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ADHD Diet for Kids: Science-Backed Evidences

ADHD diet for kids

ADHD diet for kids

ADHD diet for kids

One of the most common disorders that affect the children is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). There are several causes of this disorder. The nutrition system of the kid might worsen the situation, but it is not a direct cause of the disorder. Yet, the ADHD diet for kids is really helpful to help the kid go over this situation and get rid of this disorder. The right diet can be applied also on adults and teens not only kids. The ADHD diet for kids helps to decrease the number of symptoms and their severity.

The study has showed that a good ADHD diet for kids can help get rid of the symptoms for over 50 to 80 percent. That is why I have decided today to write some few tips and pieces of advice to help you improve your kid’s situation. For people who have kids with ADHD, those tips shall be so helpful.

Define ADHD and its relationship with the right diets for kids:

The ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a disorder that refers to the changes in the activity and the attention of the kid. The exact cause of this disorder remains obscure. Yet, there are many factors found to play a major role in causing it. There are some studies that claim that genes play the main role in causing this disorder.

The ADHD can affect the whole life of the person. It might mostly affect his career and his professional life. That is why parents should pay a great attention to their kids while they show any symptom of the disorder.

Unfortunately, there is no available cure yet for the disorder. But, there are several treatments that aim to be effective in reducing the symptoms. This includes the ADHD diet for kids as a main type of treatment, since it showed its effectiveness as we have already mentioned. People mostly use the medications and behavioral treatments to treat the disorder, but the change in the nutrition system has shown its effectiveness as well.

There are two serious sides of the nutrition changes, of which people should take into consideration. The first is about giving the right ingredients in the ADHD diet for kids such as omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, or even amino acids. The second study is about what to eliminate from the diet, such as some specific foods, addictive foods, and addictive ingredients.

ADHD diet for kids

ADHD diet for kids

The foods that should be eliminated from the ADHD diet for kids:

This tip concerns in eliminating some foods, so that the kid might have a few foods diet. In order to achieve that, here are some steps to follow:

The first month and the fifth week, you may include only foods that shown to decrease the symptoms, or the ones your doctor advised you to give to your kids. If the symptoms remain, then move to the nest one.

The second concerns from three days to a week, and it is all about eliminating more foods that you think did not do their effect, and you shall increase the amounts of other foods you think were effective.

The third is about making your own plan for the ADHD diet for kids. This one concerns in making a perfect diet through the foods you have learnt so far.

For the foods and the ingredients you shall take into consideration, we will mention them below. Just keep going with us.

Why does this type of ADHD diet for kids seem effective? Why should we apply it?

There are many studies that have been done for the sake of finding the effect of diet on the ADHD. Some of them found that the diet we have mentioned before as few foods diet is really effective and it could decrease about 50 to 80 percent of the symptoms. Few of the studies found that the symptoms decreased, but not the same effect as the previous. Very few studies found no effect on children, but they were not trials.

One of the studies, which used advanced technology and brain scan, found that the effect of eating those foods, called as sensitizing foods, was obvious in the brain.

However, the symptoms decreased after the diet, and this is what we aim to have.

What is the kind of foods should be involved in the ADHD diet for kids?

ADHD diet for kids

ADHD diet for kids

As we have said, during the first month, you shall give your kid some specific foods to see if there is any improvement in the symptoms. The foods we recommend are:

The foods you have to put in the ADHD diet for kids:

Protein sources: There is beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, and many kinds of meat.

Carb sources: We have potatoes and sweet potatoes as a major source beside the rice.

Fruits are necessary: banana and pears are great choice.

Vegetables are also necessary: there are so many ones such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, onions, mushroom, beets, leeks, radishes, cauliflower, pumpkin, and so any others.

Fats sources: oils are the best, mostly from sunflower.

What to drink: we have many drinks to drink, such as water (carbonated), rice milk, tea, juices of pear, and many homemade juices.

There are some few foods that you have to avoid them in your diet:

Some people find it hard to follow this diet, because there are so many foods and ingredients that should be given to the kids. They just get confused in picking up the right ones. However, here are the most important foods that you should avoid during your kids diet:

Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, shellfish, fish, and soybeans.

Those foods should be avoided. Here are some few of other foods that you may avoid as well, if the symptoms remain. You shall avoid the chocolate, cinnamon, oranges, oats, pork, corn, and tomatoes.


However, if you follow those foods in the method we mentioned in the elimination part, you shall notice the improvement in few weeks. The improvements shall appear in the duration of 2 weeks, but if not, you have to change the diet. Yet, there are some cases, where the improvements appeared in just a couple of days.

Any wise and smart mother is able to find the fun for her kids in those foods we have mentioned above. You can simply pick up the right and best foods for you and your kids. You only have to follow the methods of the three steps starting with elimination. Then you have to take into consideration staying away of the foods we advised you to avoid.


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