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Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

Does Masturbation Cause Acne

does masturbation cause acne

does masturbation cause acne

We have found that many people have been looking for the question of does masturbation cause acne. The rumors have been widely spreading about the relation between acnes and masturbation. We have talked previously about masturbating effects. In order to cite all effects of this secret habit, we have brought to you all news about it. Today, we have decided to talk about the acne and masturbation.

The evidence we shall use, in order to answer the question ‘des masturbation cause acne’, are obviously based on science research. That is why you have nothing to doubt. If you do believe in science, you shall believe in this.

Masturbation is a good and a bad habit. It depends on your view to see the side you put it in. people who are religious and follow a religion or a belief, usually say it is bad. Otherwise, people who believe only in science and based evidences say it is good. However, Masturbation is a habit that you if you do it with regular system, it shall be helpful. If you do not do it regularly and you keep doing randomly, it might affect you. That is what science and research have found.

The question of does masturbation cause acne, can be included in the effects of masturbating. If it does, then it should be considered as an effect. It might be considered a side effect, since acnes are the last thing that a teen hopes to have.

However, let us see what we have found about does masturbation cause acne or not:

First, let’s know what is acne and how it is caused briefly:

Acnes are the pimple and those spots that appear in the face (sometimes the chest, the shoulder, arms, and other parts), just after the puberty. About 80 percent of the teens have been or will have those acnes. They might not have the same kind, but they will have. The acne severity depends on the person. There are people who have severe acnes (which caused them scars), and others who had just temporary ones.

Well, acnes are caused because of the changes in the hormones that happen after the puberty. It is a kind of skin protection, but when there is too much hormones, it appears as the acnes or pimples. The acnes are the inflammation of the bacteria that blocks this hormone (testosterone), which causes the sebum.

According to the research that has been done by the NHS society, they found that there are some basic causes of acnes. Let’s have a look at them and notice if there is anything related to masturbation (in order to answer the question ‘does masturbation cause acne’). Here they are:

Testosterone is a hormone that causes the acne.

The family association with acne (genetic)

Stress is found related to the appearance of acnes.

And acne in women can be influenced by:

They might even occur during the menstrual period or the pregnancy.

However, the causes of acnes as we have said are the high level of hormones in the skin. The mains hormone we are talking about here is testosterone. Testosterone? Does that mean anything to you? Does it remind you of anything? Yes, it is the sexual hormone. Here we are, isn’t this a sign of a relationship between acne and masturbation or sex? But, is it enough to prove does masturbation cause acne or not?

According to the research that NHS has done lately, there is not relationship between acne and masturbation or having sex. They said it directly that masturbation or sex does not improve neither worsen the acnes. This was what their letters have showed, even that the testosterone is one of the main causes of acne.

Second, so, is it crucial about the masturbation does not cause acne?
does masturbation cause acne

does masturbation cause acne

However, let’s see what does research and science has to say about this topic. Even, we have just answered the question directly, there is still a way to prove more. There isn’t only one research. Let’s see what the next research and scientific based evidences have to say.

The relationship between acnes and masturbation (sometimes sex) has been a center of many discussions. It was a long duration myth that masturbation affects the acnes. Probably, that is the reason why you have been looking for such a question. You might have come asking about does masturbation cause acne because you have heard the same myths.

Well, NHS has pointed directly the reality of those myths and stopped it. but, are you satisfied? Let’s see more.

Until the moment, there is not specific and detailed research that has been published in relation to the masturbation influence of acne. Before mentioning any of the ‘related’ studies, let’s have a move back to the above; we said that the hormones are a direct cause of acnes. It is caused by the raising level of the hormone of testosterone (such as androgens in men).

Sex or masturbation (as a habit to raise the level of sexual arousal) influences the level of this testosterone. While some studies say that orgasm does not cause the increase in the level of testosterone so much, some others say that orgasm does not cause any difference in the level of this hormone. The studies said that even if that this level of testosterone changes, it goes back to the normal amount in few minutes later.

The evidence, on which the myths built their idea, is that the high level of androgens (testosterone in men) is the cause of acnes. So, since this hormone causes acnes and it is related to sex and masturbation, then it is a proof that masturbation causes acne. yet, the research that we have used to base on it our article says directly that it is not proved yet if masturbation does cause acnes or not.

Therefore, the first related research of NHS says directly that ‘masturbation causes acne’ is just a myth. Second research says that is not yet proved completely that masturbation is a direct cause of having acnes.

Finally, as a personal view from a healthcare provider and a sexual therapist, we shall say that there is a relationship between acnes and masturbation, but it not as you think. The relationship does not tend to say that masturbation cause acne, but both of them are caused by high level of androgens. We all know that androgens increase the level of libido (sex drive) naturally. We all know that androgens are naturally a direct cause of acnes. Therefore, the conclusion is like this:
if a person experiences high level of androgens, he tends to masturbate a lot and in the same time this high level of acnes causes acnes. That is why the person notices himself masturbates a lot and has acnes, to conclude that he has acnes because of masturbation.

Thus, the answer of does masturbation cause acne remains a little bit obscure since there is no direct research or science evidence, but the analysis of specialists show that there is not such thing.

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