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Banana Health Facts

Banana health facts

banana health facts

banana health facts

It is ‘Banana’ my friend! Have you seen how Minions are deeply in love with this ‘yellow magic’? Have you seen how they keep running around screaming Bananaaaaa? There have been many rumor around saying that banana is found healthier than apple. Is it true? Well, let us find out. Here are the top banana health facts that will change your thinking about this amazing fruit.

We have posted an article about banana longtime ago about ‘Banana Extinct’. This article talks about how bananas are important. So, we should take into consideration the fact that it is threatened to extinct.

Banana is one of the most consumed fruits of all time and over the entire world. The origins come from the southeast of Asia. It is found in various types according to the shape, color, and size. Yet, the most common type is yellow banana that Minions love. Anyways, here are the banana health facts that you should know:

  • One of the top fruits that contains large and various amounts of nutrients:

Banana health facts start with the numerous outstanding nutrients. It is among the fruits that contain all the important nutrients that the body needs. Probably, that is the reason why you some people replace apple with it saying ‘a banana a day keeps doctor away’. Here are the nutrients that banana contains:

Fiber; its power point, for a banana of 120 grams, there is about 3.2 grams of fiber.

Proteins; as an important nutrients, the same size banana contains only about 1.32 grams.

Fat; the amount lower than previous, and considered kind of insufficient amount for the body need, the same sized banana contains about 0.41 grams.

Net carbs; which are one of the top nutrients that banana contains, for the same size banana contains about 25 grams.

For the rest important nutrients, we will them according to the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake). Here they are:

Vitamin B6 about 33%, Manganese about 14%, Vitamin C about 11%, Copper about 10%, Potassium about 9%, and Magnesium about 8% of the RDI.

For the calories, which are one of the most important things that a healthy person cares for, the number is about 104 calories for a similar banana.

  • Banana is a heart health supporter:

This is another important fact about banana and one of the most important banana health facts that you should know. It contains several minerals as we have seen in the previous part. The most important minerals for heart are potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and the fiber too.

Potassium is very useful for the health of the heart and the blood pressure. It is one of the most important minerals, which I have just mentioned. As we said previously a banana of 120 grams, give you about 9% of the potassium you are recommended to have in a day. Therefore, why not have a banana a day.

A study found that people who increase their amount intake of potassium decrease their risk of heart diseases. They can lower their risks about 27%, more than other people who do not.

  • Good news for exercisers, banana is so beneficial for you:

The large amounts of minerals that a banana contains and the carbs that are easy to be digested made many people consider banana as the perfect food for bodybuilders and athletes. It can reduce the soreness, muscles pains, muscle cramps, and many other troubles that over 95% of people face it when they exercise. Besides, the other benefit is that it provides the best nutrition for an exerciser. This another kind of the banana health facts.

  • For weight loss, banana is a great choice to include in a diet:

    banana health facts

    banana health facts

Banana is one of the most popular foods that weight loss diets have. It is not yet proved scientifically, but it was noticed in many people. They consider it the friendly food of losing weight. It is a great choice to have it in a diet of weight loss.

As we have seen previously in the article, banana contains very important nutrients, while it contains low amount of calories. In a 120 grams banana size, there are about 105 calories. This is considered a plus for people who started the diet of losing weight. It is nutritious and the calories that it contains are just perfect for it.

Another one of banana health facts is that it makes one feel full. If you eat banana it will make you feel full and it does decrease the appetite which cause eat less. That is why it is perfect for weight loss diets.

  • Banana makes you feel full:

For people who are concerned in eating less, banana is a good choice. It is used in the weight loss diets, because it does make one feel full quickly. That is a very good way to decrease the amounts of foods intake.

What does make banana make you feel full is the high level of pectin. It contains large amounts of resistant starches. It depends on the ripeness to make your feel so. That is how banana makes you feel full and make you lose the appetite quickly. Isn’t it a great choice for weight loss? That is why it is a great fact of banana health facts.

  • For the mood and emotional aspects:

Banana is said that it helps to boost your mood. For people who have troubles with sleep, the vitamin B6 is a great nutrient in banana to help you sleep deeply and very well. For people with muscle tensions, the content of magnesium is a great choice to make you relax and calm your muscles. And for the serious psychological condition called ‘depression’, the banana contains high amounts of tryptophan. The tryptophan is transformed into serotonin in the body. The serotonin is what elevates the mood of the body.

  • For type 2 diabetes, banana is by your side now:

Most serious diseases in the world are known to have an insulin resistance. That is how type 2 diabetes too spreads.

The studies have found that from 15 to 30 grams of resistant starches in a RDI, improve the resistance of insulin with about 30% to 50%. But, it should be followed daily for a whole month.

As we already mentioned, the banana is one of the most important foods that include large amounts of resistant starches. Therefore, it is a very good source for people who need to improve their sensitivity of insulin.


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