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Article about Love

Article About LOVE

An Article about Love

article about love

article about love

We are living in the 21st century, yet the love stories still have the same impact on us. This term of ‘love’ has a very deep meaning through history. Everyone loves to be ‘loved’ or to ‘fall in love’. If you may notice, love is among the most common topics we deal with in our life. Most of your music is about love. Most of your problems are about love. And now I have an article about love as well.

This feeling that gathers a couple of two different genders (even nowadays we experience different love stories with same gender). There is no way you can get the meaning of love that can be specified in only one simple article about love and you know everything about.

In our time, the most powerful thing or issue we have in our life is ‘Science’, and I love explain things according to it. What made the world develop the way we know it now is science. That is why I would love to write about love in the eyes of science and how a scientific article about love would be like. So, I might be using some scientific terms.

“What is love” is the world top phrase to be looked for on google during the year of 2012. Do not stand surprised, the importance of love is endless and unmeasurable in the life of people, regardless their religions, beliefs, traditions, culture, race, or nations.

Therefore, what is love? How medicine, science, philosophy, art, and psychology do describe love?

Is it ‘love’ the red flowers, romance, sweet speech, candles lights, and good rhythms? Does this emotional love last for the whole lifetime? Is it the same we see in the sweet love stories; from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to ‘The Fault in Our Starts’?

Biologically, what does biology says in this specific biological article about love?

The Doctor Jim Al-Khalili defines love, saying that love is a mental situation such as hunger and thirst. It is built on chemistry and its contents. When we talk about the true love that is identified with relationships and passion, the brain releases chemical matters such as; Pheromones, Dopamine, Progesterone, Serotonin, Adrenaline, Oxytocin, and Vasopressin. But, in the case of attraction, the dominating hormones are the sexual hormones, such as; Estrogen and progesterone. As for the evolutionary view, love is a surviving issue, through genitals and looking after kids.

Philosophically, what does philosophy says in its specific philosophical article about love?

The author and philosopher Julian Baggini sees that love is a multi-definitions; it has many different notions, and it cannot be specified for one only thing. In general speaking, the best to be said about love that feeling that we cultivar ourselves and look after, until it grows up. Although that it breaks into our lives with no permission or demand. Love is not just a magical feeling that comes into our hearts. Without relationship love is just a fascination, without passion love is just sacrifice. And if we do not feed it and take care of it, its strongest emotions of love would disappear and vanish.

Away from science, and artistic view, what does art and literature say in its article about love?

The international author ‘Jojo Moyes’ says about love: “the definition of love depends on your relationship with it. when you go deep within it, you will lose yourself between its perceptions without realizing how your life’s color is or yourself. And when you don’t have love in your life, it infects your life like a painful obsession. Love is the master of all old novels, not only romance, but also the love of parents to their children, love of family, love of country and nation. It is that moments when it will be away from your hands. The moments that precede your arriving to it, and which separate your from it. That’s when love it is everything”.

Let us go deep now in love relationship between a woman and men, in the psychological view. We will start about the theory of the ‘love triangle’ (Consummate Love) of the psychiatrist Robert Sternberg, which relates the three basic actors together; Intimacy (friendliness), passion, and commitment. There is no healthy relationship that works out on only two of those three.

In any article about love, you will find that it is mentioned that love starts with the first stage of taking passion. In this stage, both people (couple) steal each-others heart, thinking, and core. They both live in a world of pink dreams. The lover sees, during those dreams his love (other person), that the other has everything he was wishing for. He does not see a similar person to his lover. He doesn’t see any of this lover’s defects, so that he sees his lover as an ‘angel’. Everyone who lived this situation would understand how it feels. As well as the others (people) see that sparkle in his eyes and the secret behind it. The researchers see that the signs of the emotional love are; looking straight to the eyes for long time, gestures, and smiles. The wild love, between lust and sadness, happiness and pain…

Richard Lewis says: “when you fall in love; those are your best two days and half of your whole life”.

Two days and half? Then what? Can’t this sparkling candle sparkles for a lifetime? Where does this big love go? And what will replace it?

Of course the romance days will not last for the whole life. with time, the couple will move gradually from the world of dreams to the reality. Then, they will have facts in front of them that they did not know before. Each one of them will see the others defects clearly and obviously. In fact, love in its strongest situations will pass through this stage for sure. And if it is meant to last forever, then that emotional love will be replaced by Symbiotic love.

article about love

article about love

Another wise man, Mark Twain, said: “you will not know the meaning of love, until you pass a quarter of a century of marriage”

However, the love is a very difficult thing to talk about and it needs more than a simple article about love. You won’t know everything only from one article about love, you need more and more details. I hope I get the chance to get a specific topic or a specific other article about love that I will write later.

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