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How to Soften Rough Palms?

How to Soften Rough Palms

how to soften rough palms

how to soften rough palms

The reason why I write this article is my dear mother, who is such a great house woman. It is commonly known that a woman who works the house work constantly will get those rough palms, due to the hard numerous work she gets at home; from cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house, looking after the kids and so on. This is a main reason of how your hands go rough, especially from the palms. So, when you meet your lazy or rich friends who do not do all those work, you wonder why your hands are rough while theirs are not. You start wondering how to soften rough palms and make them look cool as you like to see. You want to be the two women; the good house wife that takes good care of her family and her house, and the woman that go with the modernity, with beauty and stays always pretty from her toes to her eyelids.

There are different cases of the rough palms, like dry palms, peeling palms, cracks in them, and of course hard palms. Those can happen every time you work hard, and so the same easiness you can learn how to soften rough palms immediately and feel free to be a house wife.

Don’t be worried anymore about your rough hand palms, there is a very easy way to get rid of those hard rough palms and get very soft and gentle ones. You do not have to go to the doctors, or to buy expensive medications for that. You can do it easily and naturally at home. You may even have those ingredients that I will include in the remedies in your kitchen, so that you lose nothing.  And of course you can keep your works are usual; just make sure to apply the remedy perfectly.

Here is the first ways of how to soften rough palms of your hands:

Those are some ways that I found during my researches, and I hope they will be helpful. As for the one that I suggested to my mom and worked, I will be mentioning it as the last important one. However, the following ways are really worth to try, because the researches I have done show that they worked with many people and yet they are too easy to be applied on your hands each day you get those hard rough palms:

  • Mask your hand palms with Honey:

Get a potato and boil it, then cut it into mashes. Add some few tablespoons of milk with three tablespoons of honey. You have to mix them and blend them really well, before you put them and massage your hands and your palms with it; massage the infected area (the rough palms and any other places of your hands such as fingers and fingertips). Wait for it there for over fifteen minutes before you wash them with warm water followed by a little mild soap. This mask of your hands shall regenerate and nourish your hands as much as it will soften your palms easily.

  • Soften your hands’ palms with butter:

If you are in harry and you want to have your soft gentle palms as quickly as possible, try this fast remedy. Just get some butter and massage your hands’ palms, this will soften them quickly and directly. All those cracks you had in your hands will disappear immediately.

  • Make an oats mask for your hands:

First, you have to get olive oil and some glycerine, and one tablespoon of oats flour, then mix them all with water; make sure to mix them all very well.  Use the recipe as a massage on your hands softly and gently. Wait for it for over half an hour before you wash it with lukewarm water and some soap. This mask will soften your hand skin easily and very gently.

  • Take care of your hand with lemon juice and milk:

Put a cup of milk on fire till it boils and then take it off and leave it to get cooler. Add a teaspoon of glycerine with two tablespoons of lemon juice to the milk and then mix them very well. Wait for 30 minutes before you massage your hands gently with those ingredients. You shall repeat this every day for more effective outcomes.

  • Take care of your hands with olive or coconut oil:

This is an easy way as much as of the butter one. You just need to massage your hands with the olive or coconut oil. Leave your hands like that for over 10 minutes to wash them after that with lukewarm water and some mild soap. In order to get the best and totally curable treatment, wear some gloves of cotton and leave your hands with the massage like that for the whole night.

how to soften rough palms

how to soften rough palms

The way that I found and let mom try it to see her best result:

This is a very simple way of how to soften rough palms, the ingredients would be already in your kitchen; you don’t need to look for them or to bother yourself asking.

For this remedy you will need the extra virgin olive oil, sea salt or table salt (both of them work) and the liquid soap of hands.

You have to get a small container and put some salt in its line of the bottom. Put a little of salt. But if you want to save time and prepare it for the coming days, you can make a large mixture, because it does not spoil by time.

Put the olive oil over the salt till you see that they are in consistency. Put more salt if you see that you added more olive oil; just make sure that the mixture is in consistency. And the concentration of salt in the mixture depends on how much you’re your hands are rough.

Spray some of the liquid soap (any kind of soap works). As you know it is hard to wash your hands from oil without soap; that is why you need to put the soap.

First wet your hands before you apply the mixture. Take about half a teaspoon of the mixture and put it on the rough area of your hands, and then gently and softly massage your palms, moving in circle movement, till you reach your hands back. Keep massaging your hands from your palms till you reach the fingers and between fingers. This will help you to get rid of the dead cells and layer of your rough skin of the palms.

Then wash your hand with warm water, and you shall feel the result and the difference once you start rinsing off the mixture. Then dry your hands.

You might like to put some lotion after you finish, you don’t have to do it necessarily, but it might help you feel better and to maintain your soft hands.



After we finished with the methods, it is up to you now to choose the one you like and the one that shall help you get rid of them easily and get back your gentle hands and you feel your hands soft again. And still you are the best of your colleagues; you work hard at home and you still have the best soft hands between your friends. Here you got how to soften rough palms and hard ones of your hands.

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