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Am I Having A Boy Or Girl?

Am I Having a Boy or Girl?

Am-I-having-a-boy-or-girlAm I having a boy or girl? This is one of the first questions that couples may ask after finding out of a new addition to their family.When a couple is interested in having a child, there are various things that they should keep in mind. It is important that the couple understands the differences in the female’s body when she is carrying a boy and when carrying a girl, so that they are in a position to answer their initial question of ‘Am I having a boy or girl?’

Although there is nothing that can be done about the baby’s gender after conception, it helps the couple, since it allows them to plan and prepare accordingly. Instead of asking oneself ‘Am I having a boy or girl?’ before buying apparels, toys and furniture, the couple can purchase according to the gender of the baby. It is easier for the couple to prepare if they know who’s coming to the family. If the baby is a girl, the couple may want to make the nursery pink, and if the baby is a boy, they may want to paint the room blue. The baby gender may even be announced to relatives, so that the gifts that the couple receives at the baby shower are according to the arriving baby.

Once the importance of predicting baby gender is established, the couple would then want to know how to predict baby gender. Before answering ‘Am I having a boy or girl?’, it is important for the couple to realize that gender prediction does not yield 100% accuracy; however, some tests are more accurate than others. If the development of the baby has started in the womb, there are two broad methods to detect baby gender. A couple may either use the more expensive and more accurate medical tests or they may use the less expensive and less accurate “old wives’ tales”. The old wives’ tales have no scientific backing and are, normally, considered as myths, widely used to add fun to the process of child reproduction.

Medical tests are, usually, more expensive than other mythical tests. They also provide far more accurate results, because they are scientifically done.

Ultrasound/Sonogram – One of the most common types of medical examination, the ultrasound can be used to predict baby gender after 12 weeks of pregnancy, depending upon the position of the fetus. If the fetus is not positioned properly, the test will have to be repeated. Therefore, this test is highly dependent on the position and development of the fetus.

Amniocentesis – Another type of medical test, although not common, may be used to determine the gender of the developing fetus with almost 99% accuracy. Amniocentesis is an invasive test, which requires a sample of the amniotic fluid to check the DNA of the fetus. However, the procedure is carried outfor determining genetic disorders or birth defects only, and is not done for normal pregnancies.

The old wives’ tales are less expensive and safer to perform. Although the accuracy of these myths is not close to the medical tests, they are still able to answer ‘Am I having a boy or girl?’ quite accurately. There are numerous beliefs that are used to predict baby gender. However, it will be adequate to discuss a few common ones, which are widely used to predict baby gender.

Heart Rate – The most common and widely believed myth is that if the heartbeat of a fetus is more than 140 beats per minute, the chances are that the baby is a girl. However, if the heartbeat is less than 140 beats per minute, it is most likely a boy. This myth has become reliable due to some scientific evidence from a research carried out at University of Kentucky. For the couple, it is important to note that heart rate should be measured regularly, especially after 26 weeks of pregnancy to give more reliable and accurate results.

Food Cravings – It is also widely believed that pregnant females who have constant cravings for chocolatesor other sweets are likely carrying a baby girl, while pregnant woman who constantly crave for sour and salty foods like chips or nuts are likely to be carrying a baby boy. Again, a single craving will not predict the baby gender. It is important to monitor the cravings over a period of time to achieve more accurate results.

Shape of Belly – It is believed that if a pregnant woman’s belly is round and tilted towards her chest, then the gender of the baby will most probably be a girl. However, if the woman carries her child low with a protruding belly, then this may be an indication of a baby boy.

Morning Sickness – It is also believed that pregnant women who have severe morning sickness will most likely be carrying a baby girl, while females with relatively mild morning sickness will be carrying a boy. This is another myth that is backed by some scientific evidence. According to scientists from Karolinska Institute in Sweden, women carrying baby girls have a higher level of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which causes morning sickness.

Chinese Pregnancy Chart – The Chinese Pregnancy Chart is an old and popular method of determining baby gender in China. It has also become increasingly popular in the rest of the world. The chart compares the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception with the month of child conception to predict if the baby is a boy or girl. The mother’s age is determined from the time of conception by her parents, instead of actual birth. Therefore, a woman needs to add nine months to arrive at her current age. Couples can plug-in dates on available Chinese charts to determine the gender of their baby.

These alternative tests are the most common and widely used to predict baby gender. There are other less common and less reliable tests like acne test (having acne during pregnancy indicating a baby girl) or key test (grabbing a key from the top indicating a boy and grabbing from the bottom indicating a baby girl). However, it is imperative that the couple understands that exact directions should be followed to give reliable results and that none of these tests are 100% accurate. Only delivery of the baby can give the most accurate answer for the question, ‘Am I having a boy or girl?’

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