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Do You Know What Rastafarian Diet Is?

“Rastafarian Diet”

Through its deep roots in Jamaica history, Rasta was a path to follow, as a religion. It gained popularity more than many other religious paths, not only as a religion, but as a lifestyle. This lifestyle includes way of dressing, that intensive hair, reggae, and Bob Marley. But we should be aware for the food that this stream has. Since their Rastafarian diet got a fine popular among people who care for a healthy diet.

rastafarian diet

rastafarian diet

The Rasta people do not eat anything. They do not eat the same way that anybody else does. They call their food, their sacred food, the Ital, and its goal is to increase the energy of life, as they call it Livity. These foods they eat are specifically brought from the earth; top pure natural and organic food, top clean foods. They even avoid (some of them) the salt and sodium. Most of Rasta people do not eat meat, for the reason that it is considered dead, and if they do (very rarely) it should be too clean, and clean meat means to avoid pork and shellfish, and so far every scale less foods of ocean .  I will be coming in this article with the food that Rastafarian diet does not include. And if you attend to follow it, you should keep it away.

It might be popular that the Rastas are usually associated with drugs, cigarettes, weeds and alcohol. But the truth is not that, they avoid having those things for their harmful and dangerous effects on the body. Yet, many of them still encourage using cannabis, because it is connected somehow with what they claim to call ‘prayer’.

However, the Rastafarian diet includes only fruits, vegetables and grains; in fact everything that comes out of the ground, beside ‘clean meat’ and I talked about this previously. In case you are wondering where do all those rules come from! Here is the answer: the Bible. This is how you can have your Ital and achieve your Livity.

This diet is known as Ital in the Rasta community. Ital is the way of cooking stews with less salt. The Ital meals are cooked by wood and in earthen cookware. It is well-known as a very healthy diet that reduces many unhealthy ingredients, and increases the levels of Livity, that Rastas believe is the energy of life that is inside every human.

Another different question to be asked is; what do a Rasta do when he gets sick? Well, it is said that they have a Rasta Doctor, a person who is responsible to heal everyone. In their beliefs it is believed that every single illness on earth has a special herb that heal it, so the Rasta doctor has to look for that herb and find it to heal the patient. Of course the healing operation has to be with some prayers and sorcery.

Talking about the Rastafarian Diet cannot be without talking about what foods should a Rasta or a person interested in this diet, avoids. There are several foods that a Rasta has to avoid having them. And they can be concluded in the following ones:

Sea Food:
I already mentioned this before, for the sea and ocean foods, there are rules for Rasta, the shellfish are forbidden. The fish without scales are not allowed either. The only available ones are the ones with scales and less longer than thirty centimeters.

Since the Rastafarian refers to the pigs as scavengers, their meat; pork is not allowed to be among the diet and foods in general, because it is considered dirty and not clean to be eaten.

This liquids that comes from any animal regardless than cows, is considered to be not natural. And as the Rastafarian diet includes only natural foods, then it is not allowed for them to drink it.

Industrial and chemical foods:
It should be confirmed to you by now that Rastafarians do not eat something not natural. Therefore, there is no way for a Rasta to eat anything produced in factories and industry fields.

They believe that sodium can be found in the plants, and with the enough quantity that the human body needs. So there is no need to use the salt in food. However, salt is not forbidden but highly recommended to avoid using it in foods.

It is not precisely the coffee which is forbidden, but the caffeine that it has, because the caffeine is considered as an incentive. And not only coffee, but any drink that contains a huge amount of caffeine is not recommended. There are other drinks that have very low level of caffeine, and they are allowed in the diet.

Rastafarians believe that alcohol is a destroyer to the body, that is why is definitely forbidden. They know that alcohol causes many disasters and kill people all time. Even they encourage having cannabis, any other food that harm the body is not allowed as drugs and weeds.

Just like the milk, eggs are not considered natural foods, because they are produced by animals, hens and birds. So it is not advised to be used in meals, or to be a part of the diet.

They consider meat as an unclean food, because they believe it is associated with death. It is not generally forbidden among Rastas, but yet undesirable and avoided. And the ones who eat it, eat the one that comes from the clean animals like cows, sheen, ducks, goats, and hens. Unlike the unclean animals like horses, camels, rabbits and of course pigs.

The Rastafarian diet gained a very large popular all over the world, not for its religious effects, but for its healthy effects, because it depends only on natural foods, and the organic foods, such as vegetables, fruits and anything that is cultivated in the earth. This proves how they consider the earth as the source of everything.

However, this diet might not seem too useful for some people, because it can ban them from many foods that they love, and from many foods that are totally healthy. For example, eggs are almost the perfect food, for they are containing every healthy element that our bodies need, but they forbid it. Besides milk which is rich of calcium, meat which is rich of proteins and vitamins.

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