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Bananas Extinct -Science News-

Bananas Extinct

bananas extinct

bananas extinct

You shall be wondering what is the reason why it became common that bananas are going to extinct! well, too bad for people who love bananas. Bad news for banana lovers. I am very big fun and lover of banana; I love this amazing fruit. It made me sad too, to hear this news of bananas extinct. That is why dear banana lovers, do not forget minions and their song ‘banana’. Those are going to be our great memory of this amazing fruit; of course if the news is true.

When it comes to the most popular fruit in the world, the history re-tells itself. The bananas are threatened with a dangerous disease, Panama disease; the anti-fungi disease that could spread wide around the world. It could break all the efforts of the health providers. It could spread to all continent; South Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Australia. It could affect all the areas that provide this fruit. That is why they say it is bananas extinct coming soon.

According to new studies done in Netherlands by scientists, the jump of the disease to the Latin America will happen for sure, which is a disaster. This place is considered the most provider of Cavendish bananas, which is the most common kind of banana in the world. Only Ecuador is able to export one third of the quantity, with over 1/3 billion dollar.

The Panama disease is the threat. It is the same fungi that is transmitting through the soil, and which was the reason of how the bananas extinct was about to happen to Gros Michel banana. That Gros Michel bananas extinct happened last century, in the sixties. Some farmers, who announced that there is something that is killing their bananas, first discovered it in 1876 in Australia. In 1890, the same disease appeared in Costa Rica and Panama. After 60 years, they could determinate the exact agent that causes this disease, which is the fungus; f. sp. Fusarium Oxysporum  f. sp. Cubense.

This fungus is really affective on the crops of the banana; it destroys them. This fungus stays inside the soil for over thirty years. It transmits through both soil and water. It is impossible for the farmers to know if they have the disease in their crops, if they do not have specific hard tests (which do not exist nowadays). Once the fungus finds its perfect host, it goes to the roots, and then it moves up through the wooden bowls (the first transmitters of water in plants).

Therefore, this fungus ruins the transmitter system in the plants. This causes the plants to go yellow and brown because of lack in water. Then, the plant dies quickly because of the drought.

The panama diseases spread in the Gros Michel bananas’ crops before the farmers know; killing it everywhere, except for some few places in Thai. Some few farms in Thai still have some of Gros Michel bananas’ kinds in their fields.

According to some scientists from Wageningen University and Research, they could find (fortunately) an appropriate cure for the disease. They considered the Cavendish banana a solution, and using they could re-build the tissues of the banana. This is how they could the production of banana of all over the world.

Unfortunately, the panama disease came back, and this time strengthened itself with new specie (VCG01213/ Tropical Race 4), and the scientist confirmed that the TR4 is just another kind of panama disease, which now is able to cause Cavendish bananas extinct.

bananas extinct

bananas extinct

According to the team of scientist in the Wageningen University and Research, the origins of TR4 comes from Indonesia, going through the east of Asia arriving to China and Taiwan. And they said that they could recognize the disease in many countries, such as; Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Mozambique, and in the northern-east of Australia.

This disease of this news of bananas extinct is not new for farmers, but the researches could confirm what the rumors were about since the last eighties. Those rumors kept that Cavendish banana could be safe from Gros Michel’s disease, but now it is threatened by TR4.

Now, what? Well, according to the doctor Guilford, the bananas extinction will not happen within a night or a day, but it shall decrease in a very bad way if nothing changes. The TR4 takes time to spread among the fields. But, once it attaches the roots, there is nothing we can do to stop the reduction of crops. For example, Taiwan exports nowadays about 2 percent of the quantity it used to expert last sixties.

As Nadia (head of the team of Wageningen University and Research) says; the solution is not that simple. The most important thing that the international society can do is eliminate the infected crops. In order to reach that goal, the scientist must get a new test that shall allow testing the farms quickly. As well as starting to find a new replace of the Cavendish banana.

The scientist (Nadia) concluded that to find a new replace, a lot of researches should be done. Those researches shall take a lot of effort and finances. The banana is not something secondary; it is one of the largest sold fruit over the world. These researches shall save lives of many people and help many small farmers to keep on their way. This is a gain way for many people.

However, bananas extinct is not going to happen so easily. Even if it might decrease in a very bad way, the science shall find a solution. If you are like me and you believe in science, you shall see new kind of banana, and you will never mistake what those little minions run around saying banana. The science and technology shall save our beloved fruit; our beloved banana, just have faith in it.

Let us keep hope and faith that something going to happen before it is too late. There is nothing can replace banana. So, let us keep financing the world health providers to help scientists find out a solution.

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