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Does Honey Lighten Eyes?

Do You Think That Honey Lighten Eyes?

Any natural organic food is healthy. But there are some ones which are healthier than others. And honey is among the top ones. For its high benefits of fixing and improving the skin, and helps to lose weight. Besides all that, honey is a very good nutrient that improves eyes, and lightens them. It cures the eyes paleness, darkness and dryness. It let them get back their brightness. And sometimes it can even change the color of them through changing them to a bright and brilliant.

Honey lighten eyes

Honey lighten eyes

This might seem strange and hard, but you really can change the color of your eyes just by having honey. Let’s find out how!

This article shall include most of the best ways to improve eye’s health by honey, but it will be focusing on how honey lighten eyes. That’s why it will include the popular methods to do that.

Is Honey Truly an Eyes Color’s Changer?

Most of people may think that it is impossible to change the color of the eyes, but it was shown that some people really could change their eyes color by honey. Honey is one of the best ways of changing the eyes color naturally, without any health risks. Using the correct ingredients can truly change your eyes color. That happens of course with pure honey and water. Because putting anything impure into your eyes might cause you a lot of troubles later. That is why pure honey and water are recommended the most.

Honey has some bacteria that will irritate the eyes if it is being put with no prudence. Since many experts highly recommend using honey to change the eyes color, so it is effective. And since it is dangerous to put honey drops in your eyes, then simply don’t put them. Even if you diluted it to use, still a bad choice to do.

However, there are some other people; say that putting some drops of honey in your eyes will really work for real. And some ones tried it, and it worked with them. So it depends on you, whether you want to do it, or not, whether you are ready to see the change or not. Since the last part of people say that honey has been used to be a clear liquid, clean of any bacteria, and instead, it was used to kill bacteria.

Several doctors say that it is not wise, neither healthy to put honey in the eyes, unless it is in a very specific size, 1:5, mixed with water. It is not harmful that much. In fact it is used only with dry eyes, and in order to remedy them, not to brighten or lighten them.

Here are some methods to use honey for eyes:

  • Bring some honey, and mix it with lemon juice and white of eggs, then put it under the eye; in the area of eyelid.
  • Clean your face very well, and dry it, then bring the Vitamin E gel, and get it mixed with some honey, and put it on your face, leave it for over ten minutes, then remove it.

Pure Water and Honey Lighten Eyes?

In order to get the best result possible, you have to put about three drops of pure honey-water to lighten your eyes, every morning and evening. For at least two week.  The water with honey prevents the irritation and harm that honey may cause. Now I shall present the most common used methods for water honey lighten eyes:

  • A lot of people recommend using raw honey to lighten the eyes, for it is the best.
  • Put some warm bottled clean water, for better results than the cold ones.
  • Now mix the two ingredients together for specific conditions as showed before 1:5 ( one drop of honey for 5 drops of water)
  • Put the mixed ingredient in a very clean bottle.
  • Put about three drops very carefully into the eyes.
  • Put what rest in the bottle in a dark safe place.

Honey is natural ingredient that will end the bacteria as much as being useful to end the pink eyes, and the dry ones to lighten them.

The eyes color cannot be totally changed; you cannot change your eyes color from green to brown doing some treatments, because the color is stated genetically.  And honey lighten eyes, not change the color. And in some studies were done, the brown eye people are mostly the ones who aim to change the color, or instead, to lighten their eyes for being the less attractive eyes, unlike the green eyes.

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