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Definition of Homosexuality

Definition of homosexuality 

definition of homosexuality

definition of homosexuality

This issue is one of the most important and most common issues that are discussed very well widely. Everyone knows about this. A part of the society is against it. The second part is with it. That explains how much is arguing this issue. Today, we came to talk about it and to give the most appropriate definition of homosexuality.

The homosexuality is about the sexual orientation. This sexual orientation is about the feeling of a person towards another of the same gender. For the female that feels sexually attracted to another female, she is called Lesbian. The male who is attracted to another male called Gay. There are other situations such as bisexual and transgender sexual. The bisexual is the one who feels sexually attracted to both genders. The transgender is the one who make a surgery to change his/her sexual organs (genitals) to the other gender.

The reason why I decided to write about the definition of homosexuality is that I have watched last night the movie of ‘The Danish Girl’. I have heard and wrote already about this topic, talking about what is LGBT standing for. But, today, I wanted to talk about the definition of homosexuality in general, regardless that talking about any kind in different way.

The most common definition of homosexuality is about the feeling of romance or attraction between a couple of the same gender. Yet, there are many other definitions that exist; according to the kind of the one who defines it.

Some people give the definition of homosexuality as a term used to describe the attraction and romance between two people of the same gender. Other people consider the feelings of romance and attraction a definition of homosexuality, but the actual sexual intercourse between two same gender people.

The most used definition of homosexuality is about the ones that have feelings for others of the same gender, even if they did not yet have any sexual intercourse. Yet, common people consider the ‘sexual relationship’ the point that defines the homosexuality.

The old and ancient definition of homosexuality defines the men as the main character for this term. They used to see it in pictures and sketches that were drawn to show the naked men having sexual relationship. That was the most obvious kind of homosexuality in the old ages.

The word homosexuality is a word that came from the ancient Greek word Homo, which means the ‘same’. Additionally, it came from the Latin word as well, which means ‘gender’. For the word ‘sexual’ is obvious what does it mean.

In the common world, the common community, the word ‘gay’ is used more to describe the homosexual. They do not call the people who have the sexual attractions and romances between the same gender as homosexual, but gay. As we have said, gay is literary the word that describes the ‘man’ who has feelings and attractions to the other ‘man’, while lesbian is used for the females. Even that people call it gay for females too in the common community.

The same thing for the homophile, it is another term that common people use it to describe the homosexual. The homophile is also another word rooted from the ancient Geek dictionary. While the homo means the same, philein means the love.

There is no way that we mention the homosexual and we do not talk about the homosexual pride. The homosexuals usually hide their orientation. They do not announce to the world and the society how sexually orientated they are. They use the term of ‘Out’ to describe whether one shows to the world that he/she is homosexual or not.

‘Out’ also means that they are proud of being homosexual. The world pride in the homosexual community refers to the ones who are happy for being that way and they do not feel shame for that as other people claim they should be.

There have been several movements and events through the last decades or the last century to show their pride to the whole world. There are many places where the ‘LGBT rights’ are announced to be released. In other parts, those rights are still forbidden. The most common countries that announced the LGBT rights are Belgium, Germany, France, and USA last year. In USA, the LGBT rights were not released in all states until the last year. Yet, there are many states that have announced their legal acceptance of LGBT rights, such as Washington State.

The most common places that refuse the LGBT rights are mostly the religious country. In the three most common religions in the world, they do not accept those rights. The definition of homosexuality depends also on the belief. If the one is a Christian, he would say that the homosexuality is a forbidden sexual attraction between two men. The same thing is for Islam and Judaism. In other parts, the science says that the homosexuality is a chemical changes in the body.

definition of homosexuality

definition of homosexuality

The definition of homosexuality, according to science, means that the person is genetically changed from the inside, while the appearance is the opposite. As science tries to identify the relationships between genes and the personality of the human being, there were attempts to show how genes cause the homosexual orientation.

According to science, the person who is homosexually feels that he is the opposite gender of his looks, from the inside. This feeling might be caused by the changes in the genes and hormones of the baby or the fetus. There were also some research that show how the environment plays a role in making one a homosexual person. Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice. They people that a homosexual chooses his/her way of living as homosexual. While, science proves that the choice of homosexuality is not by willing, it is natural in the homosexual.

However, this is one very simple definition of homosexuality. I hope that I have been clear and enough satisfying your curiosity about this. For the acceptance of the homosexuals, it depends on the person background and beliefs.

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