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6 Homemade Remedies for Sunburn


Do you have reddish skin that feels hot when it is touched?

Do you suffer from usual fatigue or mild dizziness?

I think you do; especially if you go to your workplace or shopping during the summer.

Then, you possess some general symptoms of sunburn. Meanwhile, you might have been afraid. If you do not know how to eliminate the issues, you are probably one abiding in the dark.

So, you have to find remedies to cope with the issue, homemade remedies are more convenient than most types of commercial preparations.

How to familiarize yourself with the concept of remedies:

Firstly, I suggest you to prevent the UV radiation from reaching your skin. Then, you can stay safe. However, it is a task with hassles though there are several types of commercial products, such as sunblocks or sunscreens which are proven in suppressing sunburn.

Most types of sunblocks have the strength to combat sunburn, and this ability makes sunblocks reliable with their sunburn protection factor rating or SPF rating.

Be noted that the higher a particular sunblock has SPF rating in it the lower amount of damage will be directly to one’s DNA.

If you have sunburn issues, you are at risk of catching some other health issues including edema, rash, peeling skin, syncope, nausea and fever.

Do you think you are doing justice to yourself letting the issues grow bigger? Certainly, you never like the idea of putting off some homemade remedies.

The idea of home remedies

Just explore the nook and corner of your kitchen and you will find remedies in hand to ease your sunburn issues. You might not have good ideas about how to get those remedies ready at home. Well, I am happy to provide you some tips to make the following six homemade remedies.


Tea that is freshly brewed can be applied. Black tea contains tannic acid which draws the exposed heat from your skin and helps restore the pH balance. You should use a piece of clean cloth when using brewed tea.


Using a piece of clean cloth, you can apply only cool milk to your sunburned skin. It helps remove the issue since the milk after being applied will form a protein to remove discomforts caused by sunburn.

Sun burn lotion and its preparation

You need to take a clean bowl in which you have to mix:

8 ounces of non-medicated lotion

5 drops of clove oil as well as peppermint oil

2-4 teaspoons of powdered comfrey root along with aloe vera gel

After making the mixture, you can also get it chilled if you want. You can also consider increasing the amount of aloe vera gel.

Cucumber lotion and its preparation

With natural antioxidant as well as analgesic values, cucumber lotion is a good remedy which can easily be prepared at home.

You have to get 1 finely chopped cucumber, 1/4 cup of glycerin and rose water. Using a lemon squeezer, you need to squeeze the cucumber’s juice which should be mixed with Rose-water and glycerin.

Soothing bath as your remedy

You have to take:

2-4 cups of oatmeal

1/2 or 1 cup of baking soda

1 cup of buttermilk and 1 or more powdered chamomile flowers.

Now, you need to mix those things with your bath water.

Sunburn mist

With 2 fluid ounces of water that is distilled, lavender (9 drops), peppermint (2 drops), and spearmint (1 drop), you can make a good mixture which you can mist lightly over your irritating skin.

Following is a list of some other remedies:


  • You can place a cool but not severely cold compress on your problematic skin.
  • You can take a mild bath or cool shower.
  • You can also use apple cider vinegar which is undiluted.
  • You may also apply the mixture of dry milk, salt and water to your sunburned skin. The dry milk should be non-fat, and the amount should be 10 ounces while the amount of salt and water should be 2 tablespoons and 25 ounces respectively.
  • You may also feel free to apply mayonnaise to your skin as a cream.
  • Using pure gel made of aloe plant can also be your remedy.
  • You may also use yogurt that is cold and plain. After applying to the skin, you should thoroughly rinse your skin with slightly cool water.

In fine, I would like to say we have to put an eye on the beauty of our face and other limbs since soft and mild skins make us what we boast of. Yes, that is our feminine traits of the body.

So, you do not have to spend a lot of money purchasing high-end products as long as you are ready to prepare your own homemade remedies to remove spots from your skins caused by sunburn.


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