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Healthy Juices Recipes

Healthy juices recipes

healthy juices recipes

healthy juices recipes

The healthy life, with the healthy body and brain, is the main goal for everyone. Certainly, anybody wants to be always healthy and fresh as he/she likes to be. But what if you find that some recipes and juices that have been considered healthy by the ancient people of the common people are not actually healthy? What will you do if you see that a doctor proves that orange juice is not healthy for you to keep your fitness and your body’s figure as you like? Certainly you will look for the best healthy juices recipes to add them to your diet and remove the ones that you do not like.

Lately, we saw that many people around the world are creating more recipes and more juices, but unfortunately many of them were proven to be unhealthy and not good for you. So, if you want to keep your body very well-energized and keep your fitness to the best, here I came to offer you what you really need; the best and top healthy juices recipes that you shall add them to your diet and you are secure that they will have a very good and healthy impact on your body and your nutrition. After doing so many researches, I have found those following recipes of which I really recommend you to have including in your diet. They are really full of energy, ingredients and elements that your body requires.

Best Healthy Juices Recipes:

  • Best juices recipes for healthy and fit guys:
  • Boosting immunity recipe:

Few of the most important ingredients for boosting immunity are; beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E. And the richest fruits of these ingredients are both apricot and mango. So the best way is having a recipe of one of them or both of which.

You will need for your recipe: three large carrots, a golden beetroot, four stalks celery, half cucumber, half thumb of ginger, and one medium pear. Those shall give your body 5 gram of proteins, 50 grams of carbs, one gram of fat, two grams of fiber, and 161 calorie.

  • Increase your cognition with this recipe:

In order to have a better cognitive function, you need to increase the flood of blood in your brain, and the best solution is having a large amount of antioxidants which boost this blood flow. The best recipe’s element for this is beets.

You will need for this recipe: one simple beetroot, one sweet potato, and three medium carrots. Those ingredients with enrich your body with over ninety-three calories, twenty-seven carbs, three grams of proteins, and a gram of fiber.

  • Energizing recipe:

Simply, the energy is the calories, the more are your calories intakes the more energy you get. But, of course there are other mineral elements that will give a lot of energy too, such as; vitamin B2 and B6, magnesium and copper. And the richest thing of all those ingredients is spinach.

You will need for the recipe: two large carrots, an apple, two stalks celery, half a cucumber, and two cups of spinach. This recipe shall give your body almost the same amount of rich calories, proteins, carbs, and fiber as the previous one. But of course each one of the recipes has a better function either in boosting the cognition or the energy level.

  • Cleaner recipe:

This recipe is so rich of vitamins A, C, B12 and vitamin K, which help you get better immune system. It will boost your nervous and bones systems when let this recipe comes into your body. None can deny that this is not one of the best healthy juices recipes.

You will need for this recipe: from half a cup to a full cup of green tea, or even filtered water, a cup of spinach, a cup of pineapple, one stalk celery (chopped), and half bunch of parsley. As all the other recipes, just blend those ingredients and you shall have your recipe ready.

  • Mango your body with other best fruits and ingredients:

This recipe shall help your mood get better, build collagen, protect your cells, and build your nutrition. It is full of principal elements and nutrients, such as vitamin A, C, E, and K, calcium and potassium, iron, and phosphorus to reduce your blood pressure. They have really very good effects on your body.

You will need for this awesome recipe: a cup of mango (fresh or frozen), a cup of pineapple, a banana (frozen), two cups of spinach, and half a cup of coconut water or even filtered water. Same way for all recipes, just blend them all ingredients together.

  • Beet it and beat your body’s enemies:

With this recipe you have the chance to clean your kidneys yourself, improve your circulation, and to support your cardiovascular. The other ingredients that accompany the beets will help you enrich your body of Vitamin C to reduce inflammation, and to help prevent the infection of prostate cancer, and to increase detoxification of your body.

You will need for this recipe: two beets leaves, a handful dark leafy greens, half a beetroot (peeled), half grapefruit (juiced), one carrot (cut it into pieces after scrubbing it), and inch piece of ginger (peel it before), and more than half a cup but less than full one of filtered water.

  • Best berry recipe:

Whatever you age is, you always need the antioxidants, the more you have the healthier it is for you. This outstanding recipe is so rich of them beside the other important ingredients such as; proteins, a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and potassium. Definitely, it is a great recipe and make a part of the top healthy juices recipes.

You will need for this recipe: half a cup of berries, half an apple, small piece of cucumber, half frozen or fresh banana, and a celery stalk. As usual, just blend the ingredients, and if you see they need water add it.

healthy juices recipes

healthy juices recipes





There is nothing better than having the best nutritious and natural healthy juices recipes. And here I gave you the most and best one of which that you will love to have within your diet. I didn’t try them all, but I tried five of them till now, and they are absolutely and outstandingly delicious and amazing.

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