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How To Get Girlfriend

How to get girlfriend and attract women

How to get girlfriend

how to get girlfriend

how to get girlfriend

Most of us (men) want to get the best and attract girls to be around him. Getting that is not an easy way. That is why many people come looking for how to get girlfriend and how to attract girls easily. Today, I want to make a special talk and a special article to talk about how to get girlfriend only with few tips. There are some ways that let you look more attractive, which I will be mentioning here.

This things or tips that I will talk about are ‘scientifically proved’ to be useful in attracting women. Those are the secrets behind what makes a girl get close to you and get attracted by you.

Who is that one who does not want to look attractive? Every single one of us. Unless you are homosexual and you do not want to know how to get girlfriend, but boyfriend. Every man wants to look attractive at home, work, street, or anywhere else. We always want to look spectacularly attractive. We want to catch the sights of everyone; especially the kind gender (girls and women).

The researches that studies how does the man effect on women to attract them, have been for a while concentrating on the emotional and psychological side of the man’s personality. For example, how much power and control he has, the richness he has, the personality he has; either smart, funny, or cute, or anything else.

Lately, a new study came out to light, concerning the physical or physiological factors to learn how to get girlfriend or a woman. The physical factors include the shade of the body, shade of face, body’s dimensions, smell, clothing, voice, or anything else.

If you are interested in improving the way that girls look at you with, and interested in making an impression of attraction in women, then keep rolling down and reading. This is a list of genetic, picked up, or characters that you develop yourself. The scientific researches showed that those characters increase your attraction and your impression in girls, which improve your way of how to get girlfriend and make good relationship.

Do not smile… always:

In a study, the experts gathered some women together and showed them many pictures of men in different positions, different occasions, different looks, and different styles. The women were asked to pick up the man that looks for them most attractive. They also were asked to choose according to their physical attraction to the man they would pick up; regardless than his family or social background.

The result was that most of the women picked up the men who were in serious, mused, dignified, or even arrogant. They avoided the pictures where men were smiling or lovely.

how to get girlfriend

how to get girlfriend

If you are looking for how to get girlfriend that is going to be a wife later… a marriage relationship… then smile:

In other similar studies they told the women to pick up the men who are the most likely to be their partners in life. So, they chose the men who looked lovely, caring, and smiling. And they avoided the men who looked dignified and arrogant for themselves.

In the contrast, they picked up the guy who looks lovely, smiling, kind, nice, and full of sweet emotions. So, what is better than a warm smile to transport that impression. The smile that will let you now how to get girlfriend of a lifetime… a wife.

Be tall!

You probably heard about the conception that women prefer the men according to the personality. Yet, that is not true, because studies showed that women prefer the men who are tall, or at least taller than they are; even with few millimeters.

That does not mean you have to be a basketball in the NBA to know how to get girlfriend. But, when you are looking for a girlfriend, to not look for the one who is taller than you; that is against the law of attraction.

The body language matters to know how to get girlfriend!

You way of standing or sitting is important in how you attract the women. The studies showed that the man who keeps his spine standing, during sitting, standing, or at work, makes women more attractive than men who look tired. The reason is that the straight stand gives you the impression of being comfortable, self-confident, and more importantly open-minded and ready to accept the other.

Light beard!

You may ask what I mean with light beard. Well, it means the hairy face, but not intensive and black or blond hairy face. The studies that have been done on 500 women who were showed pictures of the same men but with different look of beards, showed that those women picked up the ones with small beard on their face and their chin. It looks kinder for them and more serious.

Wide jaw:

The researches show that the women prefer the men with wider jaws. This might seem strange, but they think these kinds of men are stronger, full manhood, strong immune, and more likely to resist diseases.

Though that the reason of the size or the shade of the jaw is genetic, there are ways to make it look wider. You can let your bear grows and then shave it in a look that makes your jaw look wider. And of course surgeries are available.

General look of the body: shade of V:

The researches show that the women are more attracted to the men with body shade as the letter V. the meaning of this, is that your body must look like a letter V; not literally, but somehow. The hip’s dimensions should be about 1 – 0.9. This means you should have thinner waist than your hip.

The chest also must look wider. It should take the size about 1.3. This means that your chest must be wider than you hip about a third. The shoulders also need to look wider.

Actually, you can look for your new costume that makes you look like the shade of V.

Do not use too much perfume:

Many studies showed that women are attracted to men’s smell. Do not use so much perfume when you want to know how to get girlfriend. The women prefer to smell your own smell. The smell that characterizes you.

Try to leave your natural smell get stronger than produced perfumes. Let it work and get better attraction.

how to get girlfriend

how to get girlfriend

Also, the skin color plays a role in the attraction of women, but this is not controllable, so we shall not mention this. Keep your self-confidence and your manhood, get out of your house and get your girlfriend. It is all up to you, not to what people think about you. You are the one who control what they think about you. Therefore, make them look at you with attraction and some of jealousy won’t harm!

A simple addition, there is no harm in wearing red jackets or any red clothes. The color red is attractive to both women and men. But certainly women love the red and adore the people who were it. just make sure that you do not wear it all the time and every day.

This is how to get girlfriend!

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