the places that provide the healthy foods with no kind of the foods you ‘were’ addicted to. Those places you will visit when you are not like to cook at home.

  • The friend foods:

Make sure that you write down in your list what foods you will include in your diet from now on. You will not have any kind of those foods you are addicted to. You will write only the healthy and nutritious foods.

  • Copy & paste:

    how to stop food addiction

    how to stop food addiction

After you finish your list, copy it for several copies and spread it. Put a copy in your kitchen to remind you what to avoid and what to eat. Put another copy in your purse or your wallet to remind you of the same things. Put it anywhere to make sure you remember the reason of making this change and this step.

PS: it is extremely important to remember that you have to avoid any diet. Do not follow a specific diet. Even if you have over-weight, make sure you do not follow any diet. Keep it this way for at least two or three months.

Finally, if you are not able to teach yourself how to stop food addiction and you cannot get rid of the problem, you are highly recommended to seek for help. If you cannot prevent yourself from eating what you are addicted to, then just make sure that you seek for help; either from a friend, a family, or a healthcare provider.


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