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How To Remove Tan

How to Remove Tan

how to remove tan

how to remove tan

After a very pleasing summer holiday, most of the women get a sun tan. They stand wondering how to remove tan from their skin. In order to help every woman to keep her beauty and to stay always pretty as she truly is, I would like to present to you the very common tips to remove tan. Those tips will help you keep your skin natural and healthy the way you like it.

When people expose themselves to the sun, they will certainly get a fun tan, which can be considered a much discussed issue among people who keep their natural skin. Removing tan is not that easy as you might think. There are numerous tips and things you shall do to avoid such an irritating thing. Both women and men have this problem when they spend a good holiday in the beach, but women are more likely to have those on their skin, for its softness and gentleness. So, most of people consider how to remove tan a very important thing to learn.

Because of the lack of time and people’s quickness in removing the tans, people usually use chemical products that aim to show them how to remove tan instantly. But, what they usually do not know is that this shall cause several side effects and serious troubles for their skin, or sometimes their health in general. That is why I would highly recommend you to treat yourself with natural remedies instead of those. The natural remedies are most effective and are completely healthy. This is the only way how you can both enjoy your summer and keep your skin healthy and beautifully safe from any infect or sun tan.

How to remove sun tan!

In order to get the best result of treating your skin, you have to follow the precepts and apply the complete natural remedies to help you. This is the safest way of how to remove tan!

Home Remedies and Ways to Remove Tan

how to remove tan

how to remove tan

Instead of wasting your money and pay a lot for the chemical products that may cause you serious side effects, why not trying the home remedies that are totally natural and safe:

Lemon! Lemon Juice! And Potatoes:

There are two different ways to learn how to remove tan with lemon; first just lemon juice application, and second lemon with potatoes.
For the lemon juice, you can simply put an amount on the infected places, and wash after it dries. You can add some sugar to this method as well; sugar can be an effective cleansing agent.
And for lemon with potatoes, you may apply it with having mixed a tablespoon of lemon juice with the potatoes juice and apply it on your infected areas. Because both of those juices are really effective for the health of skin since they have a high level of vitamin C. And potatoes are known to be one of the oldest ways of how to remove tan and sun tanning.

Milk Cream! Or only Milk!

Many people simply use milk or milk cream to treat their infected areas of the tanning, and it really works with them. To apply it; just mix a small amount of milk with a pinch of turmeric and a little of lemon juice in a bowl, then apply the mixture on your infected areas and let it dry. Later when you see that it is completely dried, then rinse it off. This is how to remove tan instantly; you can notice the results immediately.
And for a glowed and brilliant skin, mix the fresh milk with cream with a pinch of saffron and leave it for the whole night. Mix it and stir the mixture very well, and then apply it on the infected areas. You will notice the results after application.

Hot to remove tan from face with a pineapple and honey mask:

The flavor and tangy of pineapple make it one of the most delicious fruits ever. Its great benefits are not limited in the taste and fruit salads, but healthily as well, since it can help the body to fix the skin infection such as tans and burnt areas. Due to its high level in antioxidants and vitamin C, pineapple is really healthy and healing for numerous infections and disorders of the skin. It can reduce the signs of aging, and burnt areas and age spots.
You can simply apply this as a mask, and to make the mixture of the mask, you have to mix a tablespoon of honey with two of pineapple. Then wait for less than five minutes before you rinse it off with water.

Another useful face mask can be made from Orange Juice & Yogurt:

You might have already noticed that most of the previous remedies contain Vitamin C. and it is really known that oranges are too high in vitamin C content. And so this ingredient can be so useful in regenerating the cells of your skin and remove the tans easily and quickly. Besides, it can be so useful in defeating the aging because of the collagen that is found within the orange. And for Yogurt, it works like a natural moisturizer and bleach for your skin.
May apply it simply by mixing a tablespoon of yogurt with orange juice and put them on your face and places infected. Wash your face or where you put them with water after you leave them for half an hour.

How to remove tan from your skin by Cucumber:

It was proved that cucumber has a great effect on healing the skin, especially from the sun tans and eliminates it. Besides, the vitamin C of cucumber can help to moisturize the skin and the infected and tanned areas.
In order to know how to apply it, you need to mix a tablespoon of lime juice with two of cucumber juice which is freshly made and a pinch to turmeric. Make sure that you mix the mixture very well before you put it on the infected areas and leave it for half an hour before you rinse it off with water.

How to remove tan from hands:

We shall come back to the yogurt again to use it as a remedy in fighting the tanned skin of the hands. Which you have to mix it (chilled yogurt) in a bowl adding a pinch of turmeric. Then you shall apply this on your hands and maybe your neck and face as well for over twenty minutes. Then take a bath to remove the mixture from your body. For the best results you have to apply this every day.


Here is a very good video that shall help you know how to remove tan instantly with simple ingredients:

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