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Emotional Changes During Puberty

Emotional Changes During Puberty

What Are The Emotional Changes during Puberty?

emotional changes during puberty

emotional changes during puberty

Continuing on my topics about Adolescence and puberty. Today I decided to move to another important issue that your kid would feel when he or she gets the first sign of puberty. The important stage that takes a kid from childhood into adulthood; what we call it puberty. In a previous article I have talked about the changes of physical in the article of meaning of puberty; children awareness. Now I will move to state what the emotional changes during puberty that affect the kid. Those emotional changes are so important and you need to pay intention to them.

The puberty from the psychological side

The adolescence and the troubles of puberty…the puberty and sexual maturity cause problems for teens.

Adolescence is not puberty

Adolescence: It is a stage of growing up in both sides; social and emotional, and it lasts for 10 to 12 years. During this stage, the dependent kid turns into an independent young man. it starts from an early age and lasts till the middle of twenties.

What are the emotional changes during puberty?

What is puberty?

Puberty; It is a stage of hormonal and physical changes that happen to the kid, within three years. This stage allows the young men and women to achieve the sexual maturity. The girls get their puberty before the boys with one year.

In this stage, the guys become able to have sexual production, not having sex. In this stage, the parents should aware and teach their kids about how to control the sexual maturity.

It is not the right time for a young man to be unaware of what is going on in his body. because the unawareness will make him think he is something special and unique. He will keep wondering about what is happening to him. That is why I said it is the perfect time for parents to explain to their children how important the puberty is, and what are the changes that they (children) had to expect.

What are the emotional changes during puberty?

The beginning of adolescence does not mean the beginning of puberty. Most cases, the adolescence happens before. During the adolescence, the parents feel the negative and bad behaviors of their children. Those behaviors such as more critics, complaints, criticizing everything (known and unknown things), testing their limits, and so on, those are the signs of adolescent behaviors. While, when the puberty happens, the adolescent becomes in more emotional and mental stress, and more complex.

What are the emotional changes during puberty? What are the two problems that puberty causes?

First: it is a practical problem; it is through the changes that happen to their bodies. This is the self-consciousness.

The second: it is a final problem; it plays a role in the sexual definition and male and female behaviors.

The self-consciousness usually affects the guys who achieve the puberty in an appropriate time. During the adolescence early ages (9 – 13 years). When they leave behind the childhood and start to try to get their social belonging and their place among their friends.

The emotional changes during puberty usually include the feeling of being apart from the family. They try to get their independence in the new world. While, the puberty shows them how they lose the control over their bodies. Moreover, many young men consider puberty as an enemy of their self-respect. Because, they care too much about their new looks and what their bodies turn into. That is all to get their acceptance and their place in society.

What should family or ‘home’ do to those emotional changes during puberty in the ‘new’ adult?

At home, the parents have to remember that the changes of puberty are something serious and should not be taken for granted. They should not laugh at the kids or make joke on their new looks, new body changes, or even their new tastes of clothes. Also, we need to consider the problem of gender. The puberty starts to push the kid to the ‘independence’. It requires them to show their male look or female look. However, from where should teens learn that?

emotional changes during puberty

emotional changes during puberty

Certainly, there are some older people in the family as cousins or relatives that look like idol for them. Yet, they are not the absolute idols who control them.

What makes a kid to follow the path of female or male is the cultural ideal. These cultural ideals are made up from the mass media and celebrities. In order to make the kid choose the female of male gender, they make the looks of those ideals look fabulous and spectacular, and certainly attractive to the individual desire.

The effects of those ideals come when those ideas go deep in the adolescent people. Then, the signs come to show up on those adolescents; while the girls star to worry about their looks, and try to be as fit as possible, boys are trying to build their muscles and get better look to impress girls.

After puberty, the new emotional changes during puberty that happens are the feelings of the girls, that they are not so much pretty and attractive as their friends. And for the boys, they feel less aggressive and strong than their friends are. The girls feel that they are fat and not enough attractive. While the boys feel that they are weak and weaker than their friends.

In this stage, we hope that the parents have a major role in decreasing the tensions and stresses on their children. They have to explain to their children some healthy ways to grow up.

One of the most important pieces of advice that teens, new adults, or adolescents have to understand is:

Do not care too much, about what the common sexual image aims to make you. Because, those images are too strict, and do not consider the differences.

In facts, there are many ways that the boy teenager can choose to be a man, and a girl teenager to choose to be a woman. And you have to look for the right male or female ‘look’ that reflect the real personality you deeply need.


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