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Green Tea Effects

Green tea effects on the body and health

There are numerous kinds of beverage and drinks over the world, and many herbs that people use to make medicines, drinks or food. Tea is one the most popular favorite drink that almost everyone loves it. Everyone should have drunk green tea or any other kind of tea, at least once in his life. And as any other kind of drinks or foods, it has good and bad effects on the body and health. That is why I would like to talk about it and explain what can be the effects of this lovable beverage.

green tea effects

green tea effects

Here are some of the common green tea effects on the body:

  • Training After a Cup Of Tea Will Increase Your Fats Burning:
    Tea is one of the most used ingredient for making the supplements of weight loss and burning fats.
    According to some studies, the men who train and exercise after taking green tea, are losing weight and burning fats 17% more than others who didn’t. This study shows that green tea can be a very good booster to burn fats while exercising. Other researches that lasted for over a month and half, showed green tea is increasing the fat burning whether during exercises or rest.
  • Green Tea Let You Take In Lesser Calories
    One of the best way that people use to lose weight, is through eating less. And to eat less, you have to decrease your appetite. And green tea can reduce the appetite. So, this would be a very good way to take less calories, and to lose weight. It is a booster drink to lose weight and burn fats; calories out. And of course it does not let us eat more, like a controller of calories in.
  • What Does Tea Contains to Help Lose Fat:
    Tea is not only water boiled with tea. It is a beverage, full of different ingredients and nutrients. When you drink high-quality tea, you bring into your body a lot of different beneficial ingredients that help you biologically. One of those ingredients is caffeine. Tea does not have the same quantity of caffeine as much as coffee, but still a gentle quantity. Certainly caffeine is a very useful thing that help burning fats and improve the value of exercising. Catechins is what tea having as the best of antioxidants. Yet, the most important of those is Epigallocatechin Gallate that boosts the metabolism.
  • Tea helps to lose weight, but not mixed with milk:
    Leave away your hard training, exercise or medicines to lose weight, just sit down, with a cup of tea reading a book or watching TV, you will lose weight automatically. But the kind of tea I am talking about here is not mixed with milk. Though milk is really one the best beneficial drinks for its fortune of calcium and potassium, with tea it cannot be so much beneficial for health. Tea is so rich of antioxidants which help burning fats and decrease the size of calories. It is rich of compounds that absorbs the fatness and the high fats. But milk is so full of proteins that can lower the beneficent of those elements in green tea.
  • Mint Green tea effects

Since I first went to the top northern –west country of Africa, and tasted the popular cup of tea there, Mint Tea, I just got kind of addicted to it, sweet as much as you deserve, and just delicious as any other desirable drink or food. It helps increase the fat burning too. Whenever you drink this tea, you will always love to drink it again.

Since I first tasted the tea, I never stopped drinking it each day. It is my second favorite drink after Water. I never had gym classes, or hard exercises, but I am fit as normal, just a good figure if you ask me. I eat whatever is healthy the most I can, and I eat what pleases me, but never got fat, because of the regular system of drinking tea each day. Certainly green tea effects our body positively. But also we should not exaggerate drinking it, for its sugar level and its ability to burn the main elements in the food we eat.

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