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Hello Everyone! My name is Charles Yasser Ray, and I am a health care provider in USA for so long. This experience of mine, I wanted to share it with anyone interested. I joined Tipsimprovelife for that reason. I hope you find all you need and we really do improve your life. If there is any question, feel free to contact me!


Does Masturbation Cause Acne?

masturbating effects

Does Masturbation Cause Acne We have found that many people have been looking for the question of does masturbation cause acne. The rumors have been widely spreading about the relation between acnes and masturbation. We have talked previously about masturbating effects. In order to cite all effects of this secret habit, we have brought to […]


Definition of Homosexuality

definition of homosexuality

Definition of homosexuality¬† This issue is one of the most important and most common issues that are discussed very well widely. Everyone knows about this. A part of the society is against it. The second part is with it. That explains how much is arguing this issue. Today, we came to talk about it and […]

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ADHD Diet for Kids: Science-Backed Evidences

ADHD diet for kids

ADHD diet for kids One of the most common disorders that affect the children is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). There are several causes of this disorder. The nutrition system of the kid might worsen the situation, but it is not a direct cause of the disorder. Yet, the ADHD diet for kids is really […]


Eye Strain Computer

eye strain computer

Eye strain computer Everyone around the whole world uses computer. It is becoming more important than anything else. We know that smartphones could beat them, but computers still important and necessary. People work on computer nowadays more than they do on anything else. It made everything easy. Yet, it is still effective and affects the […]


Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D Health Benefits

Vitamin D health Benefits There must be a reason why we have picked up Vitamin D. why would we talk about a specific type of vitamins, while there are plenty of others such as Vitamin A, B (with all its types), C, E, and many others. Yet, there is an important factor, which made me […]

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Over Drinking Water

over drinking water

Over drinking water We all know that water is one of the most essential things to live. It is the principal of everything. The human body contains over 70% of its volume as water. The earth surface is more than 71% of water. Drinking water was found to be sometimes more dangerous than having a […]