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Dinner Salad Recipes

What Are Best Dinner Salad Recipes?

dinner salad recipes

dinner salad recipes

After a long day at work, or even at vacation, you certainly need a good dinner salad recipes that will re-energize your body and will make you sleep well. In order to keep the body well nutritious and fed, you need to keep the balance between your recipes from the breakfast, the lunch to the dinner.

As it is mentioned from any doctor or specialist of health metabolism, you need to have a very good breakfast, full of good nutrients and rich of ingredients, followed by a lunch with essential elements for the good healthy day such as; proteins, vitamins, carbs, fats and so son. Finally at the night before you go to sleep you need to have a very good dinner. The best kind of meals for a healthy dinner is a salad. That is why we are here today to talk about dinner salad recipes that shall help you feed your cells and your body for the whole night.

Lets get started with the most common dinner salads recipes:

If you are in hurry and you do not have time, then Chinese cheese and macaroni salad is the best recipe for you:

For this recipe you need; two cups of milk, two cups also of shredded cheddar cheese, half a teaspoon of salt, quarter a cup of flour and the same quantity of butter, and eight ounces of elbow macaroni. And of course a dash black pepper.
To make it, you need to; cook the elbow macaroni according to what is written in the package directions. Melt the butter in a saucepan with the flour, black pepper and salt. Add slowly and regularly the milk. And the keep stirring till you see the recipe if fizzing. Put the cheese on fire and keep stirring till you see that the cheese is melted. Pour the macaroni to the mixture, and the cheese also. To see that is well coated. And here you are.

Best fresh baked ravioli recipe for dinner:

For this recipe you need; a sweet red pepper and a small onion (both chopped), two tablespoons of Italian dressing; Kraft Zesty. 680 mL of pasta sauce, a quarter of tablespoon of red pepper (crushed),350 grams of cheese ravioli (make sure it is cooked and drained), and finally half a cup of cheese of Kraft Shredded Pizza Mozzarella.
To make this you need to; put your oven’s heat on 350 F, put the dressing on a medium temperature, followed by the vegetables, then keep stirring and cooking them for about two minutes. Also, you need to stir them on the pasta sauce and the red pepper (crushed). Get a baking dish and put in it a half a cup of the mixture that you already prepared (make sure the dish fits them). Cover them with the layer of each of the ravioli. Then add the cheese and mixture sauce that was left. Repeat that layer and cover them. Bake them for over twenty-five minutes.

Those dinner salad recipes mentioned previously are a bit hard to be done. That is why I decided to move to other kind of salads that you shall be interested in them. After asking a lot of chefs and specialist in metabolism, those dinner salads recipes that I came out with, are the most useful ones.

Make your best salad with beans and rice;

This recipe requires; a can of white corn, another of red beans, and another one of black beans (all of them drained and the beans are rinsed). A cup of rice, two of water and quarter a cup of olive oil. One teaspoon of olive oil (again), half a teaspoon of salt, and one of teaspoon of cumin. Half a red onion, two cloves of garlic, and a green pepper (all of the chopped well). Then with some small bunch of fresh cilantro. And also put at a side some salt and paper.
To make this you need to; boil the two cups of water, add to them the rice, the teaspoon of olive oil, and the half teaspoon of salt. Move them to a simmer for over fifteen minutes. And then remove it from the fire. Of course you have to make sure to lid them before heating them and when you take them off heat, do not tale the lid off also. Let that rice for another fifteen minutes but resting now. Make sure that the lid is on all the time. Try to make the rice having the same temperature in your kitchen. Get a large bowl, and add the remaining ingredients, and mix them very well. Adding the rice and mixing, with the salt and pepper to taste. Leave it to have the kitchen temperature and then service it.

Now moving to the Mediterranean and having the tuna salad:

For this salad you shall need; two to five tuna package of tuna with olive oil, half an ounce of fifteen canned chickpeas, four cups of baby arugula, six tablespoons of pesto, a juiced lemon and another sliced, a pinch of cayenne, about 115 grams of Kalamata olives, quartered cup of grape tomatoes, and half a head of iceberg lettuce.
To make this awesome salad of dinner salad recipes you need to; to mix the chickpeas in a bowl with the tuna (after getting it out of the oil). In a large bowl also, put the lettuce and arugula. Now in a small bowl mix the amount of salt, cayenne, lemon juice, and the pesto, then whip them all together. And then serve them as you like, I mean the way and the look you love.

I tried to give you the best dinner salad recipes that I have already tried myself. Those ones are really nutritious and feeding, they will make your body full of energy and fresh for the whole night. There are of course many other dinner salad recipes, but I wanted to share with you the ones that I used to before and I love to have them when I want to enjoy my dinner with my family.

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