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ASMR: What is it all about?

ASMR: a strange perceptual that you certainly enjoy

ASMRHave you ever felt so relaxing, so comfortable, and so calm while listening to strange low voices? Voices such as looking on a book or newspapers, voices of styling your hair, some whisper in your ears, or simply the voices of someone massaging your scalp. Anyone of us had this experience once upon his life, but we usually do not give it an attention. Sometimes and when we realize how good it feels, we cannot tell others about the feeling, because we fear the reaction of them.

This feeling or phenomenon is what we are talking about today is called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). It is a neologism phenomenon. It is caused because of the numbness and tingling in the back of the head, scalp, and the back of the brain. It spreads into the whole parts of the body. it is created as a result of some specific visual and audio effects. It creates a feeling of complete relaxation and pleasure. It differs from a person to another. The same effects do not affect everybody similarly.

Some statistics show that the depressed people and chronic diseases patients improve their situation, temporary, through listening to those sounds; this phenomenon of ASMR that has known a very large attention in the last few years. It was widespread over the social networks, especially on YouTube.

There are so many people who do this phenomenon of ASMR after the very hard busy day. It is becoming a way of getting rid of the tension of the daily life. It decreases the stress and anxiety panics. It decreases a migraine and headaches. It helps to relax and calm down immediately the person. It helps to let the people get asleep easily and normally without taking any kind of pills or anti-depression medicines.

The statistics show that there various kinds of sounds that cause ASMR, and here are some numbers to show you the most common sounds and their statistics.

Whispering is for 75 %

Personal Attention is for 69 %

Crisp Sounds (metallic foil, tapping fingertips, and so on) are for 64 %

Slow movements are for 53 %

Repetitive movements are for 36 %

Smiling is for 13 %

Aeroplane noise is for 3 %

Vacuum cleaner noise is for 2 %

Those are the most common sounds or views that people love to look at or listen to. There are some marvelous channels on YouTube that helps people for that and I will give the links in the end of the article.

In order to make a clear and understood scientific explanation to this phenomenon, some scientists have done the first step to the first practical study of this phenomenon. Although that there are no clinical studies up to now. Yet, it needs a special attention to it and should be studied. They have to give a scientific explanation to those perceptual feelings. They have to explain why it is different to people and each one feels relaxed to different sounds or images.

Two psychiatrists from the University of Swansea in the UK have given the first letter about this phenomenon during the last year. This letter has been done according to the participation of about 500 people aged between 18 and 54 years. Most of them were participants in the website of Reddit.

The study mentioned that the global media is taking more consideration of this phenomenon. The social networks help to spread it more and more each day.

This research remains limited and incomplete because of its incapability to answer many questions. Those questions shall remain unanswerable until a second research. That is why the people who have done this study said they would try to make other research about this topic. They shall use more effective and better methods and techniques.

Why do we consider ASMR a weird or strange thing?

Imagine that you spend about an hour and a half, watching a person who whispering, doing boring movements, making strange sounds, and other things. The high number of viewers on YouTube will amaze you, and they do that daily and regularly. All this is done just because of the relaxing feeling it causes. They usually get a strange tingling in emotions and feelings along with the brain pleasure. There are people who feel amazed just in watching someone eating a gum or eating the sushi.

The ASMR is developing as any other similar issues. The ASMRtists now are making more artistic videos. It is no longer about the few silent sounds. people are more creative and they create even better videos. The ASMRtists made it an art such as a cinema movie. Check this video to know what I am talking about.

There are other people who made their channels for the viewers’ requests. They listen to what the viewer asks and they create videos for him. The requests are different, and there are people who ask over-strange requests (medical usually), talking in a specific accent, or even playing an imaginary personality. While, there are people who prefer videos about self-care, such as painting nails, cutting hair, massage, or makeup, but of course in the way of ASMR.

However, there is a dark side of everything. The ASMR also takes a lot of criticism. Some people consider those videos as a kind of hypnosis. Yet, most of the charges are related to the perceptual-emotional agitation, and that those videos cause an addiction to the people who see it. There is no simple explanation for the very large number of the YouTube channels for this phenomenon, but I see that it is helpful to experience this feeling sometimes.

As a personal experience, I have discovered the good feeling of this phenomenon few months ago. I prefer different videos, and here are some channels that I watch their videos sometimes.

And as for the channels that are considered the top on the list of best ARSMtists, the statistic hat has been done last year for the same reason showed that those ones are the most common. here they are the links to them if you like to check for yourself:


Certainly, there are too many channels for this reason, but you are the one to choose the best one for you.

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