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Gorge on Food that Help You Lose Weight

Gorge on Food that Help You Lose Weight


Have you always been wary of munching? Have you been afraid of gaining calories every time you eat? Do you believe working out is the only way to keep yourself light? Shun these non-existent thoughts and be food-progressive with food that help you lose weight. From steak to mushrooms, food is delight to your taste buds as well as to your health.

“Eat More to Weigh Less” Here are 7 food that help you lose weight:

  • Kale –

A vegetable with large quantities of Iron and Calcium, Kale is highly nutritional. Chopping this vegetable and consuming one cup of it will add a mere 34 Calories to your body and provide you with 13.4 grams of fiber. Another way of having it is mixing Kale with cooked black beans. Toss the mix in Quinoa and finally add orange slices on top.

  • Oats –

If a morning breakfast consisting of cornflakes or bread seems to calorific, switch to Oats. The steel cut and rolled varieties of this health supplement have approximately 5 grams of fiber in one serving. This makes these varieties filling and helps keep the body light. Oats can be boiled in water or milk and can be consumed with meat loaf as well.

  • Steak –

While some people find beef to be a heavy calorific item, it is actually helps you lose pounds. Having organic beef is healthier than the synthetic varieties. To have it, you could grill a serving of say 4-5 ounces of top round or sirloin and then slice it thinly on top of a salad. You could also toss it in vegetables to make yourself a fiber rich meal.

  • Mushrooms –

When asked, people claimed to have the same satisfaction on having mushroom in place of beef dishes. What they didn’t know was that the calorific content of mushroom is a fraction of that of beef. Mushroom has extremely low fat quantity, making it one of the most beneficial food items to keep light.

  • Eggs –

Surprised? Having eggs for breakfast doesn’t affect the heart, but it helps you lose body weight. People who have an egg everyday generally feel fuller and fitter and lost almost twice the weight lost by people who preferred bagel for breakfast. While omelets, poaches and scrambles are common, it would be preferable to skip frying in oil. Having water poaches or boiled eggs or eggs in vegetable frittata might be the perfect way to gorge on eggs.

  • Yoghurt –

As a healthy substitute for mayonnaise in chicken salad, yoghurt has always been on any dietician’s list. Low-fat and plain yoghurt, especially the Greek variety, has carbs, required amount of fat and proteins. This keeps hunger away and at the same time helps you maintain your blood sugar levels. Preferring yoghurt over mayonnaise means saving 4.7 grams of fat per tablespoon.

  • Soup –

Keep your lunch or dinner simple, go for soup. While actors and actresses live on it, most people go for Soup as a starter. This habit keeps you less hungry throughout the meal and studies prove that it results in 20% less calorie consumption in the meal. Suggested ones include Baby Corn Soup and Chicken Clear Soup.

With these 7 super foods which go well on the taste buds as well on your calorie count, munching on food is no longer a crime. In case you run a busy schedule and don’t find time to work out, live on these food that help you lose weight and provide nutrition at the same time.

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