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Effectiveness of Condoms

Effectiveness of Condoms 

What is the effectiveness of condoms?

effectiveness of condoms

effectiveness of condoms

Keeping with our line in talking about the anti-pregnancy methods, today I want to talk about male pregnancy prevention. Actually, it is not only a prevention of pregnancy, but also prevention of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). The good benefits of this tool create the great effectiveness of condoms. The most important thing that people should be aware of is this, if they aim to prevent pregnancy or stay away of STDs. I am not saying that this is a perfect thing, but what I say is that it is the top effective method.

Talking about the effectiveness of condoms I have to mention both effectiveness in preventing pregnancy in one side and preventing STDs in other side. That is how my article is going to be developed.

  • What is the effectiveness of condoms on prevention of pregnancy?

A woman can get pregnant if the men’s sperm reaches her eggs (just one of them). To prevent this thing you have to use things that stop the sperm from reaching that point. There are many things, that people use to prevent this operation, and I have talked about most of them. There is the IUD, Vaginal diaphragm, Contraceptive Patches, or even prevention of pregnancy pills. For the pills I did not talk about them, but I will when I get the chance. Therefore, stay in touch and you shall find out about them. Yet, today I came to talk about the most effective way of those all, and it is the condoms.

The doctors and sexual healthcare providers always say that if you use the condoms correctly, you will have 98 percent chance that you will not have pregnancy. This means that if there are 100 couples who used condoms correctly, two women will get pregnant from those people. This is not said only by doctors, but by the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well.

For the top effectiveness, you can use another matter with condoms; Spermicide.

There are typically two kinds of condoms. There is a kind specific for women and other for men. For the male condoms, they are worn on their penis. For the female condoms, they are put inside the vagina. But, we are done with talking about preventing pregnancy through women, now we are addressing the men.

There are many places and clinics that provide the condoms for free. So, you do not have to say that you cannot get it. besides, the price of those things are usually low. There is no such thing such as good quality or things. If you do not use them correctly, you will not have effectiveness of condoms, if you do use them correctly, then you will have it; regardless than any kind of taste or quality.

You have to be very careful in keeping your condoms. Any kind of unaware keeping will cause you to decrease the effectiveness of condoms. If just something like a needle or anything sharp cut it and cause damages to it, will not have the same effectiveness.

The other part of effectiveness of condoms is the more pleasable and enjoyable sexual intercourse. It feels better for some people to have sex using condoms.

The condoms come with different kind of matter and content. So, if you have any kind of allergy or you are sensitive to a kind, you can easily choose another one. Before you buy any kind, ask what kinds they have.

Another thing that is important for the effectiveness of condoms is the expiration date. There is a date for end of using it on the condom when you buy, so make sure you use it before the date expires. It is just like any other kind of products, it needs to be well studied for the top health situation.

Of course, there are some companies that do not care about the effectiveness of condoms, but only their own profits. That is why you need to check your condom if it contains the mark of BSI or CE when you buy it. That is how you make sure you buy the right one. Another way to keep away from this trouble is the place whence you get it; make sure you buy your condom from a pharmacy or a sexual health center.

It is better that you ask your doctor about the mark or the type of condoms that you can use. That is how you guarantee having the most effectiveness of condoms with your sexual health up.

Now let us move to another issue of effectiveness of condoms, which is the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

  • What is the effectiveness of condoms on prevention of STDs or STDIs?

    effectiveness of condoms

    effectiveness of condoms

People are always scared of numerous terrifying STIs. Probably, the most dangerous, the most common, and the most serious STI is HIV or AIDs. Yet, that does not mean there is nothing else.

The answer for the question of ‘are condoms really effective on preventing STIs?’, is simply: ‘Yes’. The condoms are found to be very effective on preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Generally speaking, the condoms are found to be the most effective thing among anything else. They can prevent numerous diseases and infections, not only pregnancy. Besides, you can have a sign of developing a STI when you wear a condom. If you wear a condom and it slips during sex, you need to visit a doctor in order to check if you have a disease developed.

For people who are afraid of HIV, the condoms are found to be reducing the risk of having this disease. There have been very long-term studies since the first appearance of this disease in the last 80s. Those studies found that about 80 to 94 percent of the people who use condoms are protected from this terrifying disease.

The second famous STI is HPV. But, the question is whether there is any effectiveness of condoms on this infection. This disease can transmit from a body to another only by skin touch. Yet, it is not so common to transmit that way, the most available way that this virus use to infect another body is through the sexual intercourse. The condoms can be the most effective way to prevent that.

effectiveness of condoms

effectiveness of condoms

There are so many other diseases and infections that condoms prevent. So, if you do have sex with many people, try to use condom. If you do not your woman to get pregnant and you are not ready for children responsibility for now, use condom. Just make sure you use them CORRECTLY.

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