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Causes of Obesity in Children

Causes of obesity in children

causes of obesity in children

causes of obesity in children

In a very previous article I have talked about what can obesity cause, but now I am going to talk about what are causes of obesity in children not the adults or teens. That is a very interesting topic to talk about. The reason why I decided to talk about was that I met a child in my friend nursery. I am a person who loves talking to little kids and enjoy having deep conversation with them. I care for kids and children so much, because they are so pure and not hypocrites as many people are. That is why I did not hold myself to start thinking about why do some of them gain weight and look obese or fat. I believe there are many people who think of that too. It is interesting, especially for parents who are not obese and have obese children.

For parents who are genetically obese, the causes might be obvious. In case the parents are not and their children are obese, then we have to ask the question what are causes of obesity in children.

The causes of obesity in children in those cases of non-genetic reasons might be related to the amount of calories intake. The same thing for adults or any other age, the reason is usually related to the calories and gaining weight.

In order to grow up and build a strong body early, children need to have an appropriate amount of calories intake. Yet, if they take any over-quantity of calories and more than their little bodies need, they will eventually gain weight, which can be the first reason to be obese.

However, the causes of obesity in children can be related to many factors and reasons. As you will see in the following statements, the causes of obesity in children are so many and you can prevent them. That is if you are trying to be a good mother or father. There is nothing hard than bringing up a child in the perfect and healthiest situation, but in other side, there is nothing more beautiful than doing that or at least trying to. Therefore, I recommend you to consider the following statements of causes of obesity in children and remember to avoid them while raising up your child J

What are the causes of obesity in children?

  • The lack of activities that require physical efforts:

    causes of obesity in children

    causes of obesity in children

We are in the time of technology, so the children find it more enjoyable to watch TV, play video games, or on computers. This things keep the child always stick to the house and their rooms. They remain always inside. They do not get out playing around, running, walking, and doing anything that takes effort. This attitude causes them to gain weight through the calories that are not burnt off. They do not do any efforts to burn calories. You might not notice that in the first few days, but later you will be wondering how could your kid gain weight and you did not pay attention.




  • Sleeping disorder:

Another cause of the causes of obesity in children is sleeping. Since I talked about lack of activities, you might think that the sleep disorder I shall talk about here is sleeping too much. But, that is not correct. In contrast, the reason why some children gain weight around the age of 7 years is that they had lack of sleep when they were at age of two. That is what a study done for the same reason had in its reviews. The study review was posted in the ADC (Archives of Disease in Childhood). Be alert of your baby sleep habits. Make sure he gets enough sleep. The recommended hours of sleep, at age of two years, is 13 hours.

  • The nutrition system and diets:

We all know that children love that kind of foods such as junk foods; chips, ice cream, snacks, cookies, chocolates, candies, sweets… etc. in the other side, we know that those kinds of foods are causing an increase in weight (they are weight gainers). The children have little bodies they need fewer calories than adults do. Yet, this amount of calories is extremely important for them. But, if they take over quantity, they will cause problems and disorders in their bodies buildings, and they will gain weight. Therefore, you should be aware of what you give to your kid and try to limit the amount of high-calories foods. Make delicious and sweet meals for them that attract them and in the same time healthy. For example, you can make a salad of fruit in the shade of their favorite cartoon, and they will eat it. Make sure they get a nutritious diet. Here is another cause of the causes of obesity in children that we have to be aware of.

  • The atmosphere or environment around the child:

I mentioned previously the diet and what kind of foods that a child should eat, but that is not the only reason to have healthy child. The environment has an effect too. If a child sees you obsessed with snacks, pizzas, junk foods, and so on, he will eventually do the same thing. The same thing if you eat fruits, vegetables, exercise, and other healthy habits. That is why you have to keep in mind that your child is imitating what you are. So, make sure he imitates the good and healthy habits. Besides, if you have the fridge full of unhealthy foods, he will get used to eat them, and the same thing if it is full of healthy foods.

  • Not only physical causes, but also psychological causes:

The psychological causes of obesity in children are similar to ones in adults. Once a child is having psychological or emotional changes, his diet and the food he eats, change. If a child goes through a tragic or a bad situation such as losing a family member or parents’ divorce, he will develop psychological disorders or emotional changes, such as stress, anxiety, depression, or even boredom sometimes. Eventually, he eats more and so much, and that causes him to gain weight, which later becomes obesity.

  • The obvious reason for some families: genetic:

If the child is in a family of people with over-weight or obesity, it is obvious that he is genetically obese too. In this case, the cause is obvious and understood. Here, you can only try to lower your child diet of calories and help him to get some physical activities in order to help him get rid of some weight.

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