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Can girls play Football (soccer)

Can girls play football?

can girls play football

can girls play football

None can deny that the football is the most popular game in the world. From the very first beginning of it, it was famous and spreading more than many other kinds of sports. It I one of the top issues that gain money. People get wealth from it. Even it became a game of getting richer and gaining money, it is still an amazing and enjoyable game. People around the world enjoy either watching it or playing it. The joy is found in both activities. That is what made it a very famous game. Millions of kids around the world wish to become football stars. Messi and Ronaldo are becoming on the top idols of kids. But, what for girls? Can girls play football? Can girls enjoy football? Can girls have idols and dreams of football? That is what I want to talk about today.

My child came asking me yesterday can girls play football. She had an argument about it at school. I had to answer correctly, which was the reason why I decided to write about it. I am not a very big fan of football though. I see no harm in watching your kids playing or playing yourself football. Regardless than wasting many things for it, you can enjoy playing it.

Girls have become close to football and what used to be referred to as ‘boyish’ things. Since school to universities, plenty of girls are having fun in playing football. They never stop trying to do what please them, and football is a great pleasure for many girls as much as it is for boys. They do not care about how hard it is, they just care about how to have fun.

Obviously, the body of girls is not the same as boys’. That is why people ask can girls play football. It might be hard or rough for them. It requires a rough body to play football, a strong one. Unless, they girls are playing for fun or exercising themselves, then it is normal for them. It is not only girls who need to have strong and tough bodies to play football in competitions and leagues, but also boys. Besides, they need to have serious skills, which give them the position where they play on the ground.

The whole world now is taking into consideration that women should play football. They offer women and girls to have the same chance as men and boys have. Only in England, the number of women participants in football raised from 10 400 woman in 1993 to about 150 000 woman in 2012.

That explains how women are interested in playing football. So, why this question can girls play football, which looks a little bit ‘racist’. The women and girls own abilities as much as the men and boys do. Therefore, they can play and do what other gender can do. The only thing to pay attention to it is the level of hardness. They should not play the same level as men and boys do. They should play with their own rules and their own methods.

Can girls play football (physically)?

can girls play football

can girls play football

Of course, they can play football. Just like men and boys with physical disorders or conditions are not quite allowed to play that, the women and girls are not allowed either under that conditions.

In my domain, I have seen very tough and strong women who are literary ‘stronger’ than many men. That was a proof to me that they can do sports and exercises just as male gender can, even sometimes they can do better. They are becoming now even fitter than boys are. I was completely amazed with a lady last week visited me, she was really strong and fit. That proves how female are also able to do anything.

What do people say about can girls play football?

During my researches, I came across a hashtag; the hashtag was about the same topic. It was; #wecanplay. I tried it on the research area on Twitter and Facebook, and I was truly surprised by the results, and how British are supporting girls to play football. We know that England is one of the most countries that have deep roots with football, but this movement was something beyond expectations. They truly care about football.

The way, I found, they support their children (girls) to play football was amazing. They have that deep sense and relationship with football. They teach their children that they can do what others did.

Women competitions;

We all see how women around the world play football. Even in the last (2015) women’s football world cup, the USA team won over Japan with 5-2. That makes USA the champions of the world, so why the question can girls play football? Since the male team could not get the honor of that, the women could. This proves how women are capable of doing things that even men could not do.

Over the world, countries have national competitions and leagues for female. They gave interest to women to play football. It is not the same interest as men have, but still can play. Therefore, why do we ask can girls play football?

It is obvious and clear that women or girls can play football. They can play any kinds of sports.

Why would girls play football if it is not a league or competition?

Football is not meant only for those kinds of event. It is a way of entertainment and joy as much as it is a way of exercising and bringing up skills.

Football is good for the health. It is an aerobic kind of sport. That makes it a good way to improve the function of the lungs and of course the health of the heart.

Football is a way to build the body, burn fats, and of course boost your energy. Then why cannot girls to play it.

It orders your sleep and eating habits. It makes the muscles leaner and more toned.

Football can effect on the psychological and mental health, as much as it effects on the physical health. It is a good method to reduce depression, tension, stress, and anxiety.

Can girls play football with boys?

can girls play football

can girls play football

Although I have been making you convinced that girls can play football, I do not recommend that it should be mixed with boys. The physical contact between girls and boys is not good. The boys are kind of more aggressive than girls. They can cause troubles for girls during a match of football. Therefore, it is better that girls play with girls, and boys with boys. It is better to keep apart any kind of mixing.

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