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Does Sex Make You Gain Weight ?

Does sex make you gain weight ?

There is a difference of opinion among scientists about the impact of sex on weight. Some of the researchers say that having too much sex leads a woman to gain weight, while others say that regular passionate sex can actually help a woman to burn  calories and lose weight.

Does sex make you gain weight Several women actually say that they start to gain a lot of weight in their breasts and hips once they start having regular sex. This does become a matter of concern for many women, especially once they get married. Does sex make you gain weight ? Let us see if the weight gaining theory is true or just a myth.

Some of the studies have shown that women start gaining weight on their hips and breasts once they make love on a regular basis. Several researchers have shown reasons for it. They say that, the hormone prolactin stimulates milk products and fatherly love and this can be a reason for women to gain weight at a fast pace. Once a woman reaches the level of orgasm after sex, there is an increase of the blood level after sex. Those human beings who suffer from constant high levels of prolactin can lead to immense weight gain. However, researchers say that the prolactin release or level of prolactin in the blood in a temporary thing after sex. Thus, it cannot be compared with constant high levels of prolactin, which is actually a medical condition called hyperprolactinaemia. Thus, some researchers have concluded that regular sex has a temporary adverse impact on the weight of a woman.

Another study has opposed this thought that there is a link between sex and women gaining fat. The researchers have said that there is no physiological reason to support the thought that women hips and breasts become shapeless and enlarged after having regular sex. They rather argue that during sex people can actually burn some calories, which can help them to lose a little weight. So, there no weight gain can be caused due to sex. To support their argument they have pointed that it is not possible that the ejaculated semen will get digested and absorb into the blood during the time of sex. However, even if it gets digested, in 2-3ml of ejaculation the calorie content is only fifteen calories. This is not sufficient to bring a major difference in a person’s weight.

Increase in appetite leads to gain weight ?

Does sex make you gain weight

Does sex make you gain weight

However, people after marriage often tend to gain weight. Not only women, but men also gain a lot of weight after their marriage. But, it has nothing to do with sex. Rather, researchers say that people might get a better sense of security after marriage or they start being more happy in the comfort of a relationship. Some researchers have actually shown that single people eat less compared to the people in a relationship. So, for making sure that you are not gaining extra weight after marriage, all you need to do is to check your diet. A healthy diet and a little bit of regular exercise should help you to remain in good shape.

After getting married when a woman moves in with a man, they have meals together. Since men intake more calories on an average, the women might also end up eating food of similar quantities. A happy and secure relationship can actually increase your appetite. So, both men and women might not be aware of this fact and end up eating much more than usual.

Another reason for gaining weight may be regular consumption of birth control pills. However, this reason can only be applicable to women who are regularly on these pills. The most common side effects of these pills are nausea, headache or tenderness in the breasts. Some women can actually start gaining weight as its side effect. This might happen due to fluid retention, but generally this does not happen in significant amount. The birth control pills are of two types. One pill consists of progestin only, while the other is a combination pill which is consists of both progestin and estrogen. Generally the same type of combinations is used for birth controls, but in different doses. The formulation of progestin may vary in different medicines. Thus, different pills offer different hormone type at different doses leading to different kind of side effects.

However, this weight gain due to the pills is a temporary side effect and it disappears within a couple of months. So, if a woman is retaining this weight gain for a long time, it is advisable to consult a doctor as it is unnatural.

Does Sex Make You Gain Weight ?

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A large number of researchers actually believe that having sex makes you burn calories. It is said that on an average you can lose around 100 calories in 30 minutes of passionate love making. In order to lose a pound, a person needs to burn 3500 calories. So, on that basis, you will have to have sex 35 times to lose just a pound.

So, you actually need quite a long time just to lose a pound that way. This is because having sex does not involve that much of hard work. While having sex, a young man will have to work as hard as he has to while walking two flights of stairs. So it can be said that you are doing an activity, but, it cannot be actually considered as a real exercise. For maintaining good healthy, an adult is generally recommended to do some moderately exhausting exercise for about two and a half hours on an average every week. Thus, regular sex is not going to prove enough to match that level of exercising.

Sex can actually play an important role in your process of losing weight. This is because, sex controls fat and carbohydrate cravings. Too much of cortisol i.e. the high-anxiety hormone in the system increases the cravings for fat food and carbohydrates. Thus, boosting the process of gaining weight. Sex can actually keep a check on cortisol.

Does sex make you gain weight ?

Thus, we can conclude that having sex can play a larger role in losing weight than gaining weight.

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