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Easy Weight Loss Diet

Here is the Best Easy Weight Loss Diet

Easy Weight Loss Diet-Today I am bringing with me another topic to talk about, that might be really helping to lose weight, and for a way of losing weight in a simple attitude that you have just to get used to it. It is an easy diet that you can follow easily, and by a very short time, you will have already lost an amount of calories and got yourself fit and good looking as you always hope.  It is not a long term diet, just within a month you will find yourself already losing some of your weight, and you will find that you are eating healthily and fresh as you always want to do.

Easy weight loss diet

Easy weight loss diet

Sometimes, when you get a lot of work around you, a busy life, you find yourself in a mess, you may feel fatigue and exhausted. That is why you are highly developing stress disorder that might affect your whole life. So the only solution to fresh yourself and get back your energy is by having foods and drinks that you think will energize you. But, unfortunately, those kinds of drinks are just making it work, they just full you with sugar and extra ingredients that will make your body lose its powers. Those drinks are high in sugar that is developed later during the digestion to a very large amount of fats, which are what make you gain weight especially around your belly. And when you find yourself in that situation that you are not fit as you want, you become less fresh than before, less active, less self-confident, less attractive and less pretty or handsome. This also leads to high level of stress and disappointment. So why don’t have a simple easy weight loss diet and follow it easily every day to be safe from all that.


First, let me introduce some types of the very healthy diets:

  • Very Low-calories diet:
    Usually this type of diets provides from 200 to 800 calories per day. It follows the cycle of four days, in the first day you have to consume only 200 calories, 400 the second day, 600 the third day, 800 the fourth day, then the rest of the week, you have to fast, it is like an organized intermittent fasting. But increase in taking the proteins when you eat. This diet is highly recommended for the very upset people with their over-weight, because it might cause side effects for people who are already fit, or kind of thin. This diet will help to lose about 1.5 to 2.5 kilograms per week.
  • Low-Fat Diet:
    This type’s goal is to reduce the fats in one’s diet. And by reducing the fats, you reduce the calories too. This diet can help to lose over 3 kilograms over usual eating. It is somehow a long term diet, because it lasts about two month duration to a year.
  • Religious Diet:
    Starting with this type of diet, I remember one of the famous diets that people are interested in it, which is the Rastafarian Diet. And the religious diets might include diets such as the fast that God declared in the laws of Moses. It is a diet of ten to twenty-one days of fasting according to the Biblical Book of Daniel. But there is a modern version of fasting on Daniel method that includes only the whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and oils. It looks like the Rastafarian Diet. It consumes (fasts) the food that is originated from the animals, all of them. This diets claims that it causes healthy stability of both the brain and the body.
  • Rastafarian Diet:
    This one is somehow rooted from the bible, so it might looks like the previous one. Not to go any longer in the article, I would like to give the link here to the article of it.

Now, here is the best way to get your easy weight loss diet:

Easy weight loss diet

Easy weight loss diet

  • Firstly, make your diet rich of the proteins; you have to eat foods like eggs and lean and red meat, which are high in proteins. Because the intake of your proteins will keep your lean muscles, and reduce the amount of calories. The diet I am talking about here provides over 0.25 kilograms of proteins per day. Unless if your weight is more than 110 kilograms, then you have to take more proteins in. and if you are less heavy than 180 kilograms, cut over 85 grams of your protein intake.
  • Second, do not extreme the amount of the carbohydrates, and keep it low, so that when you gain weight and want to lose it, then moderate the amount. Before starting the easy weight loss diet, you will have to have low carbohydrates, about 0.1 kilograms per day, but when you are trying to lose weight, moderate it to become about 0.15 kilograms per day. And the most common foods that are good, clean and rich of fiber of carbohydrates, such as potatoes (boiled), rice, grain bread and oats.
  • Finally, drink more than three liters of water per day. Water should be your favorite drink of all time. It keeps your body healthy and hydrated always. Avoid other beverage such as sodas or anything during the diet. Even fruit juices are not recommended during the diet. Water can help you in anything. Water is your best bet in diets.


Now, after presenting how the best easy weight loss diet should be. You can follow it easily. Maybe some of your dear readers will be wondering why I didn’t give a specific daily diet, how it should be detailed. I don’t want to limit your daily life, and your daily foods, because each one of us has his own life and knows the best to suits him. So I gave this article this way to tell you what are the best foods to have in your diet, what to avoid and how much to have, and now you are the one who decides how exactly you want to have. I gave some types of famous diets in the beginning to help you create your own one. Do not let another one to decide how your nutrition system should be, because you know what best for you. Just follow advices and make your own way out from them.

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