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Are you aware of these Muscle-Building Myths?

It is imperative to ask questions otherwise you are likely to remain susceptible to varied myths pertaining to bodybuilding and muscle-building.  Most of us prefer to stay silent as we fear being stupid or crazy while asking questions or raising concerns. However, it is essential to discard myths and beliefs that don’t make any sense at all.

As a muscle-builder you need to remain well informed, and one of the ways to do so is by remaining inquisitive about all aspects that affect and influence the process of muscle-building. Here in this article, we will run through several muscle-building myths that are widely prevalent in our society. Hopefully, this article shall help you feel enlightened, and help you build larger and stronger muscles.

Myth number #1: Eating more protein will help you build stronger muscles.

This particular myth has been traveling around the world for many years now. Ask any muscle builder and they will tell you how ridiculously important it is to eat more proteins in order to build larger and stronger muscles. However, very few of them would know that there is very little clinical evidence that suggests that eating more and raw proteins has a correlation with muscle growth. Besides all the clinical researches that we read on the internet are heavily funded by chemical-based supplement companies who fund such biased studies.

The truth is, an intake of protein is significant, but you don’t need protein in excess for building muscles. Experts believe that excessive protein in the body will break down into amino acids and nitrogen, both of which either get excreted or converted into carbohydrates that are further stored.

Therefore, make sure that you consume protein in the right proportion only.

Myth number #2: Stimulating muscle growth till you drop dead, figuratively.

This is an interesting myth that is miles away from the truth. In the process of muscle-building, you will often come across trainers and coaches who will set ambitious goals for you that are perhaps impossible to achieve. For instance, your rep will be set in a way where you will reach a debacle point, wherein your body will become incapable of even going ahead with one rep. In other words, your body will fail. However, the failure here is believed to be good and promising for building larger muscles. What a bunch of lies!
The truth is, your body is very much capable of building an extreme level of muscularity even without failing. There is no need to kill your muscles in order to build them. The primary role of your body is to adapt and survive, and, therefore, it will adapt to even your weight lifting.

Myth number #3: All muscle-building supplements are harmful and unsafe.

Consuming any kind of muscle-building supplement will do you more harm than good is another big myth that trainers fall prey to. If this was true, then millions of bodybuilders and muscle-builders won’t eat these supplements. No doubt the muscle-building supplement is a growing industry that attracts attention of many weight lifters. Also not all the supplements are safe and harmless.

The key here is to identify the good from the bad. One way to do so is by finding out its ingredients. It is profoundly significant to make sure that all the ingredients used in the making of the supplement are natural and clinically tested. For instance, Xtremeno bodybuilding supplements and few others fall into this category wherein all its ingredients are safe to consume, without causing side-effects. The Xtremeno muscle building supplements are a hit among the muscle building community worldwide as it stimulates muscle mass development naturally.

The bottom line here is to stay aware of the ingredients used in the supplements and check for its safety standards.
Dispelling the myths is ridiculously important, and one of the ways to do so is by educating ourselves and our fellow muscle-builders. Always make sure that you check the source of the data prior to putting faith in the information that is provided to you. That way, you stop the new myths to arise.

Author Bio: Hi! I am Jorge Gonzales. I am a blogger, sports lover and a fitness enthusiast who believes in healthy living. Through my write ups, I share my knowledge about health, fitness and muscle-building.

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