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Coffee Health Effects

What are the Coffee health effects?

coffee health effects

coffee health effects

It is kind of rare to find someone who never tried coffee, or never drink it before in his life. Coffee is the most common beverage all over the world. From its origin and how the goats were the reason to discover it, it was and still the top favorite drink for everyone. It can calm you, and activate your body, and help it to function even better because of the high level of caffeine in it. But, people around the world are also wondering whether it is good or not? Is it healthy or not? Those questions are too common as much as the coffee itself is. The mains question that we have to ask is not whether it is good or not, but what are the coffee health effects? How does it affect the body? What are the health benefits and unhealthy effects? It not only the good and positive sides that I will talk in this article about, but also the negative side of the coffee and what several studies say about it.

What is coffee? Well, it is that black, or brown drink that is originated from the coffea, it is being raised in 70 countries around the world. It is said that green coffea is the second top selling goods in the whole world after the fuel.

First let us talk about the negative coffee health effects:

The most known health side effects are related to the coffee’s quantity, the more you drink the coffee, the more you risk your body to have health disorders. And especially because of the high level of caffeine in it; the coffee is the highest drink in the caffeine quantity. So, if you are habituated to drink coffee with large quantity, then try the coffee that does not have caffeine to avoid any health disorder.

The people who get affected by the caffeine are usually the elder people, and in very rare cases, this can cause threating their lives. Most of elder people are allowed to drink about 5 to 10 grams of the coffee per day.

Drinking a lot of coffee can affect your body, and causes the iron deficiency; especially in women and little babies. And the coffee affects the iron deficiency because of the large quantity of Polyphenol in it. And also the over-size of iron can cause liver cancer. So, you have to drink coffee in moderate quantity to keep the enough polyphenol in your blood to prevent the liver cancer and to keep the iron that your body needs and prevent the iron deficiency.

Scientists say that drinking too much coffee can cause some damages in the arteries. Besides some other disorders such as; the migraine, the non-organized beats of the heart, insomnia and sleeping disturbance.  Researches show that coffee might cause the stroke within people who rarely drink it.

Caffeine can cause anxiety and stress, especially among people who are already developing the psychological stress disorder. And other studies found that people who are used to drink the coffee regularly, then they give up on it suddenly, they develop the depressive disorder, depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue and lack in strength.

About 15% of the US coffee drinkers have stopped on drinking the coffee after they heard about the disordering coffee health effects, and what unhealthy effects caffeine can cause.

During the 2013 a letter review was published in the Mayo-Clinic that drinking coffee for over four cups per day increases the number of death among people and men less than 55 years old. But, some other scientists showed that those researches are not absolute and true, because of lack of data about the ingredients of the coffee. So, one of the researchers who published the review said that they don’t claim to say that the coffee is the reason behind death, but coffee and level of death are linked.

Some people say that the high level of caffeine increases the level of blood pressure, which leads to cause the heart diseases and heart attacks. And also it shall increase the risk of having strokes among women more than men.

The positive coffee health effects:

coffee health effects

coffee health effects

Coffee actually is rally so much healthy. If you still think that coffee is unhealthy or it causes the side effects to your body and health, then you are wrong; it is the very high level of the caffeine which causes so, not the moderate the coffee.

One of the most common and proven healthy effects of the coffee is the energy increase and smartness level; after a cup of coffee you feel really energized and that fatigue vanishes, and make your circulation and blood flow goes faster and better. So your body functions really better and improves your abilities. All these benefits are because of the ingredient that is called ‘Caffeine’ (our hero today).

When this hero (caffeine) reaches the brain it helps to block and stop the neurotransmitter called adenosine. So, all the other neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine, which are the reason to enhance the neurons’, firing.

Another interesting benefit of the coffee is to help increase burning fats in your body. If you check those commercial supplements of burning fats, you will find that caffeine is the common element, because it is proven that caffeine is one of the very few ingredients that help to burn fats. And studies found that the caffeine is increasing the fat burning with 10% among obese people and almost 30% among the lean people.

In side of those benefits, the coffee was proven to have such a large amount of nutritious ingredients, such as; manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B2, B3 and B5. The more your drink coffee, the more you have intake those elements. But do not forget the side effect I mentioned in the first part.

In order to state the coffee healthy effects, I have to mention absolutely the right diseases that the coffee can decrease the risk of them such as, increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, protection from Alzheimer and Dementia, lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease, protection for your liver, and can of course fight the depression and make your mood so much better.

After mentioning the most coffee health effects known, I would like to give my opinion about it, which is that coffee is totally a great drink, and people with low mood and who do not want to develop many diseases as mentioned before, have to drink it regularly, but of course with conditions not to exaggerate; no more than three cups per day.

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