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Simple Specific body exercises to a healthier and fitter you!

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Oh No!! not another website on exercises or fitness! Learn from here that will help you get the body of your dreams, even you are a working mother or short on time! These workouts are simple yet effective for specially catered to those who are hard pressed for time, eg working mothers or even homemakers. It is a process where each small step or minute would help you to achieve a healthier and fitter you as well as to reap its benefits.

You are able to incorporate these aerobic or anaerobic as well flexibility training to achieve a healthy lifestyle. These exercises can be performed at home or office, during your household chores, even watching your favorite TV programs!

It needs not to be time consuming or difficult in order to be effective. Important point is our mental attitude and mindset to overcome the obstacles to exercise or increased physical activities.

Needless to say many of us know the importance and benefits of increased physical activity. As we grow older, fats tends to accumulate around our mid drift/ tummy areas… especially if you have not been physically active the situation would be worsen. Some of us would like to tone up or reduce weight in some specific parts of our body.

First of all we need to overcome some of the barriers :

No Time – Too busy

-In fact, it is not that we do not have the time; it is in fact we do not have the energy or motivation to workout. Just sacrifice 10 minutes, 3 times a week, it will make a difference. Or even getting earlier in the morning do some stretching or yoga. Some of Specific Body Exercises can be performed while doing daily tasks such watching TV programs, talking on the phone or even waiting in the queue!

Too difficulty

I can’t manage… Specific Body Exercise as described is not a tiring or tough exercise or fitness program to follow. You may also choose one of those many easy exercises which you can enjoy e.g walking. Make small changes in your activity level throughout the day – take the stairs, park the car farther away, walk more. Proceed slowly but surely you can succeed.

No Time – Not Sporty Type

You don’t need to be good at sports. Many kinds of exercises to choose from e.g. walking, qigong, yoga, dancing,. You’ll soon get used to it.

Too old

You are never too old to start. Better to start exercising now than never! Some researchers found that including short duration of exercises into your daily’s life can be as effective as a structured fitness program for people who have not been physically active regularly.

Too Shy to wear shorts

If you don’t start now; you may not /ever look good. Wear something that you feel comfortable. In time to come, you will be able to wear that gorgeous outfit!

Can’t do it on my own

Get your family (especially children) and friends to join you! Furthermore, you may look out for activities within your vicinity e.g. community clubs, gyms or clubs or even your company’s gym membership club (if there is one). I utilize my company’s gym membership at the fitness center twice a week; sacrificing my lunch hours (about 30 minutes each session) to attend kick boxing and step aerobics.

However we need to understand that in a good overall fitness program or physical activity plan there are 3 major components :

Aerobic Activity

– For cardiovascular endurance and fat burning e.g. brisk walking, swimming, running.

Anaerobic Activity

– For building up muscle strength,- To tone specific muscles for a leaner body mass; at the same time to increase bone density e.g. weight training, push-ups, crunches, leg lifts.

Flexibility Training

– To improve flexibility and posture; – Reducing risking of injury as well as increasing physical and mental health.

Why You cannot afford not to exercise or increase your physical activites?

Almost everyone knows staying physically active does wonders to our parts of our body. You may do some of the exercises listed here every day, or once a week, or less frequently and, in time to come, you would be able to reap the benefits of exercises. Just to list a few:

· Hearts & lungs – it strengthens your lungs and heart; making them work more efficiently; thus reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

· Bones – keep your bones strong as you grow older; reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis (thinning of bones) and fractures in women after menopause.

· Aging – it does delay aging. Research shows that individuals at any age can increase muscle strength through a regular routine of exercise.

· Muscles & joints – muscles become stronger and joints more flexible; preventing backaches or other aches in later life.

· Mind – keep you alert and help to relieve stress; make you feel good which eventually sleep better for those who are not sleep well.

· Weight control – regular exercise burns fats and keep you trim and fit. You’ll have better control over your appetite so you actually eat less resulting in weight loss.

· Blood pressure – exercise lowers the risk of your high blood pressure and diabetes.

· In my opinion – exercise is the pill of many ailments!!

How do you get started?

body exercises

body exercises

In order for this or any fitness program to be a success to you, you need to do :

1) Change your mindset – that you are doing it for yourself and believe that you are worthy of a healthier and well-being person.

2) Set realistic and action-oriented goals. Goal setting is very powerful motivator in helping you to track your success path and at the same time to overcome certain obstacles as you progress. Similarly as for your goal for exercise, you must realize that your expectations must be realistic and achievable.

3) Don’t be too anxious to complete all the exercises at one go. Take one step at a time. Take it slowly and have fun! Enjoy the exercises.

Important note: If you have not been active physically for quite sometime or are above 35 years of age; please consult your doctor first before embarking on any exercise program.

The specific body exercises presented here come with accompanying illustrations. · They are simple yet effective if you do them regularly,

· Pick any 3 exercises from each section. I will try to add in more new exercises whenever possible.

· Increase the repetitions as you go along.

· Some of these specific body exercises require apparatus such as weights or stick. Such apparatus are beneficial as added fun to your exercise program. These apparatus are simple and easily obtainable.

– Heavy socks, stick and skipping rope.

– Heavy sock can be made from old sock and fill with beans or lentils.

– Alternatively you may use 500ml bottle of water or kitchen cans.

– Skipping rope – Skipping is an ideal exercise. Try to do it 3 minutes a day; if possible; skipping can be a warm-up exercise.

The exercises featured here are not your only options. These are basic exercises which you can perform at home or at work, or at a gym. As you are get more familiar with these basics; you may progress further with training with weights; either consult a trainer, video or books.

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