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Who Is The Biggest Natural Bodybuilder?

Is it possible to gain muscles naturally? Bodybuilding is one area that many people have an interest in. Most men want to have strong muscles and a unique body that sets them apart from others. This may explain why there are so many supplements and products on the market that claim to help one gain muscle. Although some are effective,
they often have serious side effects on
the user. Some people have turned their eyes to all natural ways of bodybuilding with great success. They have been able to achieve results without using anabolic steroids, Human growth hormone, insulin and synthol among others. The following is a list of some of the biggest natural bodybuilders

biggest natural bodybuilders

1. Mike O’hearn is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Mike is one of the most popular bodybuilders of all time. Born in Washington DC, he had his first ever competition at the age of 15 and worked his way to a great physique through natural means. In fact, he did it so well that many people probably never believed he was natural on first seeing him. Most bodybuilders resort to juices but none stands close to Mike’s physique even with that stuff. He is professionally an actor and bodybuilder, and has been featured in more than 480 magazine covers. He has won the fitness model of the year an incredible seven times!

2. Ulisses Jr is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Ulisses is regarded as one of the best physiques achieved through natural bodybuilding. As a kid, he was active and very good at sports and often relied on his strong athleticism to keep ripped and lean. His strong interest in bodybuilding became clear in his teens as he used to work hard at the gym every single day and made big strides towards achieving his dream. Ulisses is undoubtedly one of the finest fitness models with numerous titles to his name.

The natural bodybuilder has vast knowledge in the world of nutrition which helps him keep in top shape throughout the year. He has been featured in a handful of popular fitness magazines both in the US and Europe including but not limited to Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Musclemag and FLEX Magazine.

3. Lazar Angelov is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

He was previously an active athlete who played a number of sports including basketball for a total of 10 years. During this time, Lazar led his team to victory after victory but later quit to join the army. He stayed a year in the army and then decided that his interest was in bodybuilding. He began his natural bodybuilding career almost a decade ago (in 2006) and has inspired millions and millions around the globe.

Today, Lazar is one of the top fitness models on the planet and has abs that rank as the best ever made naturally. He has a totally shredded physique with huge deltoids & a fine ripped chest. It can be rightly said that this guy took natural bodybuilding to a whole new level.

4. Jeff Rodriguez is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Jeff claims to draw his motivation for bodybuilding, training and dieting from himself. He says that the art is not only a lifestyle but also a hobby he enjoys. This guy started bodybuilding back in his college days after meeting and being inspired by another bodybuilder at the gym. The latter told him he saw the potential and ability in him to make a name. This particular encounter made Jeff commit to realizing his true potential. He started working very hard and stuck to natural strategies. It’s obvious he has realized his dreams as he boasts of totally shredded and separate triceps.

5. Marc Fitt is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

A rising star and one who is surely to become a top natural bodybuilder, Marc started lifting in early 2010 and has shown a lot of commitment and consistency. He has stayed on track to see his dreams materialize. One good thing with this guy is that he has not only focused on transforming his body! He is known for being a very humble & down to earth person who’s strongly focused on these dreams. In short, Marc is truly an inspiration for many people around the globe and one to look for.

6. Sergi Constance is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Sergi Constance has a real nice definition and size, both of which are very important for that elite & professional look. He is the perfect example of the greatest and biggest natural body builders. This guy started hitting the gym at a very young age around his place. He says that his main aim for getting into bodybuilding was to get bigger and stronger as well as build and maintain the best possible physique through entirely natural means.

7. Zyzz is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Zyzz (original name Aziz Shavershian) has a truly inspirational story that draws admiration from many people and still attracts millions of fans even after his demise a couple of years back. In his school days, he was referred to as a skinny kid due to his small body. He was later inspired to start lifting by his celebrity elder brother with the screen name “Chest Brah”. Zyzz’s name in the world of natural bodybuilding will forever remain.

8. Jeff Seid is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Probably the youngest in our list, Jeff Seid is currently one of the biggest body transformations in the fitness industry. He was born in 1994 and has focused on building a great physique naturally. In fact, people list him among the top fitness models in the world. A star of the future, Jeff will only continue to amass more fans and build on his currently huge following.

9. Philip Riccardo is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

World-renowned builder Riccardo is one of the many who have achieved that great body without using expensive, painful and risky products. He points to other builders such as Rob Hope, Chris Faildo and Skip Lacour as his source of motivation and remains focused to establishing his name as one of the greatest. On first look, very few would believe that he’s actually a natural bodybuilder. Riccardo is a professional bodybuilder and has recently competed in the Natural Olympia and Yorton Cup.

10. Nick Mitchell is Biggest Natural Bodybuilder

Nick’s body transformation is also popular around the globe. He is today a PICP Level 3 coach and played rugby in the UK until the age of 18, when he decided that bodybuilding was the right path for him. He competed numerous times on the dais in the 1990s and recognizes that one needs a lot of sheer bloody-mindedness, patience, discipline and persistence to step onto that stage. His priorities have since changed though and he now focuses on instilling the knowledge he acquired into those he coaches.

The list above offers a small glimpse into the world of best aesthetic natural bodybuilders, since there are numerous other natural bodybuilders who’ve already made their name and others who will do so in future.

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  1. Randy March 23, 2016 at 7:39 pm -

    Natural bodybuilding itself in my opinion is a sham. There is no way any of those men are natural as they are bigger than any 70’s bodybuilder i have seen. Good article!

  2. Mark November 24, 2016 at 3:29 am -

    Oh my god hahaha. You do know most of them do roids lol and ulisses showed up with gyno to a show and had to remove the natty status, even though those who know about body building knew he wasn’t natty.

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