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Blonde emo hairstyles ideas

Emo hairstyles are very popular among teen girls and boys and that’s why hair gurus update hair trends with new emo hairstyles. There are zillion examples of emo hairstyles and hair color and all designs are really dramatic.

emo hairstyles

The collection of emo hairstyles includes infinite bold and colorful hairstyles and you will have a real fun wearing any design. I offer you to take a closer look at these examples of blonde emo hairstyles that are stylish and at the same time edgy. The combination of fairy blonde hair with choppy and asymmetric layers will create a dazzling contrast. Such style can look quite elegant and you can easily transform it to dramatic emo hairstyle. If you liked the idea of having cute emo hairstyle, take a look at these pictures and ask your hair stylist to grant you with similar do.

The reason why I have chosen blonde color for emo style is that blonde can be both daring and natural. Cool shades of blonde like icy, silver, platinum, strawberry and other edgy tones will be more suitable for emo style. If you have natural blonde hair, you can spice it up with vibrant highlights. Hair highlighting has very important role in emo hairstyle. Emo girls just adore wearing pink, blue and purple highlights. Such bright and rich pigmented colors look simply breathtaking when combined with icy blonde hair. The style of hair highlighting is also very important and as we are talking about bold designs, you can choose paneling, dip dyeing or chunky highlighting.

This is all about emo blonde color so let’s talk about emo haircuts. The most popular emo hairstyle is super long hair with choppy or asymmetric layers. In order to make asymmetry more visible you can use texturizer or hair wax. If you have shorter hair, you can still have perfect emo hairstyle if you place choppy layers on the top and style it spiky.

emo hairstyles

emo hairstyles



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