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How To Reduce Body Heat

How to reduce body heat

how to reduce body heat

how to reduce body heat

Once your body exposes a higher temperature than usual, you feel that your whole body is hotter and heater. This is what is called body heat, or as the scientific term says: heat stress. This problem does irritate so many people because it causes a lot of other side effects such as fever, fatigue, and illness. So, everyone who faces this problem or who wants to get rid of this wants to learn how to reduce body heat easily and naturally at home. People want to be always fresh and healthy, but sometimes the heat and temperature of the body stand against that! So, how to reduce it and stop this irritating problem?

There are numerous causes of the heat stress, and you shall know them well top avoid them, despite that some of them are not easily avoided and you cannot even expect them to cause you such a trouble. Those causes are such as; hot weather and very humid one, exposing yourself to the sun too much, dressing up so tight, physical exhaustion such as workouts and hard exercises, and some medical medications that shall cause the problem and sometimes they even making it worse.

The body heat is not a disease, so do not freak out and think of it too badly till you cause yourself a true disease such as physical or mental disorders. You can easily know how to reduce body heat and without any side effects, only depending on natural and safe remedies.  The body heat usually causes other problems for the body such as weakness and lethargy, feeling dizzy, having headaches and nausea, your muscles do cramp, your body sweats so much and cause heart beating to quick.

There are so many different remedies to know how to reduce body heat naturally. It is much better to stay away of the medical medications for their consequences such as increasing the body heat or causing other disorders. Those are some foods to reduce body heat and some tips to reduce body heat as well. Just follow them and use them when you have this problem or even you think you are having it, and you shall be really fine.

How to reduce body heat naturally:

how to reduce body heat

how to reduce body heat

First and cool thing of all time, the cool water:

The cool water can decrease the problem easily and avoid any side effects of the body heat, and this how you can stay alert and fighting the trouble and its side effects.

Whenever you think or you see that you are having an increase in your body’s temperature, just have a glass of cool water, and wait for 15 minutes to have some other sips each following 15 minutes. This will help you know how to reduce body heat and temperature and even will reduce it and avoid having the dehydration, which can worsen everything.

When my mom told me once that the part that is measuring the temperature of the body is the foot; if your feet are cold then you will feel cold, if they are hot you will feel hot. So, one of the best ways to use cool water is to mix it with some ice cubes in a tub and immerse your feet in it for almost twenty minutes, this will help you reduce the temperature.

The third way to learn how to reduce body heat is through having a cool bath.

Master High Vitamin C; Lemon:

Lemon is among the foods that can prevent the body heat and keep your body fresh, if you have it regularly. Vitamin C in lemon is not only nutritious, but also helps to reduce the temperature of your body. You can use it during summer especially it helps you to stay well-energized.

Make half a lemon squeezed into a glass of water, with one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt. Mix them all well, and drink it, try to have three glasses of it per day.

Coming back to water but different one now; coconut’s water:

Water of coconuts is a very helpful remedy to know how to reduce body heat. It can rehydrate the body amazingly because of its high level of electrolyte composition. It also increases the body energy and makes you feel very much better.

You can drink a glass of coconut’s water few times each day.

Many people have body heat during summer, here is a solution; Watermelon:

Talking about water as well, the watermelon has very high levels of water, so it can reduce the body heat rapidly. The body heat sometimes causes several harmful toxins, but watermelon erases them easily because of a potent detoxifier. You shall hydrate your body if you eat watermelon frequently and daily during the summer.

You can eat watermelon in some pieces, but if you want to make a refreshing drink you can mix some slices with a cool cup of milk. And if you prefer to make a salad, then make some pieces of watermelon, cucumber, muskmelon, and some olive oil over them with balsamic vinegar; so that you have your beautiful delicious salad that helps you reduce your body heat.

Keeping on food to reduce body heat; pomegranate juice:

Many people in different ages tried this juice and found it really useful to control the body heat and to reduce it. You can easily make a pomegranate juice and drink a cup every morning, and you shall see the results very soon.

Try to have this juice with some of almond oil, and it shall have better and quicker results.

The two relative foods; butter and milk show you how to reduce body heat:

A mixture of those two relatives coming from the same mother; the butter and milk together is one of the very common tips to reduce body heat, and to control its temperature.

Mix in a glass of milk two tablespoon of butter, and make sure you mix them very well, and then make it a daily drink. But this remedy is not for the people who have a high level of cholesterol.


There are so many foods and tips that help you learn how to reduce body heat and actually do reduce it, so that you can have them included in your diet; such as cucumber, radish, mint, honey, buttermilk, apricot, peaches, cardamom, sandalwood, fenugreek and poppy seeds, Aloe Vera, and Indian gooseberry.

If you are looking for the way of how to reduce body heat immediately, then you have to know that there is no short ways in healthy tips. But always there are exceptions, and in this case there is an exception, you can reduce body heat immediately by the first remedy I gave in the article; cool water!

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  1. Body Heat Solution June 10, 2016 at 1:17 pm -

    Dear Yassir,
    Good Day….!…
    Thanks for your great tips here. You have pointed some good resource to reduce our body heat problem. Especially in Summer time I have a lot of body heat problem. After returning home from my office i usually drink cool Watermelon and Sugarcane juice then take some rest for sometimes and take a bath. This way is very helpful for me to reduce my body heat. Thnx again for your valuable information.

  2. Yassir June 12, 2016 at 1:58 am -

    Dear Reader,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and I am glad I have been helpful ^_^
    A bath shall be a great choice, take a cold one, it will relax your muscles and help you to relax. Besides, it shall make your temperature down!
    For any more information, feel free to mention it to us! You are welcome 🙂

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