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Best Meal Replacement in 2017

A title of the best meal replacement is awarded to the products considering various factors, such as quality, natural content, efficiency, customers’ satisfaction and affordable price. So, ordinary diet products like Almased meal replacement have a little chances to gain the highest popularity in the market.            

In general, the best MR product must be a perfect substitute of a full meal. For this purpose, a shake should contain a sufficient amount of calories. The optimum energy value is 100 calories. This amount is enough to replace one meal and not to cause formation of fat. The other factor to be mentioned is a low volume of sugar. Since the excessive sugar turns into fat, the best meal replacement should contain no more than 3 grams of this ingredient. The same thing relates to carbs, because the excessive amount of carbohydrates can lead to formation of sugar, which then transforms into fat.

The main ingredient of any MR shake is protein. The quality and amount of protein is responsible for appetite suppression, energy increase, as well as muscle building. It is better, when a shake contain a large amount of protein (up to 20 grams), but it is more important that the protein source comes from whey, meat or dairy products. Soy-based protein is the cheapest and worst protein option, hence, the best meal replacement must not contain this type of ingredient.

Price is another essential parameter of the best shake. Customers should be interested and attracted by the product.

In short, to become the best, a meal replacement has to offer a harmony of quality and price. The best shake of 2017 is already known. And what about the leader of the previous year? The top place among shakes in 2017 was occupied by Shakeology.

This meal replacement contains almost 50 ingredients. The protein of Shakeology consists of six protein sources including whey protein isolate, pea protein, quinoa protein, flax protein, sancha inchi protein and chia protein. As you see, the shake contains even plant protein. The overall quality of this ingredient is unknown. Nevertheless, each serving of the meal replacement supplies 16 grams of this protein mixture.

The main flaw of Shakeology is the high content of sugar. Each serving provides your body with 7 grams of sugar, which comes from fructose. This ingredient does not contain GMO, but still it can cause various side effects.

The price is also a large customer’s complaint, because a standard package costs almost $130. Considering the recommended dosage of 2 servings a day, you should double the price resulting in $260 for a month supply. The shake is good, but not so good for such an overestimated price.

Actually, it is quite difficult to name the best meal replacement of 2017. Shakeology was chosen due to its popularity and rather qualitative set of components. Of course, not all the ingredients are of top quality and safe, but it total the product is not bad. If compared with the contemporary shakes, this meal replacement will not rank even in the top 5.

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