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Benefits Of Eating Fish

Let’s Eat Fish And Get Healthier!

We live on earth for over four hundred of thousand years ago, and we learned how to benefit from nature. We could learn how to hunt, farm, fishing and so on. It is proven that all foods we could make from nature are healthy for us! So what could be the healthy benefits of eating fish? And can eating fish be dangerous or risky on our health?
All those questions that trouble sea food lovers, troubled me as well. And I’d like to answer on the most I can!

  • eating fish

    eating fish

Here, I am going to introduce some of the most common and scientifically-proved healthy benefits of eating fish. Let us find out!

  • Most important nutrients that fish contains:

Firstly, there are different kinds of fish. So of course there can be healthier kind than another. But all kinds still have various important ingredient. From the very high level of high-quality proteins, to the several type of vitamins, across the iodine and minerals. Of course some kind of fish can be healthier than others. But top healthiest kind is fatty fish (trout, sardine, tuna, salmon and mackerel). Because they contain higher quantity of fat-based nutrients:
– Omega 3 fatty acids which helps both the brain and the body to function in a better way, also they decrease the risk of having many diseases.
– Vitamin D which works highly in body like a steroid hormone. This nutrient exists in a low quantity in the body. And which people necessary need.

To benefit all those, I highly recommend to eat fish at least twice a week.

  • Protection against diseases:

Lately studies show that people who do not eat fish (especially women) or eat a little of it, have more heart problems than others who eat fish at least once or twice a week, with over 50%. Besides, the studies found that three-fold high diseases are highly increasing foe the women who barely eat fish in their whole life. Moreover, it is proven that the high level of omega 3 increase the protection against heart disease through slashing blood fats.

  • Develop the brain:

Some studies that has been done on children and salmon found that the omega 3 and some other ingredients, increase the nerve cells of brain, and develop it. They help to calm the symptoms of ADHD.

  • More powerful sperm:
    After some studies that’s been done on a group of men, showed that the men who eat fish, with other vegetables and fruits are stronger, and they produce stronger sperm than other men who rarely eat fish, and who follow unhealthy diets. Even those studies are not sufficient, this fact is proved.
  • Better skin and hair looks:
    People who follow a low-fat diet always find that their skin and their hair get drier and duller. That is why omega 3 is the right healthy fat to eat, that makes your skin looks better and your hair to look shiny.
  • Against Alzheimer’s risk:
    As it was recently shown in the studies, eating fish increase the grey-matter in the brain, that part responsible for memory. Researchers found that people who eat fish once a week at least (not fried fish) have larger brain and have more neural brain cells in the area of brain that is responsible for memory and learning. It is believed that the large brain and the high quantity of brain cells improve the resistance against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Vitamin D:
    Vitamin D is one of the most important Vitamin that your body requires. And fish contains it highly. Of which scientists say we necessarily need. Only salmon contains about 75% of our daily need of vitamins.

The number of benefits of eating fish cannot be calculated. For its unlimited benefits. It helps the body and brain. It protects and reduce the number of risk of many diseases.
My humble experience in the sea foods for over four years now, attracted me to do this article about them and to tell people how much useful can be eating fish.

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