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6 Hazardous Food items we must avoid in daily life

6 Hazardous Food items we must avoid in daily lifeResearch has pointed out that most of the ailments in today’s world is caused due to the food we intake. We are so glued on to junk and fast food that we are addicted to the same and seem to have overlooked the fact that many of the food items we consume are actually dangerous for our health and have adverse effect on us. We seem to ignore the adverse indications or effects that occur post consumption of these food groups and seem to consider them as a part and parcel of our daily life.

Here are some food items that are dangerous and sometimes even poisonous to some extent. We are so oblivious of the same that we end up having them without realizing the damage we are causing.

Fizzy Drinks: Who does not like to gulp down a can of chilled coke? However, how many times have we been warned about the poisonous impact of the same? Time and again there have been videos circulated on the internet warning that fizzy drinks are known to contain acid that has adverse effect on human body. They are known to lead to erosion of bones, enamel coating of the teeth, intestine walls and stomach walls. In short, too much of fizzy drinks will make you fall seriously ill. It is time, that we switch to healthier options like fresh fruit juices and water based mock tails. These are ways that you can sip on to a drink but not damage your body.


We all love potatoes right? What we do not realize is that it is poisonous. To put the record straight, the stem and leaves of potato are known to be poisonous and should not be consumed. Also, what we do not realize is that many times, we open a packet of chips and find a few green ones. If we happen to taste them then they taste bitter and leave a weird stinging extension on your tongue. This is because these are poisonous potatoes and too much consumption of such potatoes will lead to hazard health condition. We all know that potato chips are deep fried products and must be abstained from. However, we all are so addicted to them that we end up munching on a huge packet and finishing off the whole lot in a jiffy. It is about restraining from the temptation and not giving in to it. Please remember that fried food is not good for health and must only be consumed in small quantities.

Fried and Processed Food:

Everyone loves to eat fried and processed food.  If you are consuming something that is fried and packaged then it is important that you read through the packet to see the ingredients and nutrients in them. It is important that we are aware of what we are consuming and devouring on. You will be surprised to figure out that when you read the same on the packet you will realize that most of the ingredients have adverse effect on us as artificial flavors and MSG and so on. Many of them are also banned in various parts of the world. Hence, please be cautious in understanding what you are eating and what are the dangers you are exposing your body into.


Mushrooms are a delicacy all across the world. However, what we forget is that basically it is a fungus that has various toxic components that are not fit for consumption by humans. If you ask chefs across the world, they will say that the mushrooms need to be boiled perfectly for a long time to ensure that the toxins in the mushroom are removed and the mushrooms are fit to be consumed. Also, one needs to understand that there are various kinds of mushrooms that are grown across the world. Not all are fit to be consumed as even after boiling you will not be able to remove all the toxins from the mushrooms. Hence, before eating the mushroom please ensure that you are about to eat the right kind.

Crash Diets:

There are many crash diets that ask you to consume only one food item or fruit all through out the day. We follow the same blindly thinking that we will benefit from the same but in reality that are various kinds of fruits that if consumed in large quantity can lead to nausea, stomach ache and cramp. Fruits like papaya if consumed in large quantity on an empty stomach will lead to severe stomach cramp. Similarly, grapes and mangoes are also known to have similar effect on us and hence must only be consumed in small quantities.

Use of Preservative:

We consume a lot of food daily which contain preservatives without realizing the same. A few such things are ketchup, pickles and so on. What we do not realize is the fact that most of these fast food items that we consume have preservatives in them that are artificial in nature and are basically chemicals. These are bad and hazardous for the health and should be avoided as these chemicals are not good for health.

It is understandable that we cannot always eat healthy and nutritious food. However, the least we can do for our body is to ensure that we are atleast aware of what we are eating and ensure that whatever is not good or hazardous for health is only consumed in limited quantity.


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