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Are Eggs Good or Bad For Health?

Can Be Eggs Good Or Bad For Health?

Eggs are one of the main foods that can be so healthy for us to have the best nutrition system. For their high level of cholesterol, fats, proteins and vitamins, they are the best food to have your body so rich of benefits. They have some nutrients that are too rare in any other kind of food. But still the question to be asked is whether eggs good or bad for health. Whenever you look for something to eat as a quick food, and full of nutrients, you will find eggs there with you in every single time, simply because they can be cooked easily, and in the same time they are so healthy for the high level of the ingredients and elements in them.

eggs good or bad?

eggs good or bad?

I may give some of the very well-known healthy benefits of the eggs, what they are good at!

  • Eggs have a very good benefit on the human eye:
    When you get old in the age, you will lose the ability of sight slowly, but finally you will find yourself like you are about to lose it totally, if not truly totally lost by having reaching a specific age. Eggs are so full of strong antioxidants, and two of them are Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which have a very good effects of the retina of the eye. Those two nutrients can be increased by over 30% of Lutein, and more than 115% of Zeaxanthin, only if someone eats 1.3 of yolks of eggs each day for a continuing month and few days. Additionally, vitamin A is one of the main elements that helps to end blindness.
  • How eggs are so rich of the high quality proteins:
    Certainly, proteins are the most important nutrition elements for a very good bodybuilding. The body uses proteins to make all kind of issues and cells that for both goals of body’s structure and function. Studies say that getting enough proteins is getting lower nowadays, so the only way to get the amounts of proteins that our bodies need, and those amounts are found only in eggs. Because only one single big egg, contains about 6 grams of proteins. Proteins have several benefits for health. Eating them, may help for weight loss, to lower the pressure of blood, boost the lean muscles and force the bone health.
  • Eggs contain the nutrient that everyone do not get enough of it:
    Almost everybody doesn’t know about Choline, the nutrient that everyone needs, but they don’t get enough of it. Vitamins B are usually linked with Choline, for they are both incredibly important. This nutrients play a very important role in the construction of the molecules and cells, especially brain cells. Over 90% of the USA citizens are not getting the necessary size of choline. That is why eggs are considered the main source of this nutrient, since just one egg contains about 0.1 grams of it.
  • Eggs can be the meal that you eat for a whole day, and yet really nutritious:
    Only one egg can let a baby hen gets the life and run out of it and be strong and start a life. Especially the boiled eggs, since only one single boiled egg contains the ingredients with a various quantity: 22% of selenium. 9% phosphorus. 15% of B2 Vitamins. 9% of B12 Vitamins. 7% of B5 Vitamins. 5% of Folate and 6% of A Vitamins. Besides they contain a very good quantity of Vitamins: D, E, K, B6, and Calcium and Zinc. Moreover, 77 calories, 6 grams of protein, and five grams of healthy fats. It is obvious that eggs are the food that is almost perfect. Because they just contain a little of any important nutrient we need for the health. That is why I highly recommend to make your meals contains eggs every time you eat.
  • Eggs can help to lose weight and to get fewer calories taken into the body:
    They are so high in the level of proteins, and they give a good feeling of full, so you don’t have to eat more, and to reduce calories intake. Some studies done on the overweight women proved that eating eggs decreased the calories intakes, and increased the feeling of fullness. And other studies showed that eating eggs as the main meal for breakfast increased weight loss in just two months period.

As I was mentioning in the beginning, there can be some bad effects of the eggs on the body, and it was really known among people that eggs causes many heart diseases, and increase the risks of having heart attacks through having oversize of cholesterol. But is that true? Are eggs good or bad for health? What is the right answer? As it was said previously, the eggs are too healthy for being almost the perfect food. But yet, still wondering if they truly effect the heart, by causing heart diseases.

  • Are eggs bad?

The answer is simply no, because even they were proved by scientists and doctors that eggs are too high in the level of cholesterol. The thing that may affect the blood level of cholesterol. But, eggs have many nutrients and elements such as Vitamins D and B12, Folate and Riboflavin, those elements help to lower the risk of heart diseases.


To ask whether eggs good or bad is not a question to be asked. Simply, because it is really known that eggs are just so good for health. And always affect the body and brain positively. So, go ahead with your diet, and make more eggs in the system. Just one last thing not to be forgotten, is not to have your eggs fried, boil them is better than fried them.

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