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Define LGBT: what does LGBT stand for?

Do you Define LGBT? Let’s see how much you know…

Define LGBT

define LGBT

define LGBT

Since you are wondering what the definition of LGBT is; it means that this is the first time you hear this term. Other words say that you might already know what does LGBT stand for, but you do not know what the whole term means. Anyways, we shall define LGBT together. Starting from the whole term and the general idea, and then finishing with each part detailed and well explained. Therefore, let us define LGBT!

LGBT stands for four terms; it refers to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Trans-gender. So, it is clear that the term stands for the people who are homosexual. The person whom sexuality is not the same or not straight is called a homosexual. For the first thing, it is Lesbian, which stands for the female who desires another female and fall in love with her. There is a movie explains how does the lesbians feel, and it is called ‘Blue is the warmest color’. For the second type is Gay, it is the most used term for expressing the homosexuality. People call gay to anyone who desire the other of his same gender sexually. But, the correct use (which is used very commonly) is about the male who likes the other male. For the Bisexual, it is said that it refers to the person (male or female) who likes both other genders and feel like to have sexual relationship with any gender. The transgender refers to the people who changed their sexual background and their genitals or looks to become the other one. This is a short and brief way to define LGBT and to learn what it means.

Now, let us find what does define LGBT more specifically:

  • Lesbians, what does lesbian actually mean?

    define LGBT

    define LGBT

Lesbianism is the act of a lesbian to have a sexual relationship or approach with another girl. It does not necessarily have to be both of them are lesbians to have a lesbian couple. One should be a lesbian and the other can be bi-sexual or lesbian. I have read once that a study said that all women around the world are either lesbians or bi-sexual, trying to mention that there is no straight woman. But, this is not proved, I do not say it is true, I did not see any strong evidence.

The term Lesbian refers to the Greek island “lesbos”, where the Greek poet Sappho used to have lesbianism with women during the sixth century BC.

That what a lesbian is and this is how to define LGBT in its first part. Lesbianism is becoming a more common thing around the world, but still uncommon in many places such as Muslim or Third world. Religions have a unique opinion about lesbianism and about all kind of homosexuality. It is forbidden.

  • Define LGBT; second one ‘Gays’, what does gay mean?

Gay is a term that refers to the male person who is homosexual. The person with these characteristics is likely to have sexual desire and admiration to people from his own gender. There are many boys who are known nowadays to have announced their homosexuality. It became normal in the advanced countries, such as most of states of USA (lately it was announced for the whole country), Belgium, Germany… etc. the people with this characteristic seem to act just like the female gender. They even imitate anything related to the female.

Gay is a term that had been used first to describe the feeling of happy, bright, or bright and showy. Later in the 20th century, it became a term to refer to the homosexuality in male people.

Anyways, gays are people who act and do sexual approach among male gender. A man with a man, or a boy with a boy; that is how the homosexuality that it called gay is practiced.

  • Define LGBT; third one ‘Bi-Sexual’, what does bisexual mean?

This is another part of the main four sexual orientations. It refers to the like of admiration of a person to both his same gender and the opposite gender. The bisexuality was noticed in many people around the world. Among the animal as well; the bisexuality was found in many animals. And the term ‘bisexuality’ was combined with two main terms, and they are; Homosexuality and Heterosexuality during the 19th century. There are so many people who prefer this kind of sexually orientated people than other such as lesbians or gays. Probably the reason is that they are available to have sexual relationship and approaches with any one of the different genders.

  • Define LGBT; fourth one ‘Trans-gender’, what does transgender mean?

The homosexual people usually feel that they are in the wrong body. They either feel they are completely in the wrong body (totally homosexual) or they feel that they are just a part of their gender (bisexual). However, people who feel that are mostly feel it because of their psychological and their biological mix-orientation of their sex.

In one hand, people who know psychologically that they are in the wrong body (they feel they are women, but they have male body, which refers to gays), but they keep the body are called gender queer. In other hand, people who know they are partially or completely in the wrong body and they want to change their body to suit what they have psychologically are called transgender.  The last kind of homosexual people are named to be affected by the psychological disorder of Gender Identity Disorder. they want to transmit to the other gender, whatever it takes.

There are people who are born with different genitals of both sexual genders; they are called intersex. Those are completely different from people who are homosexual. Those are another kind and they are biologically unwell.

However, to define the LGBT, we have tried to give you the definition of every one of what it contains. Those people are both respected and non-respected in the world. There are conditions that cause people to refuse those kinds of people. Those conditions are such as Homophobia and transphobia or religion. Many religious people refuse this act. Christianity in every single path of it rejects people with different sexual orientation. The same thing happens with Islam or other religions.

In order to read more detailed and more specific, read about LGBT here.

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