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How to Deal With Insomnia

How to Deal with Insomnia

how to deal with insomnia

how to deal with insomnia

Is it too late? Is it 3 am and you are still awake in your bed? Do you think that you have insomnia? Well, if that what happens with you and you want to get rid of this problem, here is this simple article to help you get rid of them easily and you can sleep deeply and restful. Before you try any medications, you have to know that there are simple tips and treatments to try and you shall be resting and profiting from your whole night without any problem or disturbance in sleep. You just need to know how to deal with insomnia and to prevent it from infecting you for its bad side effects; either psychologically or physically.

To understand the insomnia, we have to know its kinds, and there three different kinds of insomnia;

The temporal insomnia, which lasts for a night to few weeks, and almost everyone have it at least once in a lifetime, because of the stress and pressures of the life (work, problems, break ups… etc.)

The short-term insomnia, which is characterized by continuing sleep disturbance or lack of sleep at all, and this situation lasts between three weeks to six months.

The chronic insomnia disorder, which lasts for very long periods that can be many years, and this type of insomnia is the most serious one, and it can affect your life, your health and your career negatively, and causes damages; psychologically, physically and professional.

Here are the common ways of how to deal with insomnia and how to sleep better at night naturally jut by few tips to improve your sleep and relaxation.

First of all, you have to change your routine and your lifestyle, and this includes the habits of your sleep and your daily activities.

Here are lifestyle tips to learn how to deal with insomnia:

Regular your hours and your schedule for sleeping, you should wake up every day the same time, and at night you have to go to bed the same time, daily.

how to deal with insomnia

how to deal with insomnia

Make the environment around your bed and your sleeping place comfortable for you and for your sleep. Your bedroom light, temperature, noise, and all that around it should be controlled and make them the perfect ones to help you stay asleep and to fell asleep easily. Besides the air, make sure to let the fresh air comes into your bedroom each day.

Exercise regularly, and not the hard exercises, only the quiet and simple ones such as walking, jogging a little or cycling, but not to exhaust yourself till it happens the opposite and you find yourself disturbed at night.

If you are a person who drinks coffee, tea, and any drinks that is rich of caffeine, you have to stop those drinks at night, and replace them with other good and better drinks of that situation such as milk.

Do not stay awake for a late time, make yourself to go to bed at an exact time either you are tired and sleepy or not, and make sure to wake up the same time in the morning, even if you are still sleepy, wake up and do something.

If you smoke, try to get rid of it, at least before you sleep. In fact smoking has nothing good in it, just total diseases maker and cancer producer and lives taker.

Certainly stay away of alcohol and drinks, you might find it useful drinks to let you go to bed easily, but you will wake up, with more effects, such as headaches and migraines. And you shall wake up in the middle of the night and you cannot go back to bed, besides you will ruin your schedule if you already have one.

For the dinner, as a main tip, do not eat it late, or have it then go to bed directly, but you have to take your dinner earlier than you bed time with few hours, and eat something light and fast; just like a snack.

If you have disturbance at night, do not take naps; do not sleep at day, even if you feel too sleepy, try to stay busy till the night to sleep continuingly and heavily.

There is a tip to do for the troubles or problems that bother you and prevent you from sleeping, which is to write down that problem or trouble you have in your mind in a piece of paper and write beside it that you will fix this in morning when you wake up. And go straight to bed and do not think about it anymore.

If you get can’t sleep do not think about how to deal with insomnia at that time, but get up of the bed and do something that shall exhaust you a little and make you feel sleepy; such as reading a book, watching a movie or anything else.

And if you have disturbance at night always, do this sweet tip, get an alarm and fix it on an early time in the morning, and when it rings get up and do not think to go back to bed even if you are free that day and you slept late, and in the following night try to stay a bit up till you see that you have the satisfying hours for you to have rest enough. For example if you slept at 3 a.m. make the alarm on 7 a.m. and when it rings wake up, and in the following evening don’t sleep before 10 p.m. Try to stay up till 11 or 12 p.m. then follow the rule for a week or two and you notice that you sleep enough and deeply.

Don’t make the bed for anything else except for sleep and having sex, do not make it a place to read a book, watch a movie, talk on the phone, chatting on net or anything else! Make it specially for sleeping.

If those tips didn’t work with you and you are still wondering how to deal with insomnia, then consider visiting a doctor and tell him about all your worries and he shall provide you the best medication and supplements to get rid of this disorder, because then you shall be developing the chronic insomnia.

how to deal with insomnia

how to deal with insomnia

Additionally, there are some women who are bothered at night because of the bra, and they are wondering is it better to sleep with or without bra. Most of women are afraid of sleeping with a bra due to the rumors of developing a breast cancer. Well, do not be afraid of that, because the studies show that there is no relation between breast cancer and sleeping in a bra. So, if you are wondering whether to sleep with it or not, don’t worry about it so much, because it is up to you, if you feel comfortable to sleep with it just do it if not then don’t! Mostly the women with large breasts are the ones that sleep with bra for more comfort.

Going back to the sleep discomfort and disturbance, I brought for you few tips that some people around the world do to show how to deal with insomnia easily:

In Germany; doctors recommend to drink milk with honey before sleeping, because it helps to calm down the nerves and help to fall asleep.

In India; the elephant dance, this people is famous of dances, even for insomnia they move like an elephant very slowly and calmly to help get sleep.

In France; the insomnia patient is recommended to get up of the bed and change the bed cover and go back to sleep without thinking of insomnia.

And in USA; some people keep yawning for over ten times till the body’s muscles get exhausted and relax the nerves which vanishes insomnia and bring back the sleep.


The insomnia is a serious problem, for its consequences on one’s life, and health (physically and psychologically) that is why one should learn how to deal with insomnia first before it becomes chronic and he may find himself in a big deal.

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