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How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap

How to Make a Fruit Fly Trap?

A lot of people who eat fruits and vegetables a lot, they have that there are other companies that take a part of it.  That is why they look for the best way to get rid of it easily and fast. Everyone is seeking for the fastest way of how to make a fruit fly trap. And the best one is probably the natural one, where you use only the things around you and you have as a basic stuff at home. Besides, you don’t have to waste money and buy one from the store. So, what is the best way to learn how to make a fruit fly trap? Let’s find out what I already asked and looked for, and also tried some of them before!

how to make fruit fly trap

how to make fruit fly trap

There are some facts that probably you do not know about the fruits flies. Those little beasts, those little buggers are terribly annoying. They can ruin your day, your meal and your way of eating. There is nothing better than getting rid of them as soon as you notice them. Here are some incredible facts about those flies:

The mother fruit fly can lay down between 200 to 300 eggs only in one time.
The rotten fruits are the most likely place for the mother fruit flies to put their eggs in.
The babies start reproducing as soon as they reach the first 24 hours old.
Within a week to thirteen days after the mother lays down her eggs, the babies start to grow up and start to become fruit flies to buzz around.

This is incredibly serious when you see this ability of reproducing and growing up too fast. It is somehow scary to know what those little buggers can do. Such a disturbance!

Here are some ways that have been experienced to let you make your own trap, and to teach how to make a fruit fly trap alone at home! Those are the best homemade fruit fly traps of all I have seen since I started looking for this issue.

First of all, we will start with an easy fruit fly trap:

  • What you need of material: Vinegar, wine or fruit, especially Apple Cider Vinegar will be the most effective.
  • What you need of tools: a glass, sheet of paper and a tape

Then, here is how you to make a fruit fly trap easily:

Choose a glass or a jar even, that is not too short or its mouth is so wide, so that when you put the funnel it stands.

Leave the bottom of the sheet paper a little bit open and not touching the base of the jar. And sheet paper should be rolled like a funnel or cone shape.

Check the funnel and make sure there is no way for the flies to escape from it. And do not forget to secure the paper with the tape.

Put a little of apple cider vinegar or a piece of fruit in the bottom of the bottle.

Replace the funnel and wait for the little buggers of fruit flies to come. They will be attracted to the content. This will be their prison.

Here I gave you an easy one that works for you. And now moving to some others, that you may find more interesting.

Let’s talk about the most effective one now, the home made fruit fly trap; it is the best fruit fly trap and more catching one. Seeking for the natural one is causing people trouble about how to make it.

A bowl trap:

If you don’t want to lose your fruits and vegetables just put some of their items in a bowl.

Get a plastic wrap over the mouth of the bowl and secure it so that no fly can escape.

Get a toothpick or something like that and poke some small holes in the plastic wrap in order to give the way for the flies to come in.

The flies will be attracted to the smell of the items of the fruits or even the pieces if you did. And I highly recommend you to put the rotten fruits. Those holes are the way for the flies to come in but they cannot get out of it.

When you notice that the bowl has a lot of the flies inside it; then just take it outside and set them free. But if you do not like to cause more, and to help end those littles beasts, just kill them with the repellers or the pesticides.

This trap can be the best and most effective natural fruit fly trap. It can beat them easily and help get rid of them out of your house.  This one is too cheap; you have nothing to buy, because you have all this already at home. And it can work more than any other fruit fly trap that you are looking for.

how to make fruit fly trap

how to make fruit fly trap

There is another trap tht I used to make long time ago, and it did really worked! it is so simple, you will need something like the Apple Cider Vinegar and a glue that has no smell, or a tape that sticks from both sides, then put the tape in the Apple cider vinegar and put it somewhere, or put th glue with that apple cider vinegar in a plate. The flies will be attracted to the smell of the apple cider vinegar and will stick to the plate or the tip when they try to suck the liquid. This is how to make a fruit fly trap easily and a killing one!

Here is another funny trap that you might love to try it as well!

You can even use your hands to kill the flies, many kids love to try this, to play in catching the flies. You can get your kids with you or your friends and play it as a game of how many you will catch, because if you catch only one female fly you save yourself from over two hundred ones. It might be really so funny to do that. And some people might find it disgusting, but it is not that much actually; you can use gloves while playing or a simple tool that is sold in many stores specially to kill the flies.

This is really so helpful, because those buggers are extremely annoying, especially when you are eating, and during the summer. When it is hot, the fruits get rotten easily and they can reproduce themselves faster. I hope I could be useful in teaching you how to make a fruit fly trap! There is nothing better than making things in your home. It can be a very special and beautiful habit and hobby that you develop homely.

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