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Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight

What Foods to avoid when losing weight? Or during weight loss diet!

Foods to avoid when losing weight

foods to avoid when losing weight

foods to avoid when losing weight

The worst thing that might happen to a person who is following a diet to lose weight is to ignore what foods to avoid when losing weight. This will make it worse, the more you lose weight, the more you gain. Those foods should be completely ignored and avoided, even if you love them.

We all know that the kind of foods has a major effect on your weight and on how you gain weight or lose it. That is why learning what foods to avoid when losing weight shall help you have better diet.

There are plenty of foods help in losing weight, while plenty of others help to gain weight. That depends on the kind of foods you eat.

People are becoming kind of addicted to some kinds of foods. It is not literary an addiction, but at least it can be an obsession. Especially in the cases of fat people who gained weight not genitally.

Here are top foods to avoid when losing weight, or when following a weight loss diet. Even if you love them, do not let their passion and love control you and get rid of them. Avoid eating them whatever it takes.

  • Foods to avoid when losing weight: Fruit juices:

    foods to avoid when losing weight

    foods to avoid when losing weight

Some people think that the fruit juices they buy from supermarkets are really natural and only fruit. That is not always true and those fruit juices are not healthy.

Those fruit juices have very high level of sugar. If you know how much soda drinks contain of sugar, you will know how much fruit juices contain. Especially that those juices are higher with sugar than soda.

Do you know what does that mean? It means that an orange has not the same healthy effects of it juiced. If you get your orange juiced, you will not have the same healthy effects as you eat it raw. This makes you have a very large quantity of sugar in very short period.

However, stay away from any kind of fruit juices, and eat those fruits instead.

  • Foods to avoid when losing weight: Alcohol (mostly the beer):

foods to avoid when losing weight

foods to avoid when losing weight

Here we are with another kind of drinks, but this time with alcohol instead of fruit juices. Alcohol is considered a very important source of calories. Each gram of alcohol contains about 7 calories.

The fact that alcohol prevents losing weight is not yet proved. Yet, it is known that the consumption of alcohol in low or moderate amount helps to reduce some weight. That means the way that alcohol goes through to gain weight is through drinking too much.

This effect can differ from one type of alcohol to another. For example, the wine is found helpful and useful for losing weight, while the beer is considered the worst kind to think of during losing weight.

  • Foods to avoid when losing weight: Pizza:

    foods to avoid when losing weight

    foods to avoid when losing weight

Pizza is one of the most common and popular foods of the entire world. This popularity made it unhealthy, because some people make it for commercial benefits not for people’s nutrition.

The pizza is one the most common fast food with the top highest level of calories. The bad thing does not stop only in calories, but also in bad ingredients that are used within it.

The best way to have the healthy and nutritious pizza is a homemade one. Make sure to use beneficial and healthy ingredients when making it at home. The homemade pizzas are much better than restaurants ones or supermarket ones. Those late contain too much sugar.

There are also some specific areas and places where they do make healthy and nutritious pizza, without forgetting it to be extremely delicious. Try to find some place of that. Even if it is more expensive than the common ones, it is better to have one healthy pizza than to have three of unhealthy ones.

  • Foods to avoid when losing weight: Chips & French Fries:

foods to avoid when losing weight

foods to avoid when losing weight

Since the first use of potatoes from the new world (America) as it was known when potatoes were discovered, they were found to be so healthy. Yet, since it was first made the French fries or chips, they were not healthy as much as the potatoes themselves. You can eat several plates of them without knowing (I do that many times). But, they have very high levels of calories, which make them unhealthy.

Many studies found that eating French fries and chips caused many people to gain weight. Some more specific study found that this kind of potatoes type can be the most weight gainer food.

What is the best and healthiest way to eat potatoes? It is by eating them boiled or plain.

  • Foods to avoid when losing weight: Ice cream:

    foods to avoid when losing weight

    foods to avoid when losing weight

One of the most delicious foods we can ever taste is ice cream. People go crazy when they see ice cream, not only for kids, but for adults as well. Yet, and unfortunately, they are not healthy and they are so high in the level of calories and sugar.

There is no harm in having a little of ice cream often. Yet, the problem is when you start eating ice cream, you end up eating more than you should.

The best way to enjoy ice cream without fear of having weight gained is through making your homemade ice cream. Try to use the lesser the possible, amount of sugar. Use fruits and eggs if you like to make your ice cream.

Make sure that you have rules when you decide to eat ice cream. Bring the amount you need and leave the rest away, so that you do not eat more than you need.

  • Foods to avoid when losing weight: soda and sugary drinks or beverages:

foods to avoid when losing weight

foods to avoid when losing weight

You should know that soda or, in general, the sugary drinks are classified on the top unhealthiest drinks of all.

Many studies found that this kind of drinks has a strong relation with weight gain. The brain does not take the high calories of the drinks solid, but consider them liquid. Therefore, you will not feel full, so you will consume more because liquid calories do not give you the feeling of fullness.

In case you really want to lose weight, make sure that you delete ‘soda’ or ‘sugary drinks’ from you diet plan.


Finally, there are so many kinds of foods to avoid when losing weight, but those ones are considered on the top. The other foods are such as cookies, cakes, coffee (high-calories one), white bread, and even some kinds of chocolate.

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