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How To Get Orgasm To Women

How to get orgasm?

How to get orgasm

How to get orgasm

There were many factures that influenced me to write about orgasm. Of course after reading the magnificent novel of Paulo Coelho, “Eleven Minutes”, and the both the outstanding book and the movie “Fifty Shades Of grey”. Those two books and novels included the orgasm, and how to get orgasm for female. The “Eleven Minutes” that is pointed in Coelho’s book is the duration of the most pleasurable moments of the sexual activity. Women orgasm is somehow hard for a man to reach it. Because usually men get their orgasm in few moments, unlike the female orgasm that takes more time.

This difference in the duration of getting the orgasm has been always a trouble for men. Because the most things that a man care about are whether he is loved, successful or satisfying his woman. How to get orgasm of a lady is not about duration specifically, but also about how to pleasure her. For men it’s been always easy how to make them orgasm. Because the men after the erection of penis, and some little more fondling, to easily ejaculate. While women have a more complicated way, because the man’s penis has to reach that area that scientist call it G-Spot. It is the point which makes the woman feels the total orgasm. Some men who do not feel like to satisfy their partners should be aware of their penis size.

Women can ejaculate even just by looking at a man and feeling the sexual desire, but that is just the first step of ejaculation. And after a while of fondling, they may ejaculate once more, but that is not final orgasm, that means just she is enjoying the pleasure. But when you see that your woman is kind of screaming and like she stopped moving, and her body’s muscles are stopping, and breathing tight, then she is experiencing the orgasm.

The final woman orgasm cannot be done reached only from the first pleasure, which comes from touching man’s body and sexual organs, but the man have to reach her G-spot. And also it is not possible to get final orgasm without the first pleasure, so the first fondling is necessary. Unlike men who get their orgasm once and take some time to regulate the second one, women can get continuing orgasms during having sex.

Best Methods Of How To Get Orgasm:

For men it is kind of normal, because only by touching the penis and having sex, they easily ejaculate and feel their orgasm, and take some time to do the second. However, none denies that also men foreplay and fondling of their sexual organs can be pleasurable.

But the women can be more complicated than what you expect, as I already explained before, the women orgasm go through two levels, the first pleasure and the final one. And to make a lady get that, I want to explain how to get orgasm for them following the next methods:

Take a long time in foreplay and fondling her:
Many men make the same mistake, once they feel aroused during foreplay, they go to have direct sex immediately. If you feel it, does not mean she feels it too. Take as long as you can in playing with her. Kissing her and touching sensitively her body, especial her sensitive areas. Make her feel she is so much desirable and enjoy the presence of her body. The longer duration you take for foreplay, the longer you have sexual pleasure. And this is how the woman gets her first pleasure which is so essential for her to get her final orgasm.

Keep your body clean and shaved:
you may think that hygiene does not matter that much for the sexual activity, but she can be so sensitive toward your body’s cleanliness. So, keep yourself clean, shaved and take shower before having sex. This can make her change her mood for having sex, if you are not well hygienic.

Differ your sexual positions:
Sex is a routine, an attitude and a habit. So as long as you have sex each time the same way, it gets old and boring somehow. That is why you have to experience different positions. Ask your partner whether she likes the position or not, and which one suits you both and satisfies you both. Each time try to find a different position, and try to get pleasure in that position, it helps. The different sex positions let you experience different method of making love, so you may find the most pleasurable one for your lady and can help her reach the most orgasm of it.

Tease her and kiss her:
You may be wondering why should you keep kissing her and how to tease her, since it is all about sexual pleasure. Well, the women are so sensitive, so when you tease her and kiss her; you don’t actually touch her but you have to tease her of touching her deeply, kiss her in the erogenous zones, this rises the sex pleasure and let her go wild in having sex.

Do not get orgasm before she does:

women having orgasims

women having orgasims

If you start having sex directly and you get your orgasm then you move and stand, take a shower and sleep, it shows how selfish you are. The woman feels like she is just a machine where you can get your orgasm. So let her orgasm first (Ladies first), then you can orgasm yourself. Because when a man orgasms he immediately lose the desire and stop from moving, he cannot have second orgasm. But woman can have orgasm and yet stay feeling it till you orgasm second. It is so much betters that you let her orgasm first.

What about Pain?
Since I talked about “Fifty Shades of Grey” in the beginning, I have to talk a little about whether the lady can feel the pleasure through experiencing pain. Well, there is a relation between pain and sex pleasure, because during sex orgasm or pleasure a woman feels some pain. And the physical pain can be more rousing, but not the harmful pain, I mean like tying up her hands and slapping her a little. Actually, this method can help you make her get so much rousing and sexually crazy, but it is not a good way of having sex. It has a lot of side effects that u should avoid.

Finally, I would like to say that a woman is not just a partner in life she is a partner in everything. And to prove that you are a man for her, you have to please her and satisfy her. So check what you do not do during sex, and know how to get orgasm with her. This will help you develop in your sexual life.

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