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ADHD Diet for Kids: Science-Backed Evidences

ADHD diet for kids

ADHD diet for kids One of the most common disorders that affect the children is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). There are several causes of this disorder. The nutrition system of the kid might worsen the situation, but it is not a direct cause of the disorder. Yet, the ADHD diet for kids is really […]

babies, FOOD, Nutrition

Drinking Milk Benefits

drinking milk benefits

Drinking Milk Benefits Who does not know milk? It is one of the most common drinks and foods all over the world. Without milk, life would not be as we know it. Milk is the first food you have ever had. It is the first thing you take once you get out to the world. […]

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What is ADHD in Children?

what is ADHD in children

What is ADHD in children? The ADAD refers to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity is one of the most common disorders among children. It might remain until the age of adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, it is a disorder that might be found in every different periods of the human’s lifetime. There are different symptoms that characterize […]

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Causes of Obesity in Children

causes of obesity in children

Causes of obesity in children In a very previous article I have talked about what can obesity cause, but now I am going to talk about what are causes of obesity in children not the adults or teens. That is a very interesting topic to talk about. The reason why I decided to talk about […]

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Effectiveness of Condoms

effectiveness of condoms

Effectiveness of Condoms  What is the effectiveness of condoms? Keeping with our line in talking about the anti-pregnancy methods, today I want to talk about male pregnancy prevention. Actually, it is not only a prevention of pregnancy, but also prevention of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). The good benefits of this tool create the great effectiveness […]

babies, HEALTH, Sex Tips

What is Teenage Pregnancy?

what is teenage pregnancy

What is teenage pregnancy What is teenage pregnancy? One of the very common issues our world knew since the premature sex became legal is teenage pregnancy. Since I talked previously in another article about how the emotional changes of puberty happens and how they are related to the adolescence, today I want to talk about […]