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Baby Feeding Guide; Feed Your Baby

Baby feeding guide

baby feeding guide

After I talked about 1 year old baby food, and how can you feed your newborn baby through stages. Starting from the first month until the first year. Now I came with new topic related to that one, it is about baby feeding guide. Here I shall talk about how you can feed your baby after getting 1 year old. What foods you have to give him or her? What recipes can you make? What ingredients your baby needs the most? And so many other questions that you shall find answers for them in the following statements.

There are many questions that across the mind of mothers during their handling of their little babies. Especially the mom who had her first baby, she just looks after her kid deeply and strongly. The baby feeding guide is one of the most struggles that a mother finds. Here is I will be trying to answer all possible questions you have in mind.

  • How shall I know the exact correct amount of food that my baby needs?

You might be able to lead your baby to the table to eat, but you cannot force him to eat. And you should never do that. You have to let the baby’s appetite decides.

Although that kids after 1 year old are not babies, they cannot eat the same amount that adults do. So, it is advised to:

  • Give the kid an amount of one big tablespoon for each year he has, and wait until he demands for more.
  • Paying attention to the signs and symbols that the kid makes to know when he/she is full. Signs such as playing with his food, or moving more, or any other signs that mean he does not want. Babies need your help to show them and guide them to know the feeling of fullness. This is how they learn to eat what they need and avoid eating extra food.
  • Stay away from the method of ‘the clean dish’. Obliging the kid/baby to finish his dish always will make him get used to eat extra food. That might prevent the baby from eating foods he is supposed to eat. This is how the kid develops the obesity or fatness, or any other metabolism and nutrition disorders.
  • Make sure that you leave for the baby extra food on his dish. It means that the mother or parents should give the baby more foods than he needs in his dish. This is how you can decrease the amount the next time.
baby feeding guide

baby feeding guide

If you notice that the baby is growing up healthily and better, then he is having the right baby feeding guide, and he gets all he need from his foods. The proof must be his ability to have enough energy to play. In case it was the opposite, then you have to consult a baby doctor, or a nutrition expert. You need to know that the appetite of the kid changes from day to day or from meal to another. Be careful with that baby feeding guide.

Well, in order to provide you the top healthy and safe baby feeding guide, I will tell you in the following constructions how your baby food should be. Each kind of food and what amount he needs:

  • Cereals:
    At least 6 sessions per day.
  • Each session includes:
    ¼ – ½ bread piece
    ¼ – 1/3 of a glass cooked rice or macaroni
    ¼ – ½ of a cake piece
  • Fruits and vegetables:
    At least 5 sessions per day.
  • Each session includes:
    ¼ – 1/3 of glass of cooked fruits or vegetables
    ¼ – ½ of the fresh fruits or vegetables
    ¼ – 1/3 of glass of juice
  • Milk:
    At least 3 sessions per day.
  • Each session includes:
    ½ of glass of milk or adobe
    30 grams of cheese
  • Meat and eggs:
    2 sessions per day.
  • Each session includes:
    30 – 60 grams of meat, chicken, or fish
    2 – 4 tablespoons of legumes
    ½ – 1 egg
  • Fats:
    3 to 4 sessions per day.
  • Each session includes:
    A tablespoon of butter or oil.


  • How can I satisfy my baby with such baby feeding guide?

The mother is advised to do:

  • Giving the baby only one new type of food each time. Just put it in the baby dish without making the most of it. It is necessary that parents should know that their baby need to experience new foods until he gets used to them all and accept them.
  • Each time give to you baby one type of meals that you think he will like. Expect him too, to eat other types of foods as any other family member.
  • Make the food dishes easy and simple for your baby. Usually, babies do not like the food that is made up from complex ingredients. Just give him as we mentioned little amounts of food each time.
  • Do never force your baby to eat food he doesn’t like. Give him several different options, encourage him to taste them, and let him choose what he likes.
  • If your baby refuses completely to reject to eat specific kinds of food, then try to give him other options next time. Such as trying new kind of legumes when he refuse to eat the first kind.


  • What about the method of eating that baby feeding guide includes?
baby feeding guide

baby feeding guide

  • At that age, the baby should learn how to sit on a table and drink using glasses.
  • Encourage your baby to eat his food himself using special tools of kids. Do not get surprised if he prefers to eat some foods using his hands. He is still learning the skills of eating.
  • The time of eating will be always a mess, so you just need to get used to that.


Well, here we came to our article end. There are other things such as why does your baby feel some fear during eating? Or why does he makes the table of eating like a war battle? Well, all those questions I shall be answering on them in the following article about babies. As long as I talk to enough babies specialists and do some researches related to this topic, I will answer all those question when I write my second article about baby feeding guide.

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