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Flatter Tummy Almost Instantly

Nutrition & your belly

By now, making the difference between what is healthy and what is not should be an easy task for you if you want a to get vigorous and healthy.
but this is not always true.

In order to keep your belly flat and healthy you should avoid unnecessary swelling. There are quite a multitude of foods that cause this.

Flatter Tummy Almost Instantly

Flatter Tummy Almost Instantly

4 foods that cause swelling

high in salt food and Processed/refined Food
You might be familiar with sodium, Salt causes your body to preserve
and not allow water to flow out. You will need to watch how much salt you use.

Tummy expanding Vegetables

like Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower and broccoli, despite their health properties,
they tend to expand your tummy due to them containing fiber. Do not avoid these veggies at all since they are very healthy , Just time them if you know you will be out for the evening or doing your yoga session.

Candy & diet foods

Artificial food/sweets contain lots and lots of chemicals that will make you feel gassy. They also have bad influence on your appetite and blood sugar levels. If you are used to protein powder , pick up this one :”Optimum 100% Natural Whey” one of the best, since protein powder are also full of the same chemicals.


Any carbonated food is just filling your tummy with air. Avoid soda at all costs if you are on a healthy diet.

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