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How to breastfeed a baby

how to breastfeed a baby

How to breastfeed a baby perfectly!

how to breastfeed a baby

how to breastfeed a baby

Keeping on our topics related to the babies and their attitudes, I want to move to another important thing we should know as parents. The best way of how to breastfeed a baby, is our aim today. There cannot be something more important for a newborn baby than breastfeeding. A mother really wants to take care of her baby. She is the one who gives birth to him/her. She feels that her baby is a part of her, whether after giving birth or before. The baby remains the most important person for a mother until he gets old and ages.

Today, I am not going to give you exactly how to breastfeed a baby, but to present some few important tips about breastfeeding. Those important tips you need to consider them, in order to achieve the best natural perfect breastfeeding. They were given to me by a friend doctor C. Jeremy and a health care provider Jessica Collin. And I am pretty sure that you will find them really useful in your treatment of breastfeeding.

The natural breastfeeding (from the mother’s breasts), is the best  way to feed your newborn baby. In fact, the breastfeeding is an art. It requires skill, attention, and some things you should pay attention to, in order to make it the best way possible.

How to breastfeed a baby? Well, it is highly advised to breastfeed your baby after giving him/her birth immediately (the sooner the better). In order to guarantee that he/she get the sufficient amount of milk.

The best time to do so is after delivery with 20 to 30 minutes. Knowing that the first breastfeeding is very short, it does not last more than few minutes. The mother has to breastfeed her baby intensively during the first month; about 1 to 12 times every 24 hours. The reason is that the baby’s stomach is small and needs the ingredients to grow and develop. The more you breastfeed your baby, the more you release the milk, so that your breasts won’t get hard and tough. The full and heavy breast points to the time of breastfeeding. Also, the feeling of twinges and the milk that goes out of the nipples means that it is time to breastfeed your baby. It is so important that the mother has to breastfeed her baby when he/she feels in need. The baby that opens his mouth and point himself to the direction of mother’s breasts is a sign of hunger, as well as the crying is a late sign of hunger.

All what the mothers need to know how to breastfeed a baby, is to relax and feeling calm. That is why it is preferable that she sits on a sofa or a chair with arms and strong back. Also, she can lay on pillows that help her to hold the baby. Both positions make the mother to avoid the pain of back, shoulders, and neck.

Here are some tips of how to breastfeed a baby that you should take into consideration:

  • How to breastfeed a baby perfectly; the Cross-Cradle position:

Sit straightly on a chair with arms and back. Put the baby in front of you. Hold the baby with the opposite arm to the breast you will feed your baby from (if you aim to breastfeed your baby with right breast, hold the baby with your left arm). Hold your baby’s back with the opposite arm to your breast and with the other hand hold your breast and direct it to the baby’s mouth in the shade of U (the shade of breast). Make sure that you do not bend to the front side.

  • How to breastfeed a baby perfectly: The cradle position:

It is a similar position to the cross-cradle one. But this time you will bend your baby with the arm of the same side you use your breast do feed your baby, not the opposite arm. In this position you need to choose a comfortable chair with relaxing back and arms. Put the baby on your arm and put your baby’s head on your elbow. Then point your baby toward your chest. For more comfort, put a pillow on your lap.

  • How to breastfeed a baby perfectly: The football position:

This is a very good choice if you had the caesarean birth or your chest is big. Hold the baby on your side and hold him on your elbow. With your free hand point your baby’s head to the breast. Do not worry about your baby’s back; it is on your forearm. With your other hand hold your breast to support him. For more comfort, put a pillow on your lap, and do not forget to sit on a comfortable chair. It is a very good position if you are breastfeeding a twin.

  • How to breastfeed a baby perfectly; the lying position:

    how to breastfeed a baby

    how to breastfeed a baby

This is the best choice in case that you are tired and you want your baby to go back to sleep immediately on his/he bed. Lay down on one of your sides. Direct and point your baby toward your chest and help him with your hand from his back. And then make sure to bring closer your nipple to the mouth of your baby. And once the baby start breastfeeding, then support him/her from the back with one hand, and the other support your head with it.

Those are the best and perfect ways that I have found so far as the best way of how to breastfeed a baby. The doctor and health care provider friends helped me with these researches. As well as the other extra researches that I have done myself. There are many ways to make your baby comfort during his/her operation of feeding himself. I already mentioned this position to my wife and she said that she was used to the last position of lying, because it helped her when she was tired. I recommend you dear mothers and fathers to take those tips and do your best to raise your newborn baby strong. And to help him/her get older quickly.

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