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Heart Attack is the scariest reminder to quit smoking

Have you ever had a heart attack? If yes you know how it is if you didn’t let me tell you that’s the scariest thing that could happen to you. You probably know that cigarettes have caused it.

I could go on and on the benefits of giving up smoking for good but you probably heard it all and if not some kind of fancy self-help stuff can help you with that.

If you’re like most people you have tried to quit smoking a few times in the past year. Because you are reading this I assume that they weren’t successful attempts.

The most popular ways to stop smoking:

Ebooks and fluff as I love to call it. They are nothing else then some pampering and some good words that make you feel good about yourself and that’s about it. In most cases they don’t do anything just boost a bit on your self-confidence and that’s it.

Coaches and private therapists. First of all these guys are expensive I had many people saying that they would rather continue smoking because it’s cheaper. The thing is some of these coaches have a 20% success rate even.

But is that good enough? Think about giving a truck load of cash every month to somebody who you are talking on the phone and that’s it.

Hypnosis and NLP. I love it, well almost. It’s not that expensive as a personal coach but it’s pretty close. The major problem with this method is that it takes way too much time for you to see results. And yes in the meantime they are billing you on a monthly basis.

The easy way nicotine and gums. Man who was that stupid who invented these things. These are by far the worst quit smoking things ever made. Most people I see that they are on these are angry and frustrated plus they have been proven to have side effects.

Support groups is a good way to go. Well first of all they charge you for every session that you attend and mostly you are talking. The bad thing about this is that talking rarely followed by action so you are wasting your time and money again.

Lastly my very favorite. E-Cigs isn’t it great that you can quit juts by puffing these guys? In the past few months there have been numerous studies that have shown that these electronic cigarettes are actually more harmful than the traditional ones.

Guess what people have been puffing these cigarettes for years and the FDA haven’t look into them. Not long ago they have banned the sale of E-cigs in California. Is it safe? Will it help you quit? From these studies it’s highly unlikely.

I can let you in an underground secret.

This off the beaten path method has proven itself to me over and over. First I tried it on my dad and on my uncle and it has worked. They have never had a cigarette ever since that. But wait I’m getting way ahead of myself.

My dad has just entered retirement and has been smoking off and on. Since he has so much free time he started again. Of course his blood pressure is a bit high. Not to mention he has developed a chronic cough as well. This got me worried so I started searching on the internet and see what kind of quit smoking methods are out there.

Of course I’ve found every popular method out there. But after reading some reviews and success rates I didn’t find one that suits my dad. I was about to give up when I accidentally found a site that has been made by an ex smoker who has developed his method first on himself and then fine-tuned it on many other people.

He claims that his method works 100% of the time, plain and simple it works. So after getting it I gave it to my dad to try it out. At first he was vary but with some nudging from my mom he finally started the program.

To our surprise he managed to quit in just 7 days. He has smoked his very last cigarette and never looked back ever since. Just like the author promised. This boosted my confidence and decided to pass it along to my uncle.

What you need to know about him is that he was a semi pro ball player when he was younger and even during that time he was smoking. So he was the hardest one to convince to try it out. After those many years of smoking under his belt he managed to quit for good.

Not long ago I’ve had chat with him and with tears in his eyes he told me that that was the best gift that I could ever gave to him.

So from my experience the quit smoking magic has an outstanding track record. It has managed to help both an occasional smoker (my dad) and a chain smoker (my uncle) to quit. This is the reason why I’m spreading the word. This works and if you want to quit, this is the right guide for you.

Let me repeat myself if you want some fancy feel good fluff then this program is not for you. If you want to finally have your last cigarette and enjoy a better life then this is the right choice for you.

Here’s what you need to know about the quit smoking magic

  • Delivers supper fast results (7 days)
  • It takes a few minutes each day do perform
  • No side effects what so ever
  • No weight gain after giving up the last cigarette
  • Huge success rate over 98%
  • You won’t be relapsing

What do you think with a program like can you quit smoking for good? It’s you time now. Click bellow and join the program. You need to hurry because that heart attack is just around the corner. You don’t want to scare yourself with that to join. That is not fun. Take action right now and regain control over your life.


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