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Foods that increase sex drive

Foods that increase sex drive

foods that increase sex drive

foods that increase sex drive

Several people around the world are having the problem of a good sexual activity. This problem can be caused due to many different things. And from those things we shall find the lack of the libido or sexual drive. This lack of sex drive can be caused either genealogically, psychologically, or physically. The genealogically reasons can be through the generation and blood. The psychologically reasons might be due to the changes in mental and psychological health of the individual; there are several psychological disorders that cause this problem such as depression, stress, anxiety, and so on. As for the physically, it can be due to the foods and metabolism that one follows. So in order to increase it, people start looking for the foods that increase sex drive to add them to their diet.

If a man having lack of sex drive, the woman do not feel rest and she always makes him feel bad about himself. The same thing can be for a woman who has the problem (vice versa). The lack of sex drive usually leads to several troubles in partnership, relationship or a marriage. That is why I would love to give you the exact foods that increase sex drive in order to help you prevent those troubles from the very beginning.

Here are the top foods that increase sex drive:

  • On the top we shall find Watermelon:

This amazing fruit contains a very large amount of water -92% of water and 8% of citrulline-. Of course there are other ingredients in this refreshing fruit, but these two are the dominating. The watermelon does not work as the drugs or something else dangerous. It just helps the blood to flood into the men’s penis and make the erection functions better. The same arousal happens to the women as well with the blood flow.

  • Now moving around to blackberries:

Blackberries make a very important part of the foods that increase sex drive. This fruits give you a very good mood to the sexual activity. If you feel depressed and not in the mood of having sex with your partner, then try to if this amazing fruit. According to the doctors Anna Maria and Brian Clement, the blackberry that is considered a very rich fruit of phytochemical does increase the sex drive and also the duration of sexual activity. Try to have some few tablespoons of blackberries before you start having sex.

  • The sexy foods and keeping with berries family: strawberries:

    foods that increase sex drive

    foods that increase sex drive

If you are wondering why I called the strawberries sexy foods that increase sex drive, here is to find out. Studies say that the best way to increase libido is through having the circulation works better. Strawberries are said to have a high level of antioxidants that is the best solution to have the best function of blood. This fruit makes your heart, arteries and veins work so far better. And for the men, the strawberries rich content of vitamin C and antioxidants make the sperm higher. The best way to have the best results is to mix the berries with the black chocolate, which is also considered a part of the foods that increase sex drive.

  • The beautiful green fruit; Avocado:

This amazing fruit contains a lot of different foods, such as; potassium, vitamin E and vitamin B, which is a very important ingredient that helps to prevent the heart diseases or reduce them at least and it does make the blood flow better. By now you may have already understood that anything that is good for the heart and circulation of blood is certainly good for the sexual system. That is why seeking for the best foods that increase sex drive you have to consider the foods that help your heart health.

If you are looking for the best food to increase the libido for the women, coffee can be the best solution. The coffee contains a very good incentive that is proved to boost the female’s mood for sexual activity. So, just make yourself a good cup of coffee before you go to bed with your husband and you shall see yourself doing very well.

  • The perfect food; Eggs:

You always dreamed of having a breakfast in your bed, then following with sex in the morning before taking a romantic shower! Well, the eggs can be the best breakfast meal before that sexual time. The eggs are too rich of proteins, which make them two in one; increase energy level and boost your concentration. Both of those values are necessary for good coitus. Besides the good content of vitamin B that is responsible for regulating your hormones levels and increase your libido.

  • Now with the boss; Almonds:

When I was younger I saw that many people who are recently married or about to get married eat a very large amount of almond. This made me wonder why they love to eat that, to later I found out that this is the boss of foods that increase sex drive. This food is really rich of a lot of nutrients such as; Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium and many minerals. Those vitamins and minerals are so important for both sexual health and also reproduction. Vitamins that help increase the health of heart. For the minerals, especially Zinc, it helps to boost the libido and increase the level of sexual hormones in the men’s bodies. Besides all those ingredients, this food contains the good fats like omega 3 fatty acids that increase the blood flow, which is really important for sexual activity.

  • The beautiful fruit; figs:

After my visit to the top north western country in Africa and tasting this delicious fruit, I cannot forget. This leaded me to look for the benefits of this sweet fruit. This fruit is making the women feel more irresistible in the coitus. This will help you both of you look and act like two little sweet teens. The contents of this fruit do increase the incentives during the sexual meetings.

  • Very delicious fruit: peaches:

This food does enrich your body with the level of vitamin C. The studies show that the fruit increase the level of libido and sex drive in women. And of course the main thing is that it helps the blood flow.


However, there are too numerous foods that increase sex drive, but you have to know how to add them rightly to your diet. You may notice that most of them are the fruits. So, you have to make good recipes of fruits for you during your sexual life.


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