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How To Conceive A Girl

How To Conceive A Girl- Parents Who Want A Princess In Their Lives

How To Conceive A Girl

She truly is a princess! Having a baby girl can lighten up your life in so many ways you never thought of. Her pink little cheeks, frilly frock, cute hair bands and precious names that just brighten you up. Being proud parents of a baby girl is truly a great experience. The exciting process of decorating a baby girl room and selecting precious names is a joyful experience; life would seem so incomplete if one cannot experience such a blissful blessing. Having a child can really make your life complete and a great way to live you further days.

Some parents really try to plan their futures; many do hope that their plans go accordingly. Having your goals achieved in your life always makes one happier than they can be however some soon to be parents believe that having a desired gender for their first child can really make a big difference to them.  Some hope that they have a baby boy at first while other wish for a girl. Some try to complete their families by having their third child, even though having children already of both genders, some still wish that their third child to be of the gender hoped for.

Many parents look forward to having baby girls, yet again it all depends on you and your spouse how you wish and hope for a child of a certain gender. Many mothers hope for baby girls, that maybe one day they could be little ballerinas, a doctor, a female politician or just that little girl that will be her mother’s best friend. Mothers always find that they can relate best to their daughters, as both appreciate the same things, and wouldn’t you just love to go shopping with your daughter every now and then or bake cookies and pies?

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Sometimes parents do end up devastated when they find out that the gender of their child is not what they wanted.  However we should not take this to be a negative tone , it is just that some have different preferences while  some have planned out that if they have the gender of their child as wanted it may complete the whole family. Many parents just plan on a having one child or may be two, and those parents may wish for a girl or a boy due to their own reasons. It can be difficult at times when do not get what you want.

Many parents have tried seeking ways in how to determine their child’s gender before trying to get pregnant. There are ways available through scientific means known as IVF (in virto fertilization) however; this really is not an option for many. IVF is a way of conceiving the gender of your child. It is a very expensive process that many just cannot afford to go through with. Some on the other hand are very skeptical because it does seem as an artificial ways to get pregnant. Many people are against this, as they believe it is an unnatural way of conceiving and there are actually risks involved when after the birth of a child. Its seems horrific going through such a procedure where in the end your child could have high risks of health problems. While on the other hand many religious couples are very against the idea of going through such a procedure, believing it is not the correct way, but unfortunately are desperate to have a child.

Over the years besides IVF there has been a way in trying to conceive a child through the simple and natural ways. There are actually ways in how to conceive a baby girl. Through natural processes that do not involve any sort of scientific methods can help in conceiving a girl. Alicia Pennington is the known author of a book called ‘prince or princess’, this book is a simple guide in how a parent can conceive a child of a desired gender. So let’s say you want to conceive a baby girl then Alicia Pennington’s book can really help you. Click here to get prince or princess book.

Alicia Pennington has over 12 years of experience as a midwife. In her work, she has seen many cases of females who have gone through postnatal depression after delivering a child they hoped would be a different gender. Some mothers really do hope and look forward in having a baby girl, but when this becomes impossible, it can really crush a mother. Through seeing so much, Alicia was able to find that this was a common problem in females and really wished that she could change this. However that is what the great part is, Alicia Pennington has been a successful women who has changed many lives, by carefully perfecting genders of babies. Alicia Pennington’s book has over 94% success rate for mother s hoping to conceive the gender of their child they hoped for.

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How To Conceive A GirlAlicia Pennington’s book Prince and princess has guides for parents in how to get pregnant with a girl. The book has carefully designed out steps that are natural and simple; the steps do not involve any artificial methods, but just normal methods of conceiving a girl. It is very easy and many parents have quoted that they could have not been happier. Alicia Pennington is confident her ways will help you however if you believe that the book is not mean for you, you are welcome to refund it with 60 days with full money back policy.


Many have feared that this may be a fraud or not true, however by trying you really have nothing to lose because there are three main simple steps to follow in trying to conceive a baby girl.

The ways to conceive a girl is by :

  1. Knowing the importance of your ovulation When ovulating is tested to know what you ph level is, if you happen to be acidic, then there are more chance of conceiving a girl.
  2. Diet Your diet must be adjusted to create the ideal chromosome for a girl. The book will guide you in what you should eat to increase the chances for a baby girl.
  3. Sex positions The sex positions you chose can actually create ways to help fertilize the egg that can determine the sex of the baby. Try it, if you really want to know how to conceive a girl.

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